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I started to play Star Trek Online months ago on the older computer that I built. It wasn't pretty. Once I got the new PC, I decided to try it out and it was so much better! I was still in the tutorial, which I was able to almost finish, except I got stuck. Instead of staying on the space station, I beamed down to Starfleet Academy, thinking that's where the Admiral was that I was supposed to talk to to end the tutorial. I was wrong and I was stuck. My beam to ship icon was grayed out and I had no way to get to where I was supposed to be. I did some Google research and found out that others came across this bug as well and it didn't seem as though I had any option to get around it. I did send a message to a tech support person, who gave me a list of things to do, things which I was unable to do. So, I decided to create a new character.

My new character has long, blue hair, which I think is cool and unique. Unfortunately, I'm once again stuck in the tutorial, but not in the same way as before. I thought it was good to restart the tutorial (with a new character, the only way I knew how) so I could remember the controls, that was a good idea. Sadly, I'm stuck fighting the Borg, who keep blowing me up. I didn't have this trouble in my previous attempt at it. I'm not sure why not or why I'm having such difficulty with it. But, that is why I haven't been playing it.

Star Trek Online is Free-To-Play. It doesn't seem to annoy you with ads or prompts to pay for stuff. I know there are items you can pay for, I also know you can sometimes get items for free. It seems like a cool game, with some getting used to and some obvious bugs. Still, it looked like a lot of people were playing the game. Hopefully, sometime I'll get the inspiration to try again and beat the Borg Sphere that I'm having trouble with. I seem to recall different battles with the Borg in which I was not the only player fighting against them. Maybe that was my previous edge, I'm not sure.

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If you've been following me, you know I just got a new spanking PC, an Alienware Aurora R4 with a GTX690. I've been working on copying files over the network from the old computer, installing, and setting up Windows 8.1. I do finally have Steam installed and configured, although I haven't played any of those games yet. I found out, while putting my Steam account on this new PC, that I got Dota2. Basically, when I logged into Steam, it told me about the new game, which apparently came bundled with my new computer. "Sweet," I thought, since Jon gave me a list of Free-To-Play Steam games and Dota2 was on that list. I think I was only aware of one of those games on his list, Team Fortress 2, which I've never played.

Minecraft happens to be the first game I played on this PC. After installing and updating and copying over my world from the old computer, the first thing I did was to go into the options menu. There set my render distance to it's max of 16 blocks. My old computer used the default setting and it slugged a little bit when I tried to increase it. This one handles that option quite well. I maxed other settings and turned others on to test this beast.

I currently have a house on a "floating island" that the game mysteriously created for me, which I had been looking at from a distance. I wanted to get there and build my house, even though I have some holes in caves around my default spawn point, which was in a Jungle, exactly where I wanted to be so I could get a cat. This is my new spawn point, where I have a yellow cat, which hasn't been named yet.

Not far away from the base of my floating island house, I ran into monsters and was awed with the sound. My new Bose speakers are an upgrade from the cheap speakers I have on the old computer. So, it was cool to hear the zombies moaning, spiders sounded creepy. Of course, I ran into some Creepers. I really hate those things!

I went into a nearby cave, which seemed darker thank I was used to. Later, my son said that it was probably because my brightness setting was set to the default "Moody." It was, of course, I barely messed with that setting, but I put it at 64 and liked it much better. I then showed him my floating island and we both seemed wowed by how much of the world we could see (this is where that render blocks setting comes in). It was awesome!

In the meantime, I'm going to try to test out other games and see their improvements with the new PCs. I don't expect FTL will be any different, but I'm sure Terraria will be as it has some sweet settings to tweak that make it look better. That may, in fact, be my next mission.

I've you've read this far, thanks. Jon volunteered a list of FTP games to play on Steam, what games would you suggest I try playing on my new PC? I did try Star Trek Online with the old PC and wasn't happy with it's performance. I'll have to try it on this one.

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Well, that's the question that comes to mind when playing FTL, because that is exactly what I'm working on. I've found out that my standard double laser beam is more effective than I thought. Sometimes I use it after I use a missile on their weapons, but I've found that sometimes I need to use it to disable the their shields in order to get a missile in. So, those are the two that I usually end up targeting.

As for upgrades, I like upgrading my shields to two, which requires power and system upgrades. Whenever I can afford a Drone Controller subsystem, I like to get it because the drone that does Hull Repair is a life saver! The Defense drone hasn't seemed very effective, though I found an upgrade, but never got the chance to use it. I don't really feel the need for System Repair drones unless I'm low on crew.

I like the rock aliens, especially where ever there's a fire. I also like them and the Mantis when I have intruders. I like the Engi for repairing systems. I've also had a Slug once, but not for long.

I usually try to explore a sector instead of rushing to the end of it. This can be beneficial, since I found out that the level of difficulty progresses with each sector and it's already a "hard" game on "easy." I avoid the spiders and most other "investigate" missions for fear of losing crew. Sometimes I have plenty, but there's usually always room for more and I don't often buy them unless I need to. Having around 10 energy and missiles at the beginning of the sector is good, I think.

I've found some really good weapons. Recently, I found a missile upgrade that sends drones to destroy a system, very effective and helpful. I've seen it miss maybe once. I've had various lasers and beams and like them, too. I have not yet unlocked different ship layouts. I'm not even sure if I've unlocked a ship, but I'm sticking with the default one.

It's a real fun game even though death seems eminent. The music is good, too. I've played for 18 hours.

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I've finally played FTL, probably less than 2 hours was spent. The tutorial was definitely helpful and easy. I didn't do the virus or spider missions, I knew from CG that I shouldn't do the spider one definitely. I made it to the third sector, but that is where I ran out of fuel. I obviously need to keep an eye on that and buy some when I can. I found out (via a Google Search) that I could attempt to jump, but choose to wait and use a distress signal. Unfortunately, an enemy ship (a Mantis one, I think) found me and started firing at me. They had great weapons, including a laser that penetrated my shields. Unfortunately, they took out my weapons and caused some fires. I had crews repairing and trying to put out the fire, but my oxygen system was also damaged. Unfortunately, the three crew members (one an Engi) died while trying to repair everything (fire and lack of oxygen). Once the ship destroyed my weapons system, my ship blew up. I did try to take out their weapon system, but they disabled mine before I could get a shot in.

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I have this habit, that I've had for a few years now, where I visit www.gamefaqs.com every day after midnight and vote in the daily poll. I love it! Do any of you do this, too?

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I found out recently that Final Fantasy X and X-2 are being re-released in HD next month (1 month & 1 day from now I believe). I want to know what your thoughts are on games that get re-released in HD. I think it's great that games are in HD and cool that some get re-released in HD, but I'm not sure I'm going to by any of them. Zelda: Wind Waker got the same treatment by Nintendo. While I'm sure I'll get a Wii U eventually (maybe next month for my son's 10th birthday), I'm not really interested in buying the HD re-releases, especially when I still own the original game. That applies to Kingdom Hearts, too. I did buy the Metroid Trilogy for the Wii and regret that I traded in the Gamecube versions of those games that I had. I even saw an online graphic that showed how much better the originals looked compared to the new Wii version. I also had some disc reading issues with the trilogy and Other M (and Super Smash Bros. Melee). This is probably because I have one of the very first Wiis that were released, not the one that came with an updated disk drive.

I mentioned Kingdom Hearts, which is (as far as I can tell) the reason why I will buy a PS4 (for Kingdom Hearts 3). So far I see no reason to get one yet and am waiting on games I want (like KH3 and Final Fantasy). I wouldn't be caught dead thinking about getting an XBoxOne, even though I once again have the original XBox (the first Buffy the Vampire Slayer game is only for XBox). I really liked it back in the day when I had a PS2, Gamecube, and an original XBox. Even though I had the PS2 versions of Grand Theft Auto, I bought them for the XBox, which I loved because those games let you use the music you've stored on your XBox. I did trade in those games though when I gave away my first XBox. Now I only have Buffy for it and I'm fine with that. I also have the Gamecube version of the 2nd Buffy game.

Well, I've kind of gone off topic, but let's get back to the idea of HD re-releases and let me know what your thoughts on those are. Do you think they're worth getting, especially if you still own the original releases? I loved FFX & X-2, Kingdom Hearts, and Wind Waker. I still think each game is awesome, but I don't feel the need to go out and buy the HD versions.

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I'm thinking of upgrading my PC now that I can afford to. Well, I shouldn't say "upgrade," I'm thinking of building or buying a I want your opinion. This post isn't exactly about gaming, since I don't do very much gaming on my PC, but if I had a better system, I might. Some of the games I'm thinking about getting are The Sims 3 and Starcraft 2. I went to Newegg.com (my favorite PC site) and looked up some components and then got frustrated. I also found some things on TomsHardware.com. Here's kind of where my predicament comes in....the very high-end graphics cards are apparently really great (like the Geforce GTX 600 or 700 series), but they are expensive! Apparently Intel has the best processors, too, but I'm an AMD guy. While Intel's CPUS are apparently better, they are also very expensive. I'm tempted to go all out on a PC upgrade (build or purchase) since money really isn't an issue (I'm not as poor as I used to be). But, I wonder if it would be better and cheaper for me to just get a high-end PC from HP or to build one on my own. Thinking about the cost of a high-end GPU, and the cost of Windows alone (I plan to stick with Windows 7, if I can), then it probably would be cheaper to get all of that from HP or someone.

My PC is ok for what I've been doing with it since I built it, but it's been 7 years or so. It can't handle today's best video games and I would like to see it start up faster (it takes about 5 to less than 10 minutes to be ready for me to start doing things with it). I've also noticed a tiny bit of lag every now and then with Terraria, probably because I put it on high quality settings. Right now I have an AMD 5200+ dual core processor. I have 4 gigs of RAM, but it's definitely not DDR3 (the latest standard) nor is my motherboard capable of that. I also have a Geforce 8800GTS (with less than a gig of RAM on it). I had thought to just upgrade my processor, GPU, and get some faster RAM, but again, I feel like that probably won't be enough and I should just go all out on building or buying a new one. That would be cool, too, because I'd be able to give my son this PC and wouldn't have to continue to share my PC with him.

So, what are your thoughts on this? What kind of specs does your computer have? What components would you recommend? What manufacturer would you recommend if I were to buy a new PC instead of build one? If you own a Mac, you can tell me all about it, but you won't convince me to buy one. I'm not a hater, I just don't have any interest in Apple. I know they're good quality computers, but they are expensive and (from what I understand) there is less out there for them (in regards to software) than for a Windows PC. At least, I think that's still true of them, but I could be wrong.

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I'm not sure why, but before (in 1.2) I couldn't get Steam to capture a screenshot, so I windowed my game and used the Snipping Tool. Now it works and I thought I'd share my place, since Travis asked long ago. Feel free to notice my character. I found a Familiar Wig, Shirt, and Pants while exploring CGWorld3 and thought I'd equip them. These are the first vanity items I've used. The set makes my character look much more like him without armor. I don't know if that's a coincidence that the color of these items is either what my character has (without armor) or close. I've also experimented again with embedding the screenshot. I think it will work this time (if not I'll update again and fix it). I don't recall seeing the "Content URL" option while creating a new post, but it shows up when you select "Edit." Therefore, I must thank Jon for adding that feature.

You can't tell in this screenshot that I've been exploring the CG worlds. The third one is probably the best one. I found a wonderful arena to do the Pumpkin Moon (remember placing the dart trap and spikey ball switches?). Sadly, the Pumpking kicked my butt and I wasn't able to defeat it. Oh, I also found a Hoverboard in one of these worlds, which I'm thinking of trying out. While I didn't really want to take anything from the CG worlds, I've obviously admitted to taking some things. I also took Jon's cool hammer weapon, which is more powerful than my Terra Blade. Travis, at first I took your painting of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I decided to put it back where it was. Hahahaha. I've also now created a safe, so I'll see how that works. Anyway, these worlds are amazing and I'm enjoying them! I have not yet fully explored them, but I will be continuing my exploration of them.

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Lightning Returns has been out for two days now, so I've had a couple of days to play. One of my favorite things about the game is that I got Cloud's Soldier 1st Class garb due to pre-ordering the game. It's very nice seeing Lightning in Cloud's uniform. What's cool, too, is that if I finish a battle in that garb, the Fanefare from Final Fantasy VII plays. It has a pretty powerful attack, which uses up a good bit of the ATB Gauge, I use it when I can. The ability seems to change if the enemy is Staggered, which is also helpful.

The game works as I described in my first writing of the demo version. Lightning slept for 500 years in crystal form and was awoken by God (Bhunivelze) to do his bidding, in return he'll bring Serah (Lightning's sister and Snow's fiancee and star of FFXIII-2) back. However, there's an enemy roaming about, who seems to be able to control the Chaos that's spreading and bears a striking resemblance to Serah. Lightning's task is to save as many souls as she can in the thirteen days before God awakens and destroys the current world and creates a new one. All the souls Lightning saves get reborn into the new world.

Time is definitely not on her side! The clock is ticking and some quests can only be completed at certain times of the day. Luckily, Hope has returned, but for some unknown reason is a boy (as he was in FFXIII) and not the man he was in FFXIII-2. He is aboard the Ark guiding Lightning through her quest. At 6AM (game time) every day, Lightning must return to the Ark, where time stands still, to deposit the souls she's saved. This helps grow the Yggdrasil tree onboard and with enough souls, Lightning can have more days until the end of the world. Currently, it seems that the world will be destroyed before the thirteenth day as Chaos is consuming the world, leaving only a handful of areas to venture to.

The demo version of the game is the beginning of the game. Lightning crashes in on Snow during one of his banquets and they have a bit of a duel while monsters pour in from a nearby Chaos infusion. Snow fights against Lighting and the monsters, but something is weird about one of his hands, it apparently seems able to suck up the Chaos. Snow later disappears into the Chaos as Lightning chases him.

Lightning cannot save all the souls in the world and she must act quickly to save as many as she can. She must use time management and decide whether to spend a lot of time saving a few souls, or spend less time saving more. It's a conundrum and there are 5 significant souls for her to save, my best guess is that these are fellow FFXIII characters. I'm already aware of Snow and I believe Noel (from FFXIII-2) was following me in another area.

This is the first Final Fantasy game I can recall where there is no party, just a single character controlled by the player. So far, I'm enjoying the game. The music seems new, but a few bits are obviously recycled. There was one character playing a familiar FF song, a bit remixed and I'm still not sure what it is or where it's from, my guess is FFVII.

Although I got ingredients for 3 schemata for preordering, so far the Cloud one is the only one I've really used. I set it as default, so that's what I see Lightning running around the game wearing, it's pretty cool. It seems you can only have 3 main schemata, but room to create more as sub-schemata and change them out (outside of battle) as you pleas. You can customize each schemata with a different garb, shield, weapon (the three main ingredients), accessories and abilities. So far, I've only explored two different places. I haven't completed every quest I've accepted, but I'm working on it. It doesn't seem too difficult, but I have died a time or two. You are limited to the number of restoration potions you can carry (6 at first), which grows as Lightning grows by completing quests.

If you play and like the demo, you'll probably like the game. I think it's pretty cool and so far I'm not disappointed. I may even decide to play the other FFXIII games again. I know in the first one, I wanted to unlock the PS3 theme for Fang, but that required crafting everything. I also believe there were some areas I didn't unlock in FFXIII-2.

Anyway, I thought I'd write a tidbit about the game....back to gaming!

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For a few days or more now, I've been wanting to play Minecraft again. I don't know what held me back. When I first started playing it around Thanksgiving I was home alone with the pets as the rest of the family was in Kentucky with family. I lost track of time in those days. There might have been two days where I stayed up all night and didn't go to bed, something I hadn't done in a long time.

Apparently, I last played it a little more than a month ago and probably not for very long. One thing I found out was how to back up and restore my world. This became something I made into a habit as I really hate dying in the game and also when Creepers blow my stuff up. Usually if I die I just quit the game and restore from my back up. I also try to make a back up when I've done something significant, like finishing a house.

The world I last created at the end of November put me into a Jungle, which is exactly what I was looking for in the previous world, but couldn't seem to locate. I wanted a Jungle because I wanted a cat. Cats supposedly help keep the Creepers away, although one caught up to me as I was leading my new cat to our new home. Usually, I burrow into the side of a hill for a while, planting my base there and mining a nearby cavern or the one I've made into a base. I've found a few caverns, which I've noted coordinates in a Notepad file. I found this to be helpful as well.

Well, I noticed a floating island near where I was last mining and although I thought I'd make a tree house, I decided to move to that island. It's not very big, but big enough for a big house. I used dirt to create a path to get up there and then I leveled it out so that I could build my house. There isn't much room left on that island, which I think will help keep the Creepers away. Yet, some how a Skeleton spawned in my house, so I threw up more torches. I think I did see a Creeper up there, but killed it before it could blow up. Later, I went back and filled in the sides to my path up to the house, so that I wouldn't accidentally fall off the sides (I did that a couple of times).

I do enjoy Minecraft. It took a long time for me to play it. My son has obsessed over it and often watches videos of Minecraft people have posted on YouTube. It really is a good game and I love the music! The thing I hate most about the game is the Creeper. That enemy alone makes me not want to play it. I hate when a Creeper surprises me by coming up to me (out of sight) and blowing up and destroying whatever I'm near. It's really annoying. That's one advantage I found in living underground, but still my wheat farms outside were vulnerable (and blown up at times).

Minecraft is a "sandbox" game, but I'm in it more for the adventure. I like finding caverns and exploring them. I love finding diamonds even more! Sadly, I don't ever find enough of them. I have made a diamond breastplate, I think it might be enchanted. Now when I try to repair it, the game tells me it's "too expensive," so I've kept it in a chest. I also have a very nicely enchanted sword (I'm not sure what it's made of), which seems to get more expensive with each time I repair it. The last time I tried, I didn't have enough XP to repair it.

I'm surprised that it's been so long since there's been an update to this game. It's kind of sad because I've thought of lots of things that could be added (like snakes). I've even seen videos that had birds in there, but haven't seen any in the game.

Anyway, I don't really have a point to this post. I just felt like writing about my most recent Minecraft experience. I still want to keep playing. There's a cavern near my new home that I want to explore. The ocelot I found was very easy to tame, it only took 1 Salmon. It turned into an orange cat, which I've had a few before. I might try to tame more ocelots, I definitely need as much protection from annoying Creepers as I can get.


P.S. I've found that it's best to proofread my posts before posting. I hate reading things that have typos, incorrect spelling, or horrible grammar, so you can expect a bit more quality in what I write. I am a writer after all, pretty much always have been, which is why I'm so glad to participate here at "the best website on the Internet." (Those are Jon's words, not that I disagree with him.)

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So, I just found out that the latest Final Fantasy comes out on 2/14. I found out today because Newegg sent me an email telling me I could preorder it and get a $10 gift card. I figured Gamestop would have a different preorder bonus and I was right. I'm not sure if or when I'd use a $10 gift card from Newegg, maybe if I decide to upgrade my computer, but I still don't feel like doing that yet. As for Gamestop, "Pre-order Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns to receive Cloud Strife's SOLDIER 1st Class Uniform, Buster Sword, and Soldier's Band! Equip Lightning with Cloud Strife's SOLDIER 1st Class uniform, Soldier's Band and Buster Sword from FINAL FANTASY VII!" So, yeah that seems pretty cool!

Luckily, I found the PS3 demo at the PSStore and am downloading it now. It's a 2GB download and comes with another costume. Also, there's a free theme for the game, which I got an installed. Other than the info I've given here, I know nothing else about this game. I do love Final Fantasy, with VIII being my all-time favorite of the series, but I had some issues with XIII and XIII-2. Maybe it was because of what I was going through when I played both games, maybe it was because I found some of the music to be too depressing, but I didn't fall in love with XIII as much as I'm used to for a Final Fantasy game. I think maybe my own issues at the time inhibited my enjoyment of the game, maybe that fit though as it seems to be a bit of a sad series. Still, I'm hoping this new FF is awesome and wows me and makes me love the series. I'm hoping some of the music doesn't return. I did like that metal Chocobo song, that was cool, they can bring that back, but otherwise I want new FFXIII music.

It seems I'm not the only one with even a slight disappointment in the FF series as of late, I've heard some others (not going to point any fingers *WBS* *cough cough*) seem to feel roughly the same. We want a FF that kicks ass and makes us fall in love with it. It's not too much to ask since the series itself is quite epic and the fact that it's survived and thrived this long is amazing.

So, what are your thoughts? Have you seen anything about the game that I haven't mentioned here that you want to talk about? Are you going to get it? Well, at least now I know I'll have a game to write about soon and I have about 10 days until I get my hands on it. Luckily, I'll have the demo soon and I also bought Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Collection for the PS3.

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With Spectre Armor and Fairy Wings, my character now looks like a Cheerful Ghost. I decided to give magic a try. It took a little bit of getting used to and figuring out, but Spectre Armor along with a good wand (I have a nice Spectre Staff) make some fun. I'm not sure I can remember ever crafting a suit of armor that didn't have better defense than the one I was wearing at the time, except this time. So, I was concerned about losing a lot of defense, but it turns out that the magic can be quite helpful. Spectre Armor (http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Spectre_Armor) has a very nice set bonus of healing whenever magic damage is done. That means, I get to heal every time I hit something with my magic. The Spectre Staff (http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Spectre_Staff) has a pretty high attack stat and some nice bonuses and is pretty helpful, especially from staying out of enemy range and still attacking.

I decided to try out my new mage set in the Dungeon because I was failing against the Paladin. So far, I've gotten used to using magic and the Paladin is easy, it just hasn't dropped anything yet. I've been sitting in a spot in the dungeon usually above my enemies and using a Frost Staff to summon a frost dragon that attacks my enemies for a few minutes. It's a nice set up and it works, but I'm still not surviving the Pumpkin Moon.

Mourning Wood is always the bane of my Pumpkin Moon existence. With the melee set, I could kill maybe two of them, but now usually one alone gets me every time. It doesn't help that it follows me to my house where I spawn and kills me right away. Still, I have two different armor and weapon sets to try out and have fun with.

I did manage to create a Glowing Mushroom biome above ground to get the Truffle to move in. I bought some of his goods, especially the Autohammer. I was looking at the Shroomite Armor, if I got that together, I'd have all three "endgame hardmode armors."

The Crimson is taking over my house!

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So, last night I finished The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. It was a great game, but I finished it rather quickly. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it seems like a short game, it didn't take very long to download. Yes, when I got my 3DSXL, I got the edition that comes with this game. I had to download the game using a code that came in the package at the Nintendo Store. I believe the Zelda edition of the Wii U has the same thing, where you have to use a code to download Wind Waker HD.

Yes, the game looks like A Link to the Past, perhaps it's a bit of a sequel. Still, the game looks really good and often reminded me of Animal Crossing (which I haven't played on the 3DS yet). Not only does the game look good, but the music is fantastic as well. I often found myself enjoying the music, especially in the dungeons.

As young Link, you find out that an evil mage is turning some people into paintings and collecting them. There's a reason for the people he's collecting and he's after Zelda, too. Later you learn that he is from another world called Lorule and the princess there, Hilda, needs your help. During the game you'll go back and forth between worlds by turning into a 2D painting and walking into cracks that can be found on the world.

I thought it was a great game, but it didn't take very long to complete it. Sadly, I'm now at the point where I don't know what to play next as the game I was playing was over too soon. Still, I recommend the game to anyone who enjoys the Zelda series.

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Here I am on my 4th (I think) Smirnoff Ice Screwdriver. I intended to play some Pokemon X as I've made it to the Elite Four, but instead I've decided to catch up here at Cheerful Ghost. So, don't be surprised to see me comment on a post that's pretty old.

Today, I watched my very first CG Roundtable. I enjoyed it, really. I personally know Travis and have gotten to know Jon and Tim as I've been posting here. I feel like a part of this community and I also feel like I'm here to stay. If only I had joined sooner and had been an active member, then there would probably be a LOT more posts from me. I do consider myself a writer and a gamer and this site is perfect for combining both of those aspects of myself.

I've already posted mostly about Terraria and I've been feeling that it's about time for me to read posts from other users here. So anyway, I thought I'd just share these thoughts with you. Maybe I should properly introduce myself, briefly. My name is Greg, if you wish to find me elsewhere, feel free to check out my profile or ask me. I am on Facebook, which is very public, and the Playstation Network. I am also on Twitter, but it's very private (I haven't been posting there as much as I was anyway). I'm in love with the Final Fantasy series, especially my all-time-favorite Final Fantasy VIII, which is what I was introduced to (thanks to Travis) in college and is the very first of the series I've played. I have since played almost every Final Fantasy game there is to date with only a few exceptions. I also love Pokemon and the Grand Theft Auto series along with many other games such as Zelda and The Elder Scrolls.

All that said, I intend to be writing more for Cheerful Ghost in the near future and am very grateful to have a "gaming blog."

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I feel like I've reached the end of what I can do in Terraria, which does make me feel a little sad at the least. I've reached another difficult part of the game, one in which I need something new and better to continue. I did both the Pumpkin and Frost Moon events, which were difficult once the bigger mini-bosses came out. The Paladin in the Dungeon is also a difficult foe. I haven't searched thoroughly enough, but I'm pretty sure I can't get stronger armor or a stronger melee weapon. My best bet against these more difficult foes is probably magic and ranged weapons.

I really haven't even touched magic in the game. Sure, I tried out the Scythe drop from Demons in the Underworld, but otherwise haven't used any other magic and didn't even use that one very long at all. As for ranged weapons, I've used my Star Cannon a few times, but I don't think it really helped me out as much as I needed. I did, however, use a nice Zealous Enchanted Boomerang near the very beginning, which was my weapon of choice for a while. I've also used the ranged ability that comes with having a Terra Blade. In fact, I've found it most helpful against bosses (the Twins and Skeletron Prime) that don't always get close enough to hit. I've also enjoyed hitting close enemies with the blade, while aiming at further enemies, defeating them before they could reach me, all at the same time.

I remember reaching this point a few times during the game, usually when I was up against a difficult boss, and I was able to pass it with upgrades to my weapons and armor. But, as I said, this is one time where I can't really upgrade my armor and I believe I also have the best melee weapon. I could be totally wrong, but I'm quite sure about the armor. Perhaps magic and ranged weapons are the key to surviving these new difficult threats. Maybe I should look further into both. I have been saving my Chlorophyte ore so that I can make Chlorophyte bullets.

Still, I've spent 159 hours in the game and I love it and want more! It is similar to Minecraft, even with it's own differences. I think both games are a bit new, at least new to me, and they seem to stand out among all else that I've seen or heard about. I want another game like these two games. Starbound seems similar, but after watching a trailer for it on Steam, I was wishing it looked more like Terraria. Both games are obviously not graphically intense, but Starbound just didn't look as nice and appealing as Terraria. I'm not sure if I'll give it a try.

What do you think? Are there other similar games out there that you'd recommend? Or what do you recommend for this point I've reached in Terraria? I'm still playing Pokemon X, I just captured the legendary Pokemon and have one badge left to get. After that I'm planning to play The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I feel quite oblivious to the gaming world and don't know of much of what's out there and what's good and great. I just know that just about everyone's playing a bunch of FPSs, that I'm really not interested in. I enjoyed the Dooms and Quakes way back in the day, but also RTS games as well. But then, when I went to college, I fell in love with RPGs. Now I'm loving the mine and build kind of games, although I'm only familiar with 2 of them. So, what are your recommendations? Or, what are you playing? What have you played that you've really enjoyed? Also, what are you expecting to play soon or in the future?

Right now, I have no interest in a next-gen console, although I may get a Wii U if or when that new Zelda game comes out.

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