You may have heard about a show on HBO called Game of Thrones. Hopefully you haven't heard too many spoilers, if you haven't seen it. GoT is a totally epic show. It blends together elements of many genres such as horror, drama, fantasy, and more. I personally like to binge watch GoT as each hour long episode keeps me wanting more to the point where it's hard to stop watching. There are eight seasons, each with 10 episodes, except for the last two.

Basically, GoT is pretty much as the title states, it's a game of thrones. It's pretty much an ongoing power struggle for the crown of the seven kingdoms. There are many characters that wish to sit on the Iron Throne. Some have legitimate claims to the crown, some do not. Characters are pretty fleshed out and you'll definitely feel at least something for all of the major ones. In fact, your opinion of a character may even change over the course of the show. I know there were some that redeemed themselves and some that started out well, but ended up not being good. Also beware as your favorite character(s) may get killed.

GoT is an "adult" show. It contains nudity, sex, "adult" language, violence, torture, blood, and gore. However, it has dragons and undead. It's a really good show. I believe it's really popular and there's a good reason for that. It is based on a series of books written by George R. R. Martin titled "A Song of Fire and Ice." There are five books already written, each is around 1,000 pages. There are still two more books to be published. I believe there are also some other books by Martin that contain some more lore of the world. There are differences between the show and books as is usual, but Martin did have a hand in the show's development.

This is a show I strongly recommend. If you get a chance, you should watch it and read the books.

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