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There's a new update fresh off the farm! (Sorry not sorry for the pun.)

Earlier today ConcernedApe revealed that update 1.1 has entered beta to help clear out a few bugs before the full release. The change log looks pretty expansive with the big ticket items would be the new farm layouts themed after one of the in-game skills, two new marriage candidates, and a host of new buildings and warp items. The full change log as well as instructions on how to play the beta can be found here:

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I had no idea I needed this in my life until now.

I might be biased due to my love of all things Star Trek, but this looks absolutely amazing. Unfortunately you need several VR headsets and computers powerful enough to use them with in order to play this so I doubt I will be playing this anytime soon. Still, this is pretty bad ass!

More details about the game here:

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(Note: There were some edits at the bottom of this post)
Experiment time!

With the recent Star Wars Humble Bundle Jon and I were discussing playing through The two Knights of the Old Republic games at the same time and discussing our play throughs as we go. Well, I got to thinking, what if I invited the rest of the CG community to participate too? Sort of like a book club, but for games! So here's the deal:

For the rest of the month of February I'm starting an event where we can all discuss our play-throughs in depth. If you've never played Kotor before you can pick it up on the cheap through right now. Anyone is welcome to join!

Join the event here:
Pick up the game on Steam OR at:
Want it DRM free? Pick it up from!

Edit: Just to clarify a few things:
1) In my post I mentioned boy Kotor 1 and 2, but for now the discussion is focused solely on Kotor 1. If people really like this and we decide to move onto Kotor 2 maybe we'll do that through March. :)
2) You don't have to be actively playing through the game to participate. If you've played the game before and just want to join the discussion please feel free!

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This was too awesome for me not to share. A friend of mine baked this cake to commemorate the re-release of Grim Fandango. Personally I think more game releases should be celebrated with baked goods!

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During the Game Awards, which is apparently a thing, Nintendo released some new footage from the upcoming Zelda game for the Wii U. We get a glimpse of how big this version of Hyrule will be as well as some improved horse riding mechanics.

Mr. Miyamoto also casually mentions that the next Star Fox will be released sometime before the new Zelda. Cool!

What do you think of the new Zelda footage? Do you look forward to a large, more open world Zelda?

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Eh-hem, sorry. Let me try and contain myself here. (WOOOOO!!)

It looks like two of the greatest Star Wars games ever made are finally getting a digitall re-release that'll run on modern PC's. Tie Fighter was one of my all time favorite games and I could not be more excited that I'll get to play through it again!

By the look of things there will be some additional Lucas Arts games will getting the digital re-release treatment as well. Original source here:

Additional details here:

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Today we--and many other sites and organizations-- stand up against cable company dickery. If cable companies get their way websites across the net (like Cheerful Ghost) could be slowed to a crawl unless they pay the cable companies arbitrary fees to to reach their users. Don’t let Team Cable destroy the internet! Stand with us in support of net neutrality!

Find out how you can help by going to

Not sure what net neutrality is? Here are some great videos to help explain things:
For an all around informative break down check out CGP Grey:
For a hilarious take on the issue see John Oliver:
To see how it could affect gaming check out Extra Credits:

And of course contact your elected officials! Remind them that they work for you and you want a free and open internet! Find out how to contact them at

Thank you!

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Don't worry, the car isn't mine.

Me and a buddy were messing around on GTA:O last night and decided to snap a picture after we had successfully robbed a couple convenience stores and then lost the cops.

Other highlights include:
Successfully stealing a commercial jet and landing it in downtown Los Santos, only to bump into a tree which inexplicably caused the jet to blow up, killing us both.

A high speed car chase that took us around the entire outside of the map. Good thing it was a lot of fun, because the pay out for this mission was terrible. :P

Failing miserably trying to break into the military base. Turns out they really don't want you getting in there.

Trying our first survival mission. We only made it to wave 4, but it was a lot of fun!

So far I'm having a lot of fun in GTA online. It's everything I wanted from a multiplayer GTA experience!

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I've been playing a lot of GTA lately, so I decided it was time to set up an official Cheerful Ghost crew! All players of all skill levels are welcome. So come join our crew and let's run some missions, races, and all other sorts of mayhem all across San Andreas!

Our crew page on the Rock Star Social club site:

Here's how to join:
If you're already signed up for the Rock Star Social club*, you can message me your email address and I can invite you through the site.
You can also send me a friend request through PSN (my PSN handle is Taion333) and I'll invite you to the crew. Just mention Cheerful Ghost somewhere in your message so I know you're from the site.
You can also contact @Travis as he has permission to invite others to the crew as well.

Currently we're an "invite only" crew but I will be promoting everyone who joins to representative status so they can invite their friends or anyone else they want to. I just set us as an Invite only crew to keep out random strangers and trolls. :)

*I know signing up for another website with another password to try and remember is a pain, but if you link your RS social club to your character you get some nice perks in the game, like access to a sawed off shotgun for free and a free car once you have a garage. Plus you can access our Crew page.

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Back this on Kickstarter!
"Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is the spiritual successor in a storied line of epic tactical RPGs designed by Yasumi Matsuno. Playdek is excited to be partnering with one of the most legendary game designers, as well as you the fans, to bring out a refreshing, immersive new take on the tactics genre.

In the hands of the veteran tactical RPG master himself, Unsung Story will re-imagine a classic game genre, as Yasumi Matsuno weaves together one of the complex and rich game worlds that he is known for, with inspiring class based tactics game play."

When I heard that the man behind Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, FFXII and Vagrant Story was working on a new Tactical RPG I might have grabbed my wallet and started throwing money at the screen. Maybe.

Once my initial fanboy reaction faded I realized that there's really not that much information about the game other than some very nice looking concept art and a list of features they plan to put in the game. The other people making the game (other than Matsuno) is a company called Playdek, which I haven't heard of before.

Currently the game is slated for a DRM-free release on PC, Mac, Linux, and Windows Tablets, with stretch goals for PS Vita and 3DS. Playdek is asking for $600,000 and with 28 days left they're already half way to their goal, so it looks like this is probably going to get funded with no trouble.

Is this something you guys and gals are excited about? Sound off in the comments.

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So one of the things I got for Christmas was this shiny new 2DS. I've spend about a dozen hours with the thing and wanted to share my thoughts on it. I also need to start getting some games for it and would like the input of my fellow CG users!

First up, my review.

When the 2DS was first announced many of us thought it looked big, ugly, and a little unwieldy (you can see the original discussion here: I'm happy to report that, although it's still a little ugly, it is much easier to hold to and play than I had originally thought. Having used an iPad before I would say I have a much easier time with the 2DS than I do the iPad. It definitely has a certain heft to it, but it's not too bad. The longest stretch of time I've gotten with it was between 1 and a half to two hours and I didn't really get tired of holding it. I don't own a 3DS, so I can't show you a comparison between the two. Here are a couple photos showing the 2DS next to a DS though:

Next to the DS (w/DS open):
Next to the DS (w/DS closed):

As you can see, it's slightly smaller than the DS when open, but considerably larger than the DS when closed.
(On a side note, that is my daughter's gameboy, thus the bedazzled Princess Peach and blue crayon mark on the screen.)

My only real complaint about the system is that it is just slightly too big to really be that portable. I can't fit it into my pocket, which makes my chances of bumping into the people via Street pass pretty low. The one time I did take it out with me I stuck it in my wife's purse. :P

The buttons feel good and the control stick is light-years ahead of the one my PSP has even thought they're roughly the same design. And I say this as someone who actually really loved the PSP. Where the PSP control stick felt stiff the 2DS is nice and smooth but still snaps back into the neutral position when you want it to. It is also slightly textured and your thumb sticks to it nicely.

It's hard to comment on the screen because I only have one 3DS game so far (Pokemon Y) and the graphics on it are pretty cartoony. But for what it's worth Pokemon looks really, really good.

Over all I really enjoy my 2DS. It's turned out to be a much better system than I was originally expecting and I'm looking forward to expanding my game library and spending more time with it.

Speaking of which... I need some suggestions on what games to get! As I mentioned before I currently have Pokemon Y and I've ordered Fire Emblem Awakening on Amazon but have yet to receive it. Leave your suggestions in the comments! (I'm mostly interested in 3DS games but feel free to suggest some stellar DS games too!)

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Microsoft just can’t seem to catch a break. First there was its underwhelming E3 unveiling, then a massive backlash from fans over its restrictive DRM and used game policies, privacy concerns over its always-on kinect camera, and its price tag coming in $100 (in the US) higher than its rival Playstation.

Now reports are coming in from various sites indicating that some key mutli-platform titles are looking considerably worse on the Xbox. Eurogamer reports that “Our Battlefield 4 Face-Off preview reveals a 50 per cent resolution boost on PlayStation 4 with no appreciable compromise in effects or performance in single-player gameplay, while Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin confirmed rumours that Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at native 720p on Xbox One, with 1080p a lock for PS4.”

Ouch. Now of course this does not mean that all Xbox One games will only run at 720p. Never-the-less this is not good news for an already troubled system launch.

What do you think? Is this a sign that the Xbox is dead in the water or will this really not matter much in the long run? Sound off in the comments.

Eurogamers Article:

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And then Lucas Arts was shut down. ; ;

A moment of silence please.


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Awhile back I was given a review copy of No Time To Explain, a platformer/action game by tinyBuild Games. Now that I’ve made it about halfway through the main game I think it’s a good time to post my thoughts on the game so far. Especially since we’ll be giving away several copies here on the site!
(Check here for details on how to win a copy:

First, let’s talk about the good.

The core mechanic of the game revolves around a powerful gun that your future self delivers to you in the present. In addition to working as a gun it also works as a jet pack. It’s one of those easy to learn but difficult to master game mechanics and figuring out how to navigate the levels without dying is where the majority of the fun can be found.

And those levels ARE out to kill you. Bottomless pits and instant death spikes abound. This might have been frustrating, but since there really is no penalty for dying, it never bothered me while going through the levels. The game is very good about placing you on the last safe surface you stood on, so once you clear a particular obstacle you rarely have to redo it when you die.

Each new level introduces some new game mechanic that you have to use to reach the end of the end of the level. I wanted to keep this review spoiler free, so I won’t talk about the specifics of these mechanics, but they do help mix things up and keep the game from getting overly repetitive.

Now, the bad.

The controls for the game can be difficult. The gun/jetpack always fires in the direction of your mouse cursor. However, as you are moving around your character does not stay centered and even though you don’t move the cursor, your gun is now shooting in a different direction and this usually causes you to die or end up somewhere you didn’t want to be. At times I felt like I made it around obstacles through sheer luck and not because of skill. But again, because death is such a minor set back this wasn’t a huge problem.

My big complaint is with the boss fights. They seem kind of tacked on and pointless. For the first couple bosses all you do is just hold down the mouse button to keep firing when you’re not dead (and the bosses will kill you A LOT). Since there is no penalty (other than time) for dying, there’s no real incentive to try and avoid the multitude of attacks coming your way. That is until you get to the mole boss, which is where I ultimately stopped playing.

For this boss the game kind of rewrites its own rules by restarting the fight from the beginning if you die. This caught me by surprise seeing as the rest of the game doesn’t work this way, but that’s not what drove me to give up. What ultimately drove me nuts was that this boss has several attacks that don’t kill you, but instead knock you into a pit that’s difficult to get out of. The pits are just deep enough that you have to have a perfectly executed jump to get out and I spent far more time fighting the pits than I did the boss. I eventually gave up and moved on to playing some of the bonus levels I had apparently unlocked at some point.

Although I never experienced any bugs, I’ve noticed several complaints on various forums that others have had some real trouble with game breaking bugs.

The bottom line.

Overall I would say this is a good game with a few big problems. It’s hard to say if I’ll come back to the game. On the one hand, I don’t really have that much patience for a boss fight I don’t really want to play in the first place. On the other, I do actually want to play more of the levels, which (control difficulties aside) are actually quite fun. If you have the patience to get through the bosses then I would recommend you catch this game when it’s on sale (or as part of a give away! :) )

Agree or disagree with any part of the review? Sound off in the comments! I’m curious to know what others think of the game.

More info:

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