I want to enter this Terraria Contest because I have played Terraria before because a friend let me play it while I was over at his house. It was a ton of fun, I fought the Eye of Cthulu then I beat the eater of worlds,wall of flesh and was trying to beat the twins! I would play all day long with my 2 friends Nick, and Nathan. Nick has a server so I would be able to play with them, together we would defeat the hardest of bosses, mine adamantite and mythril all day long. We would also kill mimics, those pesky impostors! And so I thought it was a ton of fun while watching people playing it and playing it for myself (even though it was only one time). It would be awesome to win this and finally join in on the adventure with overpowered sand!

jdodson   Admin wrote on 02/10/2013 at 06:27pm

Awesome, thanks for entering Daniil!

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