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So I beat the first and second level and I'm now on the hexagonest level AND IT IS MADNESS! Anyone got any tips or tricks?

Join the steam group to enter these! Here is the first giveaway:
I just wanted to say starcraft 2 RARELY goes on sale but because of the new expansion coming out soon wings of liberty is 50% off and goes down to a whopping 20 dollars! And if you pre purchase heart of the swarm and buy wings of liberty you safe 24% from 80 dollars to 60!

I want to enter because i was fascinated by the trailer of the game and because the first bishock was simply splendid. The sci-fi story revolving around a huge atmosphere and making the game extremely awesome. The story is amazing the voice acting, customization, the visual design and much more. I don't have much to say but one word: AWESOME!

How do you guys feel about the DLCs in this game? Are they worth it, some better than others, complete waste of money, or what?

Anyone remember Warcraft III in general Reign of Chaos or the Frozen throne?

Join the cheerful ghost steam group (see my earlier posts) and I will be making a steam giveaway on just for the group!

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