If you have sunk a ton of time into No Man's Sky and want even more there is a free fan game that might satisfy your quest for more called No Mario's Sky. Finally we have a way to go to infinite worlds to stomp Goombas infinitely. I've heard the universe of No Mario's Sky is so big you will never be able to meet up with other players and the procedural generation of each world is so deep you won't be able to tell that the Goomba's are just color swapped!

"Featuring 10s of Goombas, An Infinite Universe, Muscle Toad, "Original" Music, "Faithful" Physics, Social Commentary about Interplanetary Colonialism, and a Radical Space Ship; No Mario's Sky is the... Read All

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If you weren't paying attention you may not have known that the Witcher 3 won nearly every video game award in 2015. The game won so many awards that I heard the Witcher 3 traveled back in time to 1998 and punched Ocarina of Time in the face. PC Gamer must have heard about Witcher 3's time traveling ways because they recently just put it at the top of their 100 best games of all time list. I think putting a game that's only been out a year on top of your best games of all time list is a bit strange but Witcher 3 is very popular so I bet it made a few people happy. All that said, I haven't played the Witcher 3 yet but I always planned to after it and all... Read All

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Fallout 4 receives it's final piece of DLC content today in the form of Nuka World a vast amusement park run by a city of Raiders featuring an open wasteland and new zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, and the Galactic Zone. So far the new content is getting good reviews but I was wondering what you all thought of it? It's a bit sad that Bethesda is winding down Fallout 4 development but the ride had to end sooner or later.

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Recently FEZ got a huge new update and developer Renaud Bédard mentioned in his blog post that he was inspired to work on the new update by the speedrunning community. At this years Summer Games Done Quick Vulajin ran through FEZ at an impressive 28:30. FEZ is one of the more chill games I can think to watch so if you have a handful of minutes, checkout the run!

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Introversion Games finally finished Prison Architect after 5 years and 11 months of active development. If you played this in an early form till now you can appreciate how much work they put into the game and it seems to have paid off as it's their most successful game to date. The final 2.0 update brings a sort of free form admin/debug/cheat mode where you can build anything and mess with nearly every game setting. 2.0 also comes with a bunch of new bug fixes and a couple more things they outlined in previous videos. Introversion does plan on fixing more Prison Architect bugs but they are focusing the majority of their attention to their next game.

It's... Read All

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"It's been a long time coming, but we've finally made it. We've spent a large part of Early Access gearing up for this day.

While Early Access still continues, we are very excited to have reached this milestone and made the game available to everyone, everywhere - for free.

With the unleashing of Free-to-Play comes our first public iteration of the new single player experience. Most of the initial content is oriented toward new and casual players in order to provide a viable alternative to participating in multiplayer or competitive modes. You will now be able to challenge and play against characters in the Faeria universe, earning rewards and increasing your... Read All

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At this years Gamescom 2016 Video Games Live performed a cut from the Hearthstone score called "Pull Up a Chair." It was recorded in VR and you can watch the performance in 360 degree view on YouTube. Even if you don't have VR you can move the video around and watch the performance from any angle you can making for a really interesting experience.

If someone is able to watch this with some VR glasses i'd be interested in hearing how that turned out.

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I remember there was a time when the thought of buying a game on Steam seemed crazy. Why wouldn't you want the actual game install disc? What if the servers went down or if you weren't online? Buying a game on Steam seemed crazy and I stuck to purchasing games in a box. The thing that finally got me to actually use Steam was the second Humble Bundle. I much preferred the DRM free downloads for the games but since I had those Steam keys lying around I decided to redeem them. It was really nice just downloading the games and playing them from Steam and I ended up buying the Binding of Issac on Steam, then another game then another and now nearly all my modern... Read All

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FEZ was one of the games that some consider to have started the new Indie gaming explosion. Originally launching on the XBox, it was later ported to PC and some time later Mac and Linux as part of the Humble Indie Bundle. In my opinion FEZ is an incredible game and one of my more moving experiences. FEZ designer Phil Fish dropped some news that FEZ 2 was being developed to only later scrap it and sort of disband his company in a sad snowball of events. It was a sad time to be a fan of FEZ as it seemed the future and present of the game wasn't very clear. But as it turns out FEZ is getting a fresh update from it's original developer Renaud Bédard.

"Since I... Read All

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Diablo III launched in 2012 to some very mixed reviews. I enjoyed the initial game and story but like many dropped off after beating the main campaign a handful of times. In 2014 the Reaper of Souls expansion and the Loot 2.0 patch released that cut the Auction House and brought in a new era for the game many considered it's saving grace. I thought the Reaper of Souls expansion, new campaign and Crusader class was really great and I quickly looked forward to the next expansion.

According to fairly substantive rumors Blizzard did have a follow up to Reaper of Souls in development called "The King in the North." This expansion was scrapped and some of the... Read All

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Nard's Yogg-Tempo Mage

  • 2 x Sorcerer's Apprentice

  • 2 x Mirror Image

  • 2 x Frostbolt

  • 2 x Mana Wyrm

  • 2 x Arcane Intellect

  • 2 x Arcane Missiles

  • 2 x Polymorph

  • 2 x Flamewaker

  • 2 x Spellslinger

  • 2 x Arcane Blast

  • 2 x Forgotten Torch

  • 2 x Ethereal Conjurer

  • 2 x Cabalist's Tome

  • 1 x Yogg-Saron, Hope's End

  • 2 x Cult Sorcerer

  • 1 x Arcane Giant

I put this one together and then looked at some other lists, I've modified my list, gone back to my list, modified and modified.

I've gotten in 150-200 games in the last few days with versions of this. I'm only averaging 60% win with it. Gone from rank 10-7. I've never hit legend, 6 is the highest... Read All

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The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable is back after a short 4 month break! The reason for the show taking a hiatus was that I was busy being a new Dad! Scrypt, Travis and I blast our way through what we've been playing and what we've been watching such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Orange is the New Black, Hearthstone & a ton more. During our main show topics we talk about some great upcoming new Nintendo stuff such as the NES Classic, NX and Zelda Breath of the Wild. Coming off a rocky couple years Nintendo looks like they are going to have some really compelling stuff that we are all interested in playing. We cap off the Roundtable discussing the brand new Hello... Read All

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This week Blizzard released The Opera wing for the latest Hearthstone expansion One Night In Karazhan. One interesting card I've been waiting to play was also released this week called Moat Lurker. Moat Lurker is a very unique card in that its Battlecry is that it destroys a minion and it's deathrattle is that it re-summons it. On first blush this might seem like a very silly mechanic because why would you want to destroy a minion if it would just come back later? As it turns out this enables some very interesting game-play as you can use this to remove an enemy minion and then silence Moat Lurker OR you can destroy your own minion such as Sylvanas... Read All

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If you somehow missed BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite they are all coming out soon in one remastered collection featuring some really impressive looking graphical updates you can see featured in the video embedded above. The trailer focuses more on the graphical updates to the original BioShock as I imagine there are few changes they made, if any, to BioShock Infinite.

As 2K mentioned before if you own any of the aforementioned games you will be able to upgrade on Steam for free on September 13th.

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So, not sure if you use the Tracker or not, but it's great for a UI and tracking your deck list. Tracking wins/losses with decks, and many little features (yogg or Cthun counters).

But now, look at this:

It can keep your matches AND it's not the normal game you'd view, it's a digital recreation. BUT IT LETS YOU SEE YOUR OPP!!!!

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