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Bioshock was a game of twists and turns, sighs and sorrows, Plasmids and profoundness. One of the things that makes literature breath-taking is the plot line(yes, I consider video games to be literature.) You just have this lingering curiosity inside you, wanting to know more about Rapture and it's past.

As you first descend down that pod found inside the lighthouse, you get your first glimpse of Rapture, a beautiful place with majestic undersea singing whales, shining buildings! You gasp under your breath, realizing that you would soon venture into this profound place! But, as the pod comes to a stop, you come to understand that something is not right... everything seems so dead. Then, before you realize it, you see a man! Yes, so this place isn't dead after all! But, just as fast as the man appears, another.... another monster appears as well. The man begs for mercy, but the monster slaughters him without a hint of remorse. Oh, what had become of the eloquent land? The monster, he comes closer to the pod, and in the shining moonlight, ah yes, the moonlight, you saw a bloody hook, not in his hand, but on the stump of where his hand should've been. He leaps into the air, yes! It seems they are bigger fish in the sea than you, a scrawny, wrinkly man. But alas, your hopes had gone soaring through the sky, yet it came down faster than it ascended. You feel a thud! upon the pod, as it shakes, you try to subdue your beating heart and sweaty palms by imagining the pod is just a cradle being rocked back and forth by a mother. You hold this thought, and the shaking stops. You wipe the sweat off your hands with your pants, drink some cool water, sit back down in front of your computer, and watch as the pod doors open up, taunting you to explore the world of Rapture...

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