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I've been playing Terraria a lot lately and I intend to write much more about it. For now though, I think I'm going to try posting more of what's going on (for me) in the game here. For now, I'm going to start out with last night and recent events. First, I thought I found a bug in the game after the new Holiday update. When I get presents, they are stored in one box in the inventory. What is inside the present doesn't show up until I right-click the present (or presents) and exit the inventory. This does not function as it previously did when the presents seemed to only contain candy cane blocks, where as a right-click opened the present and showed its contents without having to exit the inventory. After a while, it feels like this is less of a bug and something that makes sense some how. It doesn't really bother me anymore. I now let my presents stack and open them up later when my inventory is less full, so that individual pieces don't crowd my inventory when I'm out in the open world exploring. I reported the issue, but have not seen a reply about.

After looking at some tutorials to learn how to play, I decided to create a small world for my first world to explore. Apparently this would make it easier for me to find things. Well, it seems as though my small world has stuck me in the middle of some hard places. To the right of my house is a Snow biome which contains the Crimson. Further on I found a Dungeon, which even with 400 life and less than 20 defense I could not survive one hit from the Dungeon Guardian. Shortly to the left of my house, I found an extensive underground cavern, which I thoroughly explored. I found an Underground Snow biome, which was cool, but then I also found the Underworld, which I thought was cool. Unfortunately, I don't have any lava protection, so that is a dangerous place, let alone the creatures there that are difficult to defeat. I kept dying and going back, wondering why I kept repeating that cycle. Finally, I explored a bit and got to a point to where I couldn't walk on the abandoned structures because walking on them caused me to catch on fire. So, I decided to go look elsewhere for adventure for now.

Further to the left of my house (and really not that far from the first cavern I discovered) is a very small Desert biome. It's so small that it's not even worth mentioning, really. Going further, the environment turned back to "normal" as it looks where my house is located, but I found another cavern that I began to explore. This cavern lead to an Underground Jungle, which is dangerous due to lots of hornets and slimes that can shoot poisonous projectiles at you. There are also some kind of brown vines that hurt, too, when touched. There, I also found another Underworld, which I did not explore. In the Underground Jungle, I found a structure, which I cannot enter without a key or a much better pickaxe as it's made of Lizhard (I'm currently using a golden one as the cool made-of-bone one I found wouldn't mine Crimtane). I did, however, find a hive and after making it inside and smashing something, the Queen Bee was summoned.

The Queen Bee was my second boss battle. The first boss battle was the Eye of Cthulhu. I was in my first cavern and I saw the message that I was being watched, which I later found out was this boss, but I did not see it until maybe the third time I saw the message. It killed me at first as I was unprepared, but the second time I summoned it after being prepared and using a Suspicious Looking Eye. It wasn't an easy battle, but I survived. The Queen Bee was a different story. Unfortunately for her, we were in a small cavern and she got stuck in some blocks and could not move nor attack, so I just sat there with my Zealous Enchanted Boomerang and killed her. I'd blame her getting stuck on a bug (kind of ironic now that I think on it). But, I was delighted that she dropped some very nice rewards. I now have an awesome sword that has an attack of 22 and summons killer bees to help fight my enemies. The boomerang has been with me for a long time since I first (luckily) found it some how and I'll still keep it as it helps me fight from a distance and also lights up areas where it goes.

Before playing Terraria, I was playing Minecraft, which I fell in love with, but got frustrated by Creepers blowing everything up (such as my farms or buildings) and falling into lava. The two games are similar, but they are different. The thing I tried doing in Minecraft seems to be what Terraria is all about, that is exploring and fighting monsters and such. Some say Minecraft is more about building and Terraria is more about exploring. I think they're both about building and exploring equally, however Minecraft does not have bosses.

I'll write more later as I play and I will try to participate more here at Cheerful Ghost. I was recently thinking that I should start a gaming blog, well it looks like I'm off to a good start. I want to leave with one final tip, though. The best way to protect your NPCs in Terraria from the effects of a Blood Moon is to get away from home. During my first Blood Moon (I've survived all of them), a few of them died, but since then I have been away from home for each following Blood Moon and my NPCs were apparently undisturbed.

I'm still looking for better armor so that I can survive lava and harder monsters. I may fill in some details about my current defense later.

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