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Doom Eternal's Ancient Gods Part 2 DLC arrives tomorrow and you can watch a trailer for it in the link I embedded. I played Doom Eternal months ago and gave the game a "must play" on the Cheerful Ghost ratings score. If you're a fan of Doom, I believe it's a must play. I (obviously) thought it was a great game and I'm looking forward to getting back into it.

Let me know what you think about this. Are you planning on playing it? I may jump in right away, although I may wait to finish what I'm currently working on. If you see me on Bethesda.net soon, you'll probably see that I'm playing Doom Eternal (or waiting for the DLC to download). Feel free to hit me up, my username is GregoPeck.

Feel free to check out my review: https://cheerfulghost.com/GregoPeck/posts/4544/doom-eternal-rocks

We can talk about the game there or in any other posts found here at Cheerful Ghost.

Check out the following links I found:
About the new Sentinel Hammer: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/doom-eternals-ancient-gods-part-2-dlc-trailer-shows-off-the-new-sentinel-hammer/1100-6488927/

Saga concludes, but Doom still has plenty of stories to tell: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/doom-has-plenty-of-stories-to-tell-despite-current-sagas-conclusion/1100-6488934/

More on the new DLC as a whole: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/sh-t-is-gonna-hit-the-fan-in-doom-eternals-ancient-gods-part-2-dlc-thanks-to-a-new-weapon/1100-6488911/

I also mentioned in another post that it's possible that some day we'll see a female Doom Slayer. I think that would be awesome!

Dynasty Warriors just got it's first movie trailer released. I've embedded one with English subtitles, but if you're looking for the Chinese original, you can find it here: https://youtu.be/4DH4GMQ_A3Y

I think the trailer looks awesome, I'd like to see it, though I prefer English dubs, instead of reading subtitles, but that hasn't stopped me from watching classic Godzilla movies or other anime. If you've played any game in the series (including the Hyrule Warriors games), it'll look very familiar. The music was also spot on, too, very recognizable.

My exposure to DW is limited. I didn't get into any of them until Hyrule Warriors (a Zelda version) was released on the Wii U and became my favorite game for that system. I even got some burned in images from it on my plasma TV. The game did get another iteration, but I didn't play it. It came out for the DS and that's about all I know (except for the fact that it only ran well on the "New" model version of the 3/2DS). I eventually got Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Edition on Steam, but I've barely played it, because at the time I couldn't get my XBox 360 controller (that I had specifically for PC gaming) to work well with it, so I gave up. Maybe now that that controller has been replaced by an XBox One controller, it'll work better or maybe I just didn't dive deep enough to figure out how to get it properly configured.

Another gaming franchise makes it into the movie business. What do you think about this?

I found some fresh news about the upcoming Disney+ series for Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi. Indira Varma has been "reportedly" cast though no details of her character are available. You may remember her from Game of Thrones as she played Ellaria Sand, sister to Oberyn Martell who was played by Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian). The article also says that Ewan McGregor will return as the Obi-Wan we know from the prequelogy (that's what I call it) along with Hayden Christensen who will be playing Darth Vader.

I think this will probably be a really good show. The article states that "[t]he series will take place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope." I'm looking forward to this one. I hope the success of The Mandalorian is just the beginning of Star Wars awesomeness to come. This should be true seeing as how more shows and movies are in the works.

"Shows featuring Boba Fett, Cassian Andor, Lando Calrissian, High Republic's The Acolyte, Ahsoka Tano, and Rangers of the New Republic. And yes, there are still more movies coming as well. The next Star Wars release is the Clone Wars spin-off animated series The Bad Batch, which arrives on May 4."

I'd also like to slide in a bit of news here, too, that I recall reading recently that said Rian Johnson's is working on either another Star Wars movie or another trilogy.

I think Disney+ is proving to be fantastic! What do you think about all of this? Are you excited for more Star Wars?

Speaking of Star Wars, incase you missed this (I put it in a link of another article I wrote in the forums), if you're a Star Wars fan, you must watch Patton Oswalt's "Star Wars filibuster" on "Parks and Recreation" (though I haven't seen the show, this clip is AWESOME and improvised). Check it out at: https://youtu.be/5BBhNkywMJY

Check out the article (except for that last bit I put in there regarding Rian Johnson): https://www.gamespot.com/articles/star-wars-obi-wan-series-casts-game-of-thrones-indira-varma-report/1100-6488257/?utm_source=gamefaqs&utm_medium=partner&utm_content=news_module&utm_campaign=homepage

I found some fresh news from the production of the Borderlands movie that I'd thought I'd share. They've cast Ariana Greenblatt to play Tiny Tina. Ariana played young Gamore in Avengers: Infinity War. The article also reveals (possibly not new news) other cast members including "Cate Blanchett as Lilith, Kevin Hart as Roland, Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis, and Jack Black lending his voice to Claptrap." I think this seems interesting. I wonder how Jack Black will sound as Claptrap. There's currently no news of when the movie will be released, but at least we know it's in production.

It's interesting to see video games being adapted as movies, sometimes with success and other times with failure. I remember something I read recently about this and how movie makers have seen that video games have become a dominant leader in entertainment. What I read mentioned how, many years ago, movies would buy the rights to video game characters and such, but did not stick to the IP and instead took their own "creative" path. I'd say Super Mario Bros. (the 1993 movie) is a prime example of this. What I read stated that movie makers saw Sonic the Hedgehog as a success and have seen the value of video games. That movie did veer off of what we knows as Sonic the Hedgehog a bit, but it probably wasn't as off course as the Super Mario Bros. movie. In fact, there will be a Sonic the Hedgehog sequel and it may already be in production. If you watched that movie's end-credits scene, you'll notice that Tails will be joining Sonic in the sequel (and rightly so, I think). Monster Hunter is another recent video game that was adapted into a move, but from what I read it seemed to have flopped, although the movie itself most certainly showed the possibility of a sequel.

Let me know what you think about this announcement. Is Borderlands something you're looking forward to seeing? What do you think about how more video games are being adapted into movies?

If you want to read the full article you can find it here: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/borderlands-movie-casts-avengers-infinity-wars-ariana-greenblatt-as-tiny-tina/1100-6488253/?utm_source=gamefaqs&utm_medium=partner&utm_content=news_module&utm_campaign=homepage

If you're not yet drowning in movie and TV show news, particularly ones premiering on streaming services, here's a new one for you. Marvel's MODOK will appear on HULU on May 21. MODOK stands for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, so expect plenty of carnage. I'm not familiar with this character, so I don't have much to say about it. I did notice that MODOK is voiced by Patton Oswalt, who I've now seen in different Marvel and Star Wars related things. He was a part of S.H.I.E.L.D., in fact doubling or even tripling himself, it was cool. I like that someone who's obviously a fan of Marvel and Star Wars gets to be a part of those things. If you really want to see a very entertaining video of Patton Oswalt talking about Star Wars and Marvel during an episode of "Parks and Recreations," check out this link (I strongly recommend you do): https://youtu.be/5BBhNkywMJY

Feel free to share your thoughts about all this!

Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/marvels-modok-gets-first-trailer-and-may-21-premiere-date-on-hulu/1100-6488108/

The movie news just keeps pouring in. Beavis and Butt-Head have just announced a new movie on Paramount+ and they haven't aged a day since they made their introduction to the world.

I've been a long time fan of Beavis and Butt-Head. In fact, I recently found my Beavis and Butt-Head "Frog Baseball" shirt. I remember wearing it the one and only time I tried skiing, which failed miserably. I watched MTV all the time during their reign. Ya know, back when MTV actually showed music videos. Back then, I would often get disappointed seeing the same episodes repeat. They made a comeback, but this time without music videos and I think that "sucked!" This might be interesting, or it might be really stupid (they are morons after all).

And yes, I remember their video game(s) too. I think I saw one on the PC and maybe the Sega Genesis or Game Gear (I had the latter).

What do you think? Are you or were you a fan?

It's been a long time since I've seriously played No Man's Sky. I mostly played it around it's launch and not too much after. It's received a lot of updates since then, so there's a lot of content I've not yet explored. Well, it looks like NMS is "the gift that keeps on giving." A new trailer has been released showing off the Companions update and honestly, I think it looks great. Maybe it's because I've always loved animals. Maybe it's the high quality of the video that impressed me, I'm not sure, but it looks cool!

From what I read on Steam, it seems that this is now in the game (I don't have it installed, so I wasn't sure until I did some more reading). That same article also says that they're excited to show us "what else [they] have planned on the roadmap ahead."

Check here for more details: https://www.nomanssky.com/companions-update/

What do you think about all this NMS content we're still getting? Have you explored any of it and have something to share? What do you think about this one?

It looks as though the Mortal Kombat movie is getting a reboot and there's a new trailer for it. It looks better than the movie we got in 1995, but seeing as how that was nearly 20 years ago, that shouldn't be a surprise. I enjoyed that one (that theme song was awesome, I thought) and the follow up Annihilation we got two years later, but they were pretty "campy" (I guess that's the right term for it).

You may also be interested in seeing the reaction from New Rockstars: https://youtu.be/vnJI1pNt-Ys

Check it out and let me know what you think. Seeing this makes me want to play the games more, but I also remember how much they've kicked my ass. To me, MK is definitely a "rage quit" kind of game (or series).

Seriously, watch the trailer, I bet you'll love it.

Many years ago, in high school as a huge fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation I was quite enthralled by the Holodeck. If you’re unfamiliar, the Holodeck is a room people could go into, but it wasn’t just any room. The Holodeck was pretty much a 100% realistic virtual reality where many characters spent some of their leisure time. It was an awesome place, everything was real, even the possibility of death, if safety protocols were disabled.

Since I’ve considered myself a writer pretty much my whole life, I was inspired by this and thought of writing a story about something similar. My thoughts were that if that technology was available, it would devastate society as people would probably prefer to spend their every waking hour in it, instead of living the real life. That’s about as far as I got with my story idea, I never wrote any of it.

A few years ago, I was told about a book called “Ready Player One.” Sadly, I didn’t read it, but the good news is that it became a movie. I just watched it and I wanted to share some thoughts and give it a recommendation for people who love video games and pop culture references.

The movie opens up telling us that this story is occurring in the year 2045 in “The Stacks” in Columbus, Ohio. “The Stacks” refers to an area where people live in stacks of mobile homes looking something like an apartment building. As the main character is walking around we get a glimpse of what’s going on around him. Pretty much everyone seems to be playing with what looks like our current state of virtual reality technology (visors). We also see a Pizza Hut delivery via drone, which is something that’s been gaining some ground as of late, especially due to the pandemic. He tells that he was born in 2027 and a few things about what’s happened to society since then. Reality doesn’t look great and it seems people use a virtual reality game called “Oasis” to escape.

Oasis is something pretty much everyone is participating in. It’s a virtual reality MMO (or "virtual universe" as stated in the movie & trailer). Here, people get to choose who or what they want to be, whether it’s a different gender, race, age, or something else, as the main character tells us. He also tells us people can go anywhere and do anything in the Oasis. Some examples include skiing off of the Great Pyramids of Giza or climbing Mt. Everest with Batman. There is in-game currency, which people collect to purchase items like weapons, vehicles, etc. If a player dies in the game, they lose everything in-game including their money, items, and progress. Death isn’t permanent as players get to respawn, but they’re back at the start as though they were a new player.

The story is mostly about video games, but there are also so many other pop culture references that you’re sure to notice, especially if you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s (as I did). You may even find something you forgot about, I certainly did. These references are a big part of it all and I see them as “bling,” as someone who really loves pop culture references, especially relating to the ones I experience in my own lifetime. I really enjoyed watching the main character race in a Delorean from Back to the Future. I also really loved seeing MechaGodzilla and hearing the music change to its theme, which you’d notice, too, if you’ve watched as many Godzilla movies as I have recently.

The basis of the story is similar to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. One of the creators of Oasis explains that “if you are watching this than I am dead.” He states that before he died he put in an Easter Egg, which players can find after finding three hidden keys. He says that the first player to find this Easter Egg inherits his stock in Gregarious Simulation Systems at a value of half a trillion dollars and “total control of the Oasis itself.” The challenge is nearly impossible though and the first clue is just something players have to try to discover on their own. Once they find the first key, they’ll receive a cryptic clue to the next, until all three keys are collected. Multiple players can find the keys and there’s a scoreboard showing who is in the lead. At the beginning the scoreboard is empty.

Unfortunately, the competition is fierce because a rival company is also seeking the Easter Egg. The CEO doesn’t play nice and he has plenty of resources, including a lot of people looking for it. Whenever one of them dies in the game, they get taken out of their station and replaced by another. Although, it seems as though competition between players isn’t so fierce as they band together.

I think it is an interesting and cool movie, although the many pop culture references are like toppings on a cake. As someone who likes these things, it’s kind of hard for me not to like seeing and hearing so many of them. The movie made me want to be a part of that virtual reality and I wondered how my avatar would look (probably similar to the main character with all the blue) and what I would drive.

If you've watched the movie and want 300+ missable easter eggs, check out this video from New Rockstars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfeVH2bbzlw

Now I'm finally reading the book.

“Ready Player Two” has already been published and production of it as a movie has already begun.

Have you heard of Ready Player One? Have you read the book or watched the movie? What do you think about virtual reality? Have you experienced VR? I have not yet. What do you think would happen to society if we had similar technology now? Do you know anything about “Ready Player Two?” Let me know what you think!

If you're unware of Kingdom Hearts, it's a series of action-adventure games in which the worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy are as one. You'll see familiar characters such as Cloud, Sephiroth, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck. You'll also explore many of the Disney worlds created from the vast history of Disney movies. The voice overs are nice, too. I really enjoyed hearing David Boreanaz as Squall in the first game. Leonard Nemoy also had a voice over in one of the DS games I played. It's an amazing co-existence and I've really enjoyed the KH games I've played, though I've missed out on some of them. If you think this idea sounds interesting, you should check it out sometime.

If you're a fan of Kingdom Hearts and want to play the games on your PC, your chance is here! They will arrive on 3/30/21, however as an exclusive on the Epic Games Store. Another factor is that the games will cost $50-60. There are four separate games including one for KH HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix, another for HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, another for KH III + Re Mind DLC, and a final one for KH: Melody of Memory, which is a rhythm game (absolutely one of my least favorite types of games).

Personally, I prefer to have all of my games on Steam, in one place, but I have grown to accept the various digital gaming platforms available to us now. I still don't like exclusives, although I've always given Nintendo a pass for that. As long as I have, even if eventually, access to an exclusive that I want then I'm pretty much ok with that. I'm currently holding out on FFVII: Remake, hoping it will make it's way to Steam, eventually. Honestly, I think the worst part of it is the price. I don't think each package necessarily merits a $50-60 price tag. I'd love to get this (except for the rhythm game), but at it's current price, I'm definitely going to wait until that changes.

Let me know what you think about this! Is this something you're interested? Have you ever played a KH game? How do you feel about the EGS exclusive? How do you feel about paying $50-60 for them?

Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/entire-kingdom-hearts-series-coming-to-pc-on-epic-games-store-next-month/1100-6487443/

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