For years, Earthbound has been a huge blemish on my "gaming wall of shame." As I have been playing Far Cry 3 I have wanted to play something with a less serious tone so I started Earthbound. Earthbound is a retro RPG that has a pretty interesting history and fan community. This post isn't a primer on that history or community, but a few thoughts on the game itself and how well it holds up today.

Since I don't have the "warm fuzzies" of Earthbound nostalgia love, I think my perspective is interesting. Many times i've tried to head back into older titles and haven't loved the result. Some games from the NES or SNES era don't hold up as well as others and that's disappointing to experience.... [Read All]

GOG Now Supports Linux

jdodson wrote about 17 hours ago
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"The first 50+ titles we've have in store for you come from all the corners of our DRM-Free catalog. Note that we've got many classic titles coming officially to Linux for the very first time, thanks to the custom builds prepared by our dedicated team of penguin tamers. That's over twenty fan-favorite classics, like FlatOut&Flatout 2, , Darklands, or Realms of the Haunting we've personally ushered one by one into the welcoming embrace of Linux gamers. That's already quite a nice chunk of our back-catalog, and you can expect more from our dedicated Linux team soon!"

Linux is becoming more of a first class game platform and this news from GOG seems to solidify that. The list of... [Read All]
Super Mario 64
"OCR does Mario!! Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber is the 48th FREE community arrangement album published by OverClocked ReMix and arranges music from the legendary Nintendo 64 launch title Super Mario 64.

Portrait of a Plumber features 21 tracks arranged by 16 artists that re-envision the original compositions of Koji Kondo in a variety of styles.

Like all OCRemix albums, Portrait of a Plumber is available for free. You can download the full 250M MP3 Album+Art OR get the 1.02G FLAC+MP3+Art+Trailer bundle. Portrait of a Plumber is OCRemix 48th community album collaboration and both discs clock in at 1 hour and 24 minutes or Mario 64 jams.
The Sims 2
EA is giving away The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection free on Origin until July 31st It's simple to redeem your copy, just open up Origin and choose "Redeem Product Code" from the Games tab with the code "I-LOVE-THE-SIMS". According to EA The Ultimate Collection includes The Sims 2, as well as every single The Sims 2 expansion pack and stuff pack.

Are you going to pick this up? Might be a good time to get back into The Sims.
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt
When I was a wee lad in the 90's Nintendo ruled my world. Not only did they make the best console at the time, but they also had a foothold in many other areas. Nintendo trading cards, Nintendo Cereal & Nintendo Comics were all things I desperately needed. Even though my childlike yearning was real, I didn't have much money so I really only had Nintendo Games and some trading cards. My cousin, WhiteboySlim had the comics books and I loved reading them when I went over to his house. To this day "Pihrana-Round Sue" and "Money Changes Everything" are some of my most beloved comics of all time.

I recently found a website that has scanned in all the old Valiant Nintendo Comics System issues and... [Read All]
Today one of the developers of Terraria tweeted the above image and the following text:

"So I guess this is happening..."

Hot on the heels of news of a Mac port and achievements this next Terraria update may very well be the biggest updates to hit the game.
I've been waiting for some updated news about Starbound. I've remained out of the loop for a while, so after seeing Travis mention something about an update, I thought it was time to look into it. One of the developers posted some great thoughts about the game's development, which give great insight into Starbound and Early Access gaming (

I also found out that the developers were going to be releasing "nightly builds." This gives us access to what they have done each day. In order to access them you have to opt-in to get them ( It is recommended to back up... [Read All]
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"Is it always a valid excuse for a game to be poor? Well it just may depend on how you the game is labeled. Like and subscribe for more content on early access games!

In this video I go over a very large issue that has to do with early access games. Basically, a large majority feel that these games do not deserve any criticism. You can't complain about something that's not done. The fact is, depending on how the game is labeled (alpha or beta) there are certain objections you can make.

We have talked about problem Early Access games before and this video seems to add to that conversation. Do you think that certain people let certain elements slide because the game is early access?
Miniverse is a new puzzle game by Ryan Rothweiler of Ryt Games. Ryan is a local Portland game developer and I first got my hands on the Miniverse beta at a few events we both we boothing at. Miniverse is a pretty unique game in that you take control of planets to move people around the universe. So far, my wife and I have been playing it together in that we both alternate the iPad to complete levels. The game is very challenging as Miniverse starts out straight forward and ramps up the difficulty. It never seems impossible, but the timed missions and quick turn arounds mean you have to be quick.

Miniverse is available for free with in game DLC on the iPad, right now.

jdodson: Miniverse was... [Read All]
"I am recreating ‘Star Wars – A New Hope (Episode IV)’ the FULL film in vanilla Minecraft.

Minecraft – Star Wars – A New Hope is a transformative fan-film spoof parody based on the 1977 film ‘Star Wars – Episode 4′ It will be 100% FREE to view! NO money or profit is to be made from this project and monetization is disabled. It is being created by a fan, for the fans.

This project has been 3 years in the making and some of the individual sets have taken upto 6 months just to build. No mods have been used, just custom textures and art.

To watch the final film with sound you will need the original 1977 version of the film in your DVD/Blu-ray player.

I am very interested in watching this when it... [Read All]
Far Cry 3
I love open world games. I can't wait for Fallout 4 and "yet another Skyrim game?" Yes please. That's why Far Cry 3 was the game I was the most interested to get in the last Steam sale. So when I saw the entire Far Cry franchise pack on sale for $15 I jumped at it.

To start things off properly, I installed the original Far Cry. I've heard great things about it and to date, haven't played it. After playing it for a few hours I can say I had a pretty good time and I now see why people hold it in high regard. That said, it's really fucking hard, the story isn't great and the play is a bit stiff. There was little to keep my interest in advancement so I didn't complete it, but I do see why... [Read All]
Edge of Space
I recently found Edge of Space by looking on the Steam Store at Terraria to see what games were similar to it. I've already played Starbound. It seems Edge of Space was inspired by Terraria. In an edition of the game, Terraria content is included. All three games are being developed by different companies, even though the Terraria artist worked on Starbound.

I really enjoyed Terraria and am looking forward to new game content. As for Starbound, I enjoyed it most the first time I played it, but then I hit a part where I had the highest minerals and gear. Eventually, I really had no reason to continue mining. After exploring a variety of planets and biomes, I began to found little reason to... [Read All]
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This made me laugh. I hope you enjoy it.

Game Recommendations

GregoPeck wrote 10 days ago
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I recently finished playing Oblivion on the PC. I thought I'd give Morrowind another try afterwards. I have the game disc, but not the DLC, so I decided to buy the Game of the Year Edition on Steam. After a couple of days, I feel like playing something else, but don't know what. That's why I'm asking for your game recommendations. Fable is one of the recommendations I have from Steam, but I'm not sure about it. I saw some other games listed in the recommendations section that may be like Terraria and Starbound, so I may look into those games as well. So, gamers, what's good?
Spider Fighter
"The object of the game is to protect your fruit orchard from insect fruit thieves, scoring points by exterminating the attackers."

I file Spider Fighter in the "awesome Atari 2600 games most people never heard of" category. That said, even though it wasn't well known it was my favorite 2600 title. Spider Fighter stood out to me because the game started as a fast paced shoot em up and as you completed levels got even faster. The game got so fast at points that I could beat a level in seconds. That said, the quick pace often meant you could die very quickly if you weren't careful.

After my final Atari 2600 controller broke I decided to sell my Atari collection. Even though I parted ways with... [Read All]
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