What is Cheerful Ghost?

Cheerful Ghost is a new community for people that love gaming. Cheerful Ghost gives regular people the power to post game reviews, news, interviews and discussions to share with the world.

And we start it all off with your games list because...

Your Games Start Awesome Discussions

Like you, I have a ton of games among a bunch of different systems. I wanted to share my list of games with my friends but there was no good place to do that. Cheerful Ghost was built to solve this problem by allowing you to add all the games you own to your list. We have you covered by tracking over 21 thousand games through most systems. After you build your list we let you share it with anyone you want.

We make adding games to your list painless by importing your public PSN and Steam games list when you create your account. As you buy more games on Steam and for your PS3 our bots find out and add them to your list automagically.

As you add and talk about games in your list we make it even more awesome by letting you...

Games with Friends

We love playing games with friends but its often hard to organize everyone to play. Our event system makes scheduling games with your friends and the community simple by...

  • Magically translating all events to your local time. Even if your friends live in Hong Kong and you live in Portland the event will show up translated for your local time.
  • Some online games allow 30 people to join, some are 1 on 1. We let you specify how many people can join your events and also show you how many spots are open for events you want to join.
  • After you create or join an event you can easily add it to your Smartphone or Google Calendar for a reminder.
  • After you join or create an event, you can talk with everyone else about it up to the time it happens and afterward!

Earn Trophies For Doing Awesome Stuff

As you do awesome stuff on the site, you can earn trophies and fight for rankings with other users. Cheerful Ghost is a app written by gamers for gamers.

Gaming from your couch, computer room, friends house or on the road? We make it dead simple to use the site...

Anytime, Anyplace

I hate apps that are broken on my phone! Cheerful Ghost was built from the ground up to work awesomely on phones, tablets and desktops.

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