Zuma's Revenge!
EA is giving away the classic PopCap "frog shoots ball from mouth to match colored balls game" Zuma's Revenge on Origin. If you haven't played any version of Zuma you should pick it up and give it a try. Zuma's Revenge on Origin works on PC & Mac.
General Discussion
I've been following this waiting for some news source I could properly cite before posting it, but there was a Steam exploit that messed with a lot of people, slowly trickling the last week, but coming to a head yesterday. Using a fake password recovery page, nefarious folks could get into your account and change your password, without ever sending you an email. If you had Steam Guard or Steam Mobile Authentication enabled, it would send you the email like it should, and the malicious users wouldn't get access to your account, but they WOULD lock you out of trading on your account for five days. In fact, I have no indication in my email about anyone trying to sign into my account, but I... [Read All]
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Blizzard just let us know what big Hearthstone news is and it's a brand new expansion called The Grand Tournament.

"The Grand Tournament bolsters the expanding Hearthstone library with 132 new cards, introducing all-new spells, weapons, and a retinue of Azeroth’s most renowned Champions ready to join your cause. Here’s a taste of what you can expect when you step into this Grand Tournament!"

In the Stream Blizz highlighted 5 new cards that focus on a brand new ability called Inspire that is activated when you use your hero power. I like this new ability and the new cards they have shown off really look to add a huge new dynamic to the game that should be interesting to see in decks in the... [Read All]
The open beta for Linux and OSX is (almost) ready to go! Steam hasn't quite caught up, it seems some people are still having trouble installing it, but it's there.

For full info: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/terraria-1-3-0-7-mac-linux-open-beta.27418/

And to report bugs or provide feedback: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?social-forums/official-terraria-mac-linux-open-beta-testing-feedback-group.690/
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
In a MASSIVE update today, Aspyr has brought Knights of the Old Republic II to Mac and Linux, along with giving all versions a slew of features. It will support Steam Cloud, Achievements, and Steam Workshop mods, and the Restored Content mod will be available day 1; It comes with native widescreen support in resolutions up to 5k; and the big one... CONTROLLER SUPPORT. The keyboard/mouse controls really turned me off of these games, so it's good to see controller support, and from what I've heard the Restored Content mod makes the game infinitely better.

The game is 25% off in celebration of the new stuff.

Info here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/208580/
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Recently I've been seeing more people starting out in Hearthstone and wanted to write up some tips and starting ideas that helped me out. The in-game tutorials are good but they don't give you a direction or help you make choices about how to spend your time and gold. As you read this you might have something you have that helped you, drop it in the comments. This post is for new players to Hearthstone or people that are thinking about jumping in.

First thing is to keep in mind that you are new to the game and will lose a bunch until you figure out the games mechanics. It's OK, you don't know everything and you don't lose anything in game when you don't win a match. I am also writing this... [Read All]
Far Cry 3
Last year in June I picked up the Far Cry franchise pack for about $15. I had picked up Far Cry 2 on PS3 from a discount bin a few years earlier and really enjoyed that and decided that picking up the original Far Cry, Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 + all DLC & Far Cry Blood Dragon for $15 was a good idea. I recently completed Far Cry 3(yeah yeah, I took my time) and wanted to talk a bit about my experience with the game.

Largely I enjoyed the game and if you are looking for a fun open world shooter with tons of stuff to do, you need to pickup Far Cry 3. One nice thing about getting it now on PC is the rock bottom price and the fact that it comes with all the DLC out of the gate. That said, I had a... [Read All]
Fallout 4
Some new Fallout 4 gameplay surfaced and it looks great. Is anyone else going to pick this up in November when it launches? The footage is a mixture of scenes we already saw at E3 and some new stuff featuring power armor. Spoiler alert, you get into power armor as if it were some kind of mech robo-suit.

Todd Howard has been talking to press lately and I found this Telegraph article interesting on the games voice acting.

"A lot of games have voiced characters, but what they don’t want to give up is all the dialogue options. So for us a lot of it was logistical. The voice actors have been recording for 2 years, they’ve each done over 13,000 lines of dialogue. So to be able to do that makes... [Read All]
Starship Rubicon
Following in the vapor trails of our early 2015 release Starship Rubicon is now on Steam! It’s pretty exciting to be part of a game that is now available for people to play on Steam. Tick one off that bucket list!

This update is pretty massive in that it features an all new gravity gun, ship and level editor, mod tools and freshly baked Linux port. So you know, this seems like a great time to buy the game and everything so… why don’t you head over to Steam and get it?


If you bought Starship Rubicon through Cheerful Ghost/the Humble Widget, Itch.io or Desura we have already dropped a key on that site and it should be available very soon, because why... [Read All]
General Discussion
Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has sadly passed away today at age 55 due to bile duct complications. He's had heath issues over the past few years, but his death was still a surprise, as it didn't seem this bad to anyone.

Iwata gave Nintendo some of its best years, with the Wii and DS lines, and also some rocky ones with the Game Cube and Wii U, but his dedication to the company and his contribution to the industry is obvious.

Iwata started at Nintendo in the 80s, developing games like Earthbound, before becoming the fourth president of Nintendo in 2002.

A sad day indeed.

Nintendo press release: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2015/150713e.pdf
General Discussion
Valve's SteamOS and Steam Machine Train is heading out of the station this November alongside their Steam Controller and lots of PC manufacturers are jumping on board. Corsair, makers of memory and other hardware has a new living room PC chassis called Bulldog that might be something worth checking out. It's a DIY kit that comes with a case, 600 watt power supply, hydro series liquid cooler & next gen motherboard featuring an Intel chipset starting at $399. This is aimed at people that want Steam in the living room but want the ability to upgrade the system over time. You'd need to add the RAM, hard drive and video card but after that you'd have a pretty slick setup.

I've approached a... [Read All]
General Discussion
Star Wars VII is coming this December and it may be one of the most anticipated films in recent memory. Many fans are wondering if JJ Abrams magic will infuse the films with life again. I remain fairly hopeful as I try and consume every bit of non-spoiler information I can get my hands on. JJ and crew were at San Diego Comic-Con a few days ago talking about the new film and there were more than a few surprises to learn. Watch the entire presentation above and then check out the Force Awakens behind the scenes clip they release right afterward.


It was amazing seeing the new principle cast along with the dark side additions. When Carrie Fisher, Mark... [Read All]
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Blizzard sent a package to a few popular video game websites (not us, booo) teasing a new Hearthstone expansion coming July 22nd called "Agent Tournament." In the image linked above from Polygon the scroll reads:

"Well met, hero!

Champions are gathering from around the world to witness the next exciting thing Hearthstone has in store. News travels far and wide in search of brave new faces ready to answer the call to arms — are you one of them?

Muster for battle and mark July 22 on your calendar. The next bit of news won't come by carrier pigeon — thankfully, we have much better ways of communication now.

Victory awaits!

So what are you most excited for? A full new adventure or a new set of... [Read All]
OneDrop Yoyos, a high-end yoyo company out of Eugene, Oregon, is making a yoyo called The Terrarian, and it will match the look of the in-game yoyo by the same name. The Terrarian is the most badass of all the yoyos in the game, dropping from the final boss, and you can have it on your desk soon, or learn to do tricks with it. :)


If that wasn't cool enough, check out the catalog: http://onedropyoyos.com/yoyos/

So many of the yoyos in game are OneDrop yoyos. Greg asked me in-game the other day what the little icon on most of the yoyos' tooltips was, and I had no idea, but I do now. It's the OneDrop logo!

For example, this yoyo is the... [Read All]
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
This week's Brawl is super fun! Every time you cast a spell, you get a random minion that costs what you paid. (and it is what you paid for the spell, not it's normal casting cost). So, just make a deck of ALL spells! I'm 4-0 as a priest doing it. So far I've played against 3 druids and a paladin. Druid seems fairly favored with all the creature boosts it gets. I think mage would be great with all the damage spells to clear the board while putting out free creatures.

You should try it out... just load up on all the spells you can =] I'm not running a single creature in my deck. I've noticed some people are...and I just wouldn't, unless you were using a creature that made use of you casting... [Read All]
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