Why is Terraria one of the greatest Indie game ever made? The fact that they keep updating it for starters and this video is one more reason. Kudos to someone that can pick out each new thing teased in this video.


EDIT After looking at the video again the cat weapon in question is called the "Meowmere."
Hyrule Warriors
When Hyrule Warriors came out months again, I noticed that there were a few DLC packs available, so I purchased all of them. I was also able to get some of the DLC for free by registering the game at Club Nintendo. Some of the content includes different costume sets for various characters, one of which is a Dark Link costume for Link.

It seems as though some of the DLC wasn't available right away. I don't know if it was released at a later date or I had to accomplish some in-game goals to unlock them. I recently noticed more content was available such as playable characters, which mostly included the game's enemies. This also seemed to open up a new story-line in Legend Mode called "Cia's... [Read All]
If you are interested in trying out Destiny before you buy it, you are in luck. Bungie has released a demo for download on XBox 360, XBox One, PS3 & PS4. A few days ago I downloaded the demo and spent a few hours playing it today. The demo contains a pretty complete version of the game and so far, I haven't made it to the end of it. So far I have played the introduction, the initial Earth mission and spent some time in the Tower interacting with people. After the first mission, "The Divide" the other missions you can play are "The Dark Within" and "The Warmind."

Destiny is one of those games that received a ton of praise and criticism. After spending time playing the game I can understand... [Read All]
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Cygnus Destroyer started a new YouTube series called "Innocent Until Proven Guilty." In this episode he looks over the NES classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This game is usually panned as terrible popularized by The Angry Video Game Nerd. Cygnus Destroyer covers much of the games history and his deep dive on the topic is worth checking out.

"In the Innocent Until Proven Guilty court, Matt will do what no one else has dared to: give it a fair trial/review. Will the final verdict condemn it to a hell of fire and brimstone, or will the accused be exonerated of its crimes? Find out on this controversial episode of Innocent Until Proven Guilty!"
General Discussion
I enjoy watching these old documentaries of video game culture. This is a episode of Showtimes What's Up America showcasing the popular arcade culture.

"This recording was discovered on an old betamax video tape, recorded in September of 1982. This upload contains fifteen minutes of uninterrupted programming from SHOWTIME including promos, bumpers, an "Mini-Doc" from the series WHAT'S UP AMERICA! (Video Warriors) and a Hollywood Close-Up with Bill Harris."
"No crying until the ending. Guaranteed masterpiece. MOTHER is finally complete."
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Nintendo recently released Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby for the 3DS. I purchased both games to share with my son. He decided to start playing Omega Ruby, so I have begun playing Alpha Sapphire. I remember playing Pokemon Sapphire years ago on my Gameboy SP. I really enjoyed the game, as I have been enjoying Pokemon games since I started playing them before my son was born, which has been over 10 years now.

I was looking forward to the new games and enjoyed the little bits of news I found out about them. Nintendo sent me a download code for the demo almost a month ago. While I spent only a little time playing the demo, my son played it quite a few times. The demo mentioned that you... [Read All]
Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros. was recently released for the Wii U and it looks absolutely awesome on a big screen TV in high-definition! One of the main differences you will notice from the 3DS version is that the graphics do not look the same. This is only one of the differences between the two games. While both games feature the same characters, each version of the game has different stages, although there seems to be some that are shared between the two. Both games also have similar and different game modes that are available.

Unfortunately, the game lacks the story mode similar to Brawl's "Subspace Emissary," and cut-scenes have apparently been removed according to some sources. I have not played... [Read All]
Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8 is a really fun game for the Wii U and was released this summer. It includes new tracks, new characters, and much more in high-definition. The game also contains DLC which can be purchased at the Nintendo eShop. The first DLC that was released for the game includes Mercedes-Benz karts and is available for free.

The second DLC, The Legend of Zelda pack, has just recently been released. It includes three new characters; Link, Tanooki Mario, and Cat Peach. It also includes eight new tracks with two new cups. Four new vehicles are available with this pack and while searching for images of the game online, I saw an Epona vehicle.

The third DLC, the Animal Crossing Pack, will be... [Read All]
The Legend of Zelda
Oh that sweet Hyrule board game unboxing. The game looks beautiful, I just wish it weren't Monopoly and I would actually pick it up. Like some kind of Hero Quest adventury game featuring different colored Links working together in some kind of threaded mission based game?

That said, if you are a Monopoly and Zelda fan, this seems like the right kind of Christmas gift for you.
Doom II: Hell on Earth
Zero Master recently dropped a speedrun of Doom 2: Hell on Earth in 23 minutes and 3 seconds. The run is masterful and features a nice blend of map bugs and amazing shooting. I recommend you watch at least a few minutes of it.

From the video:

"This improves the previous record by Looper (30uv2325) set in Dec. 2010. by 22 seconds. Previous record before that was by Radek Pecka (30uv2609) set in Dec. 2003

So this is the second improvement in the last 10 years, though I don't think we will have to wait that long before we see the 23 minute mark broken.
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
YouTube sensation Rhykker released a video outlining the upcoming Diablo 3 2.1.2 patch. The new patch features 3 kinds of Treasure Goblins, two new gems and a new zone. They are also adding new legendary affixes, items and ancient items.

Blizzard is doing much to keep Diablo 3 updated and address player feedback. Will any of these changes get you to come back to Diablo?
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
PC Gamer has a good interview with Tim Morton about Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void. They talk about the new Archon mode as well as new game units such as the Zerg Lurker. They cover many of the details that were already discussed, but since it's fun to keep talking about Legacy of the Void and consume every bit of information it's fun watching interviews like this.

That said, Tim mentioned that they are going to launch the beta in the first half of 2015 and I image the game will come out some time thereafter. Here's to a speedy 2015 launch!
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Jack and Rich are back for a new episode of Previously Recorded covering the classic NES game Zelda II: The Adventures of Link. I owned the original Legend of Zelda and played it a ton as a wee lad. I never had Zelda II but did play it quite a few times with friends.

Did you play Zelda II and if so what were your memories of it?
Castle of Illusion
This is the continuing saga of Convinced, the RetroLiberty series where he reads the text and pictures off the box all in hopes that you would have bought the game. Castle of Illusion wasn't a game I played but it's always interested me.

Were you _CONVINCED_?
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