Fallout Shelter just arrived on Steam! This summer I tried the PC version of the game that you can get with the Bethesda launcher. I had forgotten about it, but one of my friends was playing it on his smartphone and I thought I'd try it on that platform, too. After a little bit of playing the mobile version, I prefer the PC version, because the text on the screen is too small. I figured I'd check in on the vault I created this summer. I thought about adding it to my Steam library (as a non-Steam game), but it looks like it just arrived on Steam.

I haven't spent much time with it, but it does seem fun and it's free, which is a combination that can hardly be ignored.

What are your thoughts on the game? Which platforms have you played it on and are you going to pick up your free copy on Steam?

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D954c245b9b17eb70ef2a7f547d392a9d148df97 full jdodson wrote on 03/30/2017 at 04:04am
If I play it on PC I'll install it on Steam for sure. With that, I think that Fallout Shelter is really best served on a mobile device. The gameplay is suited to not having it running all the time because you have to wait often BUT the new updates make this less of an issue because of the Quest system. With that, I think brining this to Steam will open it up to a ton more users and it's interesting that Bethesda starts a game on the Bethesda client and then now puts it on Steam. I wonder if Elder Scrolls Legends will eventually come to Steam too?
E2c4cbdd34ed4b63bd34d20e4f5ce108cc7a42e5 full GregoPeck wrote on 03/30/2017 at 05:27am
Yeah, I think agree with you regarding mobile gameplay. I only took issue with it because my (Android) screen is so small. It'd be great if you could increase the font size of the game's text. I'd like to see a Kindle Fire version of this, I think it would make a great game for a tablet (bigger screen, bigger text).

I, too, wonder if ESL will come to Steam as well. I'd say now that that's certainly a possibility. However, from what I've seen, it seems that this game is very popular. It's not just on Android or PC, but it's also on IOS and Xbox. I think that not only increases its popularity through wide platform availability, but also if it wasn't popular, it wouldn't be out on so many platforms. That said, I'm not sure if ESL is as popular or will be and that may determine if it comes to other platforms. That's just my thought on it.
74c46166202d8f4ef1a74e511e278b05.png? cheerful ghost Travis wrote on 03/30/2017 at 04:50pm
> It's not just on Android or PC, but it's also on IOS and Xbox.

It looks like ESL is on its way to more platforms as well.
E2c4cbdd34ed4b63bd34d20e4f5ce108cc7a42e5 full GregoPeck wrote on 04/18/2017 at 01:09am
I've been spending more time playing this on my phone and on Steam. I still prefer the PC version, because it's bigger and I can use my mouse. The touch controls don't always work so well, sometimes I touch a button and it thinks I'm touching something else. Sometimes I'm trying to scroll around and I accidentally pick up my dwellers (mobile version). I've restarted my vault a few times and I finally have a good thing going with good progress. I'm liking it. It does make me wish my phone had a much bigger screen. One of my daily objectives is to find the Mysterious Stranger 6 times. He's showed up, but the screen is so small I haven't been able to locate him, not even once.
D954c245b9b17eb70ef2a7f547d392a9d148df97 full jdodson wrote on 04/18/2017 at 02:31pm
Locating the Mysterious Stranger can be hard for sure but I have an iPhone 6S plus which has a big screen.

I hope Fallout Shelter comes to Mac on Steam!
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