The Legend of Zelda
Oh that sweet Hyrule board game unboxing. The game looks beautiful, I just wish it weren't Monopoly and I would actually pick it up. Like some kind of Hero Quest adventury game featuring different colored Links working together in some kind of threaded mission based game?

That said, if you are a Monopoly and Zelda fan, this seems like the right kind of Christmas gift for you.
Doom II: Hell on Earth
Zero Master recently dropped a speedrun of Doom 2: Hell on Earth in 23 minutes and 3 seconds. The run is masterful and features a nice blend of map bugs and amazing shooting. I recommend you watch at least a few minutes of it.

From the video:

"This improves the previous record by Looper (30uv2325) set in Dec. 2010. by 22 seconds. Previous record before that was by Radek Pecka (30uv2609) set in Dec. 2003

So this is the second improvement in the last 10 years, though I don't think we will have to wait that long before we see the 23 minute mark broken.
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
YouTube sensation Rhykker released a video outlining the upcoming Diablo 3 2.1.2 patch. The new patch features 3 kinds of Treasure Goblins, two new gems and a new zone. They are also adding new legendary affixes, items and ancient items.

Blizzard is doing much to keep Diablo 3 updated and address player feedback. Will any of these changes get you to come back to Diablo?
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
PC Gamer has a good interview with Tim Morton about Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void. They talk about the new Archon mode as well as new game units such as the Zerg Lurker. They cover many of the details that were already discussed, but since it's fun to keep talking about Legacy of the Void and consume every bit of information it's fun watching interviews like this.

That said, Tim mentioned that they are going to launch the beta in the first half of 2015 and I image the game will come out some time thereafter. Here's to a speedy 2015 launch!
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Jack and Rich are back for a new episode of Previously Recorded covering the classic NES game Zelda II: The Adventures of Link. I owned the original Legend of Zelda and played it a ton as a wee lad. I never had Zelda II but did play it quite a few times with friends.

Did you play Zelda II and if so what were your memories of it?
Castle of Illusion
This is the continuing saga of Convinced, the RetroLiberty series where he reads the text and pictures off the box all in hopes that you would have bought the game. Castle of Illusion wasn't a game I played but it's always interested me.

Were you _CONVINCED_?
General Discussion
Curious what everyone is playing right now? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

Games I am playing right now?

  • Starship Rubicon - We are in beta right now SQUEEEEE!

  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Before BlizzCon I decided to play this again and am having lots of fun.

  • Risk of Rain - I can now, most of the time, beat level one with an epic build. Level two kicks my ass. I heart you Risk of Rain, even though you are so very difficult.

  • Eldritch - Way more fun than I expected to have. It plays great with a keyboard & mouse and controller. The mood of the game is superb.

  • Earthbound - So fun, but I am taking forever to complete it.

What are you into right now? Anything we should know about?
World of Warcraft
Since Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos I have been a fan of Blizzard Collectors Editions. The modern incarnations come with several documentary shorts on the making of the game and I really love watching those after I complete the main story. Recently Blizzard celebrated 10 years of World of Warcraft and to help ring in the year, created an hour long documentary "Looking for Group."

So if you have every run with the Tauren in Thunder Bluff or swam with the Undead in Stranglethorn, peep the documentary above, you know.... for the horde.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
All Witcher 3 DLC will be free, which isn't something we see much of in the triple A game space. Indie games often come with free updates such as Terraria and Minecraft but this is pretty unique for a triple A game. I have little hope that EA, Ubi or 2K would do this but one could dream.
Super Smash Bros.
So most of us played Duck Hunt on NES and remember the Dog. The Dog that never stopped laughing at our failure. I never really hated the Dog, but some have negative memories of it. In a move I didn't quite foresee, Nintendo is adding the Duck Hunt Dog and Duck to Super Smash Brothers on Wii U. The way they play looks interesting and I can wait to give this character a try.

What do you think, does this new Smash Brothers character look cool enough to use in a Smash match?
Blizzard dropped quite a bit of interesting news at BlizzCon yesterday. Not only is Blizzard dropping the last installment of Starcraft 2 on fans but they are also working on an entirely new game called Overwatch. Billed as a team based hero shooter, Overwatch looks really interesting and features a very unique art style that isn't common with existing Blizzard games. There are certainly characters that have the Blizzard feel, but overall, the art style is very sleek and has a very comic book feel.

Blizzard isn't sure if this will be a standard priced game or be free to play. Many people have compared Overwatched to Team Fortress, DoTA or League and I think those comparisons seem fair. For... [Read All]
Super Mario World
Yeah, I've done this many times. But Yoshi always comes back so it's all good right... That's the same Yoshi right?

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
"Protoss legends Artanis and Zeratul attempt to unite their race in an intergalactic fight for survival against an ancient evil from the Void that threatens the universe. The fates of Terran hero Jim Raynor and Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, also hang in the balance."

It looks like Blizzard is almost done with the next expansion to StarCraft II titled "Legacy of the Void." It's been a little while since I've read about this new expansion and when I did, I didn't expect to see anything even remotely soon about it, but I think I'm a bit surprised. While Blizzard has not yet stated a release date for the expansion, you can sign up and join in on the beta. Personally, I think I'll wait for the... [Read All]
General Discussion
GOG ( is giving away Little Big Adventure for the next 24 hours in celebration of the site launching support for French. So grab your copy now... Just head over to the home page and there is a banner at the top that points to a banner in the middle of the page :)
General Discussion
Star Wars VII finally has a new name and it is "The Force Awakens." It is a nod to the new chapter in Star Wars that Disney and JJ Abrams are starting. 2015 can't come soon enough.

What do you think, does the new name feel like Star Wars?
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