Wolfenstein: The New Order
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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
What's included in patch 2.1.0? In short: Seasons, Greater Rifts, Leaderboards, The Cesspools, Treasure Rooms & balancing. Oh and...

"An additional Stash Tab is now available for all players with Reaper of Souls."


Read about all of the features of the Diablo III 2.1.0

Blizzard seems to really be enhancing the game for hardcore Diablo players to give them even more content than before. With the changes, are you planning on heading back to Sanctuary? As a special bonus to help get players back this week, Blizzard mentioned that..

"To celebrate the arrival of this major content update, all players who log into Diablo... [Read All]
General Discussion just launched an interesting new feature: DRM free films. Starting with a few movies like "Indie Game: The Movie", "Minecraft: The Story of Mojang", "Gamer Age" & "The Startup Kids." If you head over to GOG right now you can download two films for free "TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard" and "The Art of Playing."

Movies, coupled with Linux support and the upcoming GOG Galaxy, GOG is really becoming a first class digital game service. I hope the DRM free films movement takes off and we see more great content come to it.
Final Fantasy
When I grew up I heard that Dungeons and Dragons was an evil game that was created by Satan as a gateway to the occult. The idea was that if you played it your mind would be invaded by evil and that evil would take root in your soul such that you might one day worship Satan or vote for a liberal president.

These kinds of videos remind me that some people still think odd things about the world. When I cast a spell in Skyrim or make Mario shoot a fireball, I don't spend time trying to figure it out in real life(mainly because it's impossible). I would love to live in a world where magic was real so I could be the oldest student at Hogwarts(or it's United States sister school). I imagine if... [Read All]
Super Time Force
After it's initial debut on XBox 360 and XBox One, Super Time Force is coming to PC on Steam August 25th. The Steam release is not only adding "Ultra" to the name but is getting a ton of new content.

"STFU brings all the insane time-travel action of Super Time Force to PC along with brand new bonus content including: 50 new Helladeck challenge levels, inter-dimensional Ultra Force powers and 3 super-awesome, super-secret new characters! STFU is the ultimate in personal computing time travel technology!"
Doom II
Take a trip through the history of one of the most iconic weapons in video games, the double-barreled shotgun. After hitting the scene in Doom II the double-barreled shotgun has been used in tons of shooters. It's a great gun, but in shooters of late the reload time has been a bit higher than i'd prefer. That said, there isn't anything i'd rather have at the Zompocalypse.
General Discussion
Every other Wednesday, a few of us here in the Cheerful Ghost community come together and talk about video games and the industry that produces them. This week, with the events that have transpired in our country, we felt it necessary to focus our attention on bigger issues. However, as we discussed the episode as a group, we were humbled by the weight of it all, our thoughts heavy on what the family of Michael Brown, and the city of Ferguson, are going through. We concluded that it would be much more productive to push that focus away from our own voices, and listen closer to those, not just in Ferguson, but around the country, that need to be heard. We hope that you’ll join us in doing... [Read All]
If it wasn't for PC Gaming the video game industry wouldn't be nearly as cool. One part of PC Gaming I am in awe of is the rigs some people have. Like a souped up show car, some PC setups are amazing to behold. Since being a wee lad I have been involved with PC Gaming and a huge part of my current love of it comes from LAN parties. After the proliferation of ultra-fast Internet and online play some may have the impression LAN parties might be old hat. After attending PDXLAN 2014 I can tell you that LAN parties aren't going anywhere and for good reason, they are awesome. After contacting Matt Conwell I was able to attend this year and was impressed with the PC builds I was able to behold.... [Read All]
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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
Hotline Miami is a great gam I loved every ultra-violent second of. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is currently in development and according to Dennation Games will come out sometime this year. With that, a new Kickstarter dropped today to fund a 12 inch collectable figure of Jacket, the main character of Hotline Miami.

Right now you need to buy it at $85 to get the Jacket Figurine + digital rewards. It's a really interesting Kickstarter and if you love the game, I recommend you check out the video.

"Hotline Miami is a high-octane action game overflowing with raw brutality, hard-boiled gun play and skull crushing close combat. Set in an alternative 1989 Miami, you will assume the role of a... [Read All]
General Discussion

I just noticed the news that Borderlands 2 is free on Steam this weekend. Also, during this time, the Game of the Year Edition is 75% off. I haven't played the game yet, but I've seen you guys talk about it here, so I'm already downloading the game.

Quick note: I wasn't sure if I should post this news here or in the forums, but I wasn't sure how to post on the forums, so here it is.
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Elysian Shadows
I am a sucker for 2D pixel-chunky RPG's. What can I say? Little jdodson loved Final Fantasy games as they helped opened my eyes to how beautiful video games can be. I've recently been hearing about a new Kickstarter game called Elysian Shadows and wanted to share it, because it looks great. They have 11 days left to raise 38k to fund the game so if you are interested in getting your hands on this, the time is now.

Elysian Shadows features some really beautiful art and shading mechanics. It's a bit hard to explain, so check the Kickstarter page and video for a full realization. Not only does Elysian Shadows feature a pretty interesting premise, it also will ship on a lots of platforms... [Read All]
Risk of Rain
It's no secret that the place I spent the most time last year at PAX was the Indie Megabooth. This years line-up looks great and I wanted to share it with everyone planning to go to PAX Prime. A few games I am itching to checkout: Chroma Squad, Hotline Miami 2, A Voyeur for September(I hope this means Mewgenics) & Upsilon Circuit.

If you are planning on attending PAX Prime let me know and let's work out a time to say hi. I have Saturday tickets.

Indie Games featured this year at the Indie Megabooth:

  • Witch Beam – Assault Android Cactus

  • Turtle Sandbox – Cannon Brawl

  • Behold Studios – Chroma Squad

  • The Started Hare – Chromancer

  • Sirvo – Close Castles

  • Interdimensional Games – CONSORTIUM

  • Red Hook Studios... [Read All]
Super Mario Bros. 2
Nintendo Power's first issue was released for free to certain fan club members and in stores July of 1988. At the time Nintendo was gaining more and more traction as a pretty big household staple and to further it's reach they decided to start one of the greatest things to happen to the late 80's and 90's, Nintendo Power magazine. I first read this issue at my cousins house and immediately wanted a subscription. Nintendo Power was filled to the brim with comics, news and tips for all the games I loved. I have recently started re-reading them and decided to review them as I have time.

Nintendo Power issue 1 contained some of the best art on a magazine cover I can think of. Featuring a clay... [Read All]

Fish Plays Pokemon

jdodson wrote 15 days ago
Check out the fishplayspokemon channel for this video!
Pokemon Blue
"Hi everyone! Welcome to our stream where our fish, Grayson Hopper, plays a Pokemon game. Unfortunately, we don't have a dedicated light for Grayson at night as he lives in a tiny dorm room and we would rather not sleep with the light on. :( But in the future we will be getting him a dedicated lamp and improving the quality of the stream to include recent inputs determined by the motion tracking. Things can move a little slow, so another option we're considering is making the system distributed where we have a site where you can provide a fish stream link and we'll include it in the controlling."

Some people hooked up a webcam to a fishbowl and based on which parts the first swim that maps... [Read All]
"Below is an adventure game viewed from a top down perspective. You are a tiny warrior exploring the depths of a remote island. The game is about exploration, though that goal is contingent upon the character's survival in a world where there is brutal combat and permanent death."

If I was excited for the release of Below, I am now even more excited-er(I realize that is not, in fact a word). At first I didn't quite understand why the game featured the main character being so small, but seeing the gameplay I see now how it works. Zooming so far out allows more scenery on the screen as well as gives the designers the ability to make for some HUGE boss fights. That and it's a really unique... [Read All]
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