Star Wars: Battlefront
I love Star Wars and because of that, it's not shocking to know that I look forward to all good news about it. After Lucas sold the franchise to Disney, Disney sold the rights to make future Star Wars games to EA. It seems EA has taken this and focused it on something fans have been asking for, an all new Star Wars Battlefront game. I have no idea how this news has slipped past me, but in all the mad boring-aise of E3, I missed this nugget of awesome.

Recently a few more bits came out about the new Battlefront game, that it will come out in 2015 around the same time as Episode VII and it will also come out on PC.

I am looking forward to playing this game but, like many new triple A games I... [Read All]
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In this brand new Halloween episode of The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we talk a bit about what we are playing as well as.... Tie Fighter coming to GOG, the new Star Wars Battlefront, our most favoriate Halloween themed games and more.

Check it out, IF YOU DARE!

As an aside, this will be the last Roundtable for the year. Check us out in January for our all new season! MAYBE IT WILL FEATURE DANCING GAMER CATS!
Risk of Rain
The Humble InDIE Bundle 13 dropped featuring 4 copies of Risk of Rain, Olli Olli, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Tower of Guns, Amnesia a Machine For Pigs, Jazzpunk & Shadowrun Returns if you pay $15. This one also has a special $65 tier that comes with a box, hoodie, patches and cassette tape!

This features the brand new port of Risk of Rain on Mac and Linux as well as all the other games on those ports as well. I was wondering why Risk of Rain didn't drop with Mac and Linux ports on the last update and it dropping in this Bundle makes sense why they waited.

Humble Indie Bundle 13, too good to pass up or are you going to pass on it? I mean, four copies of Risk of Rain is a pretty cool... [Read All]
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Eh-hem, sorry. Let me try and contain myself here. (WOOOOO!!)

It looks like two of the greatest Star Wars games ever made are finally getting a digitall re-release that'll run on modern PC's. Tie Fighter was one of my all time favorite games and I could not be more excited that I'll get to play through it again!

By the look of things there will be some additional Lucas Arts games will getting the digital re-release treatment as well. Original source here:

Additional details here:
Starship Rubicon
After spending the last few months polishing Starship Rubicon we are extremely excited to debut the game on Steam Greenlight. Wick and I are both huge Steam fans and as such if you would like to see Rubicon on Steam, we’d appreciate an upvote. We are also using the Greenlight to debut our new Rubicon Reveal Trailer featuring new gameplay footage!

So take a minute to head over to our Steam Greenlight page, give us an upvote and check out the new trailer and gameplay screenshots!

"In Starship Rubicon, Earth has been casually destroyed by a mysterious race of space-faring invertebrates. You are a fighter pilot whose cryopod has... [Read All]
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The opening Cinematic for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has finally dropped and sports some absolutely stunning animation. It starts with a Sorceress getting caught in the middle of a pretty standard medieval battle. Featuring one of the most gruesome horse decapitation moves a general decaptiates the Sorceress horse. Hilarity ensues and as such I recommend you watch it to see how it ends.

What do you think of the new Witcher 3 trailer? How do you feel about horse decaptiation? How can ravens fly through people's skulls? Why does the Witcher suddenly look like Gabe Newell? Does the Witcher celebrate Christmas?

These questions may be answer when The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt drops next year.
Bejeweled 3
Recently, I found out that EA was giving away Dragon Age: Origins (see the post by Jon I purchased the PS3 version of the game about a year ago. In fact, I got the Ultimate Edition which includes all the DLC. I'm not sure how many hours I put into the game, but I don't believe I got very far in it or spent very much time playing it. Since I got an awesome new Alienware PC, just less than a year ago, I was delighted to see that I could get it for free (excluding the DLC) and play the PC version. After installing the game, I did try it out very briefly. Although, I still have not yet completed the very first... [Read All]
If you have been paying attention to the release of Bungie's new game Destiny you may have heard some people take point to aspects of it. YouTube sensation loadingreadyrun has created a fun 8bit styled video about some Destiny quirks.

Not sure I am going to pick this up on console and if it ever does come to PC, I can't wait to try it out and join the "destiny complain train."
Alien: Isolation
Jack and Rick from Red Letter Media review Alien: Isolation the new triple A horror game from Sega. I took away a few things from this video. First off I am not going to get Alien: Isolation, secondly I am happy that when I sit down to review a game, if I don't like it I stop.

That said, I sort of admire their persistence and watching the video was pretty great even though they loathed the game they were reviewing. In the end hearing the game wasn't great was unfortunate as I really like Alien and was hoping for a really kick ass stealth game.
Fist of Jesus
In a world featuring samey tropes and cookie cutter storylines, Mutant Games brings us the heretically titled game Fist of Jesus. In Fist of Jesus

"Something went wrong with Lazarus’ resurrection... help Jesus and Judas to fight the zombie infection using amazing combos, divine punishments and special attacks!"

As you can see from the trailer above, Mutant Games is having a ton of fun with Jesus fan fic and zombies.
Stardew Valley
ConcernedApe is still feverishly working on one of my most anticipated games of the moment, Stardew Valley. Recently he uploaded a new trailer that features lots of gameplay and some story beats. So far he hasn't dropped a date about when the game might release, but it doesn't look like we have too much longer to wait.

"I know Stardew has been in development for a long time... but it is getting close to completion. Thanks for your patience, everyone. And thanks for watching!"
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Today Google dropped the news of a new Android powered device called "Nexus Player." After looking at it i've concluded it's some of the best tech news i've heard in quite some time. Basically the Nexus Player sports a quad-core Intel Atom 1.8GHZ chip, 802.11ac, HDMI out & remote for $99. You can also buy an XBox 360 styled controller for $40. The Nexus Player runs a version of Android configured for TV and also supports the incredible Chromecast protocol, which enables you to stream video directly to it from a Chrome tab or Chomecast powered app. Google is taking a pretty big leap into the realm of TV and this device seems to be pretty awesome.

Why Does This Matter? Isn't This Just The... [Read All]
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Why do some game manuals tell you a character's blood type along with the expected name, height and age? Watch for the significance of blood types in Japanese games and the blood types of the cast of Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy, mostly.

Seeing Blood Type in games like Super Street Fighter 2 was something I never really paid attention to. I never questioned why it was there. It just was. But know I know that there is an actual reason for it. Surprising and interesting.
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GOG is testing it's new multiplayer platform and to test it out is giving away copies of Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000. They are giving away keys in batches for a limited time, so hop on it and get to playing :)
YouTube sensation MichaelBtheGameGenie drops a timely review of Ghostbusters on Sega Genesis. This is a great review of the Ghostbusters Sega Genesis game but is also a good reason to post anything Halloween related.
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