Fallout 4
Charisma isn't something i've spent many points on in Fallout but I am thinking having a more Charismatic character might be something I do this time around. Talking people into things seems like a better solution and I remember many times in Fallout 3 where it would have saved me much grief to make friends instead of blasting away.
General Discussion
Chet Faliszek is a writer at Valve that worked on Portal, Left 4 Dead and Half-life. He is currently working on VR at Valve and gave a great talk at this years EGX. If you are interested in learning more about VR and how Valve and HTC are making the Vive you need to check this out. Plus, you know, it's more from Valve.... Don't we all love everything they do?
Knuckle Sandwich
Cough. Yeah, well you know I couldn't really help making that pun so... anyways, let's not count this too far against me ok? Anyways, oh right Knuckle Sandwich is a great new upcoming RPG game from Indie developer Andrew Brophy that just dropped on Steam Greenlight.

"Knuckle Sandwich is an adventure / rpg thing where you play as a young man who starts working at a run down diner. His job sucks and his boss isn't much chop either! Luckily, people from around town start to go missing and a hella mysterious cult appears and they're looking for someone who seems dangerous.

Wait, no - that's not lucky, that's bad!

It's not up to you to get to the bottom of this mystery, but you do it anyway... [Read All]
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
I've been waiting to pre-order Legacy of the Void until details of the Collectors Edition dropped and today was a good day. If you saw the Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls, Starcraft 2 or Heart of the Swarm Collectors Editions this is fits along side those. Featuring the base game, CD score, behind the scenes DVD & Bluray and field manual this version should round out my collectors set for the trilogy.

FTL: Faster Than Light
"To accompany the game, Ben Prunty composed a masterful sci-fi soundtrack that we're thrilled to release on vinyl for the very first time! Give it a listen here. To do this vinyl recording its ultimate justice, we had the audio mastered at Telegraph Mastering Studio. We can't wait for you to hear it like this!

We teamed up with Leif Podhajsky to design a vinyl package that blows our minds with its awesomeness! Leif's pedigree includes album covers for many top labels, including famed rock group, Tame Impala.

I like seeing this kind of lush physical release treatment for Indie games and soundtracks as they generally only exist digitally. This is a nice piece to put on the shelf and listen... [Read All]
Stardew Valley
As WhiteboySlim mentioned in the latest roundtable, ConcernedApe is nearing the release of Stardew Valley. He says it should be out sometime this year and as such Chucklefish streamed the game for an hour. Personally I want to wait to experience the game fresh, but I don't fault you for peeking early. I'll clip out a bit from a recent blog post on the matter:

"The game is very close to being finished. I don’t have a set release date yet, but it will certainly be out this year. Single player is 99% finished, but needs a more polishing and debugging. Multiplayer still needs some work, and I am looking into possibly switching to MonoGame, which would allow for a Mac and Linux release. I can’t... [Read All]
General Discussion
"A highly curated bundle of our favorite games at one fixed price. Includes everything from recent hits to hidden gems to timeless classics - every month. Receive a bundle every month. Simply sign up, and let the games roll in. Discover games that haven't been featured in other bundles. Help worthwhile causes — 5% of each month's proceeds support charity."

If one of the problems in your life is not having enough games to play, The Humble folks are on the scene with The Humble Monthly Bundle. You pay a monthly subscription of $12 a month and you get a bundle delivered to you each month. New subscribers get Legend of Grimrock 2 and you can cancel anytime. What I like about this is that the... [Read All]
AdVenture Capitalist
I thought it would be fun to talk about AdVenture Capitalist on the day we drop traditional web advertising from Cheerful Ghost. AdVenture Capitalist is a free to play game by Hippo Games that takes the cookie clicker formula, simplifies it and is styled after a 1920's era Capitalist Utopia. You start the game by selling lemonade and can upgrade to a newspaper route, car wash, pizza delivery all the way to running your own oil company. Since clicking each time you want to sell something is tedious and not very Capitalist the game allows you to hire managers to do the clicking for you. If you get Managers running all your companies you can step away and come back to billions in profit(wish... [Read All]
General Discussion
When I launched Cheerful Ghost more than three years ago I wanted to build an amazing video game community that was funded by its users. Initially I had three ideas for ways to make enough money to keep things going and one was using traditional web banner advertising. I didn't plan on this making us much money, but felt it was a good compromise to make a few bucks to offset some of our traffic costs. In a perfect world, I don't actually mind this model as it mirrors much of how traditional forms of radio and television use to fund the programs we love. With that, there have been some very interesting conversations recently about web advertising, privacy and respect for your readers.... [Read All]
Super Mario Maker
*Had a longer post written before my browser crashed*

At first I saw Super Mario Maker as just a fancier Mario Paint, but I've been watching some Let's Plays and have seen it been used super creatively. I've seen a Sonic Green Hill Zone Act 1 recreation (https://youtu.be/zmnzh0BHM6w), a level with flying super mushrooms that you're actually avoiding like enemies because you need to be small to continue through the level, and many others.

It looks really great. I will probably pick this up now when it's on sale around Christmas :)
Fallout 3
"For the first time in the history of the award-winning franchise, all the Fallout games you know and love – or need to catch up on – are available in one explosive PC collection. Fallout Anthology features five critically acclaimed games and official add-ons in a premium collectible set – neatly packaged inside a Fat Man mini-nuke!"

I was just going to pickup Fallout 4 but now.... this is really great and I have a place on my new shelf for it. I also don't own Fallout 3 on PC yet as I played it on PS3 originally and want to come back and replay it.

Are you going to pick this up? It's not a bad deal for all 5 games and comes with a neat nuke collectable too.

... [Read All]
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
Blizzard has released a new video called "Reclamation" that goes into history of the Protoss as they get ready for the new Legacy of the Void game.... errrr as they get ready to invade the Zerg infested Auir. As with many things there is a completely coherent idea that war can be avoided and that the Protoss should find a new homeworld to avoid the massive loss of life that would result in an all out war with the Zerg. Good thing Artanis completely rational ideas are immediately discarded as if they went with it after you started the game you'd see Artanis hanging out on the current Protoss homeworld knocking back a cold one saying "good thing we didn't do that war thing" as the credits... [Read All]
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Jack and Rich review Metal Gear V and like all of their reviews I found it amusing and fun. Like Rich, the last Metal Gear game I played was on the NES and I wasn't really drawn to the rest. Many people loved the later Playstation games and there is an incredibly loyal fanbase for them. So much so that this review seems to have caused some Metal Gear fans to take shots at Jack in the comments. Video Game controversy isn't new but I often find it strange as people are essentially getting upset someone has an opinion about a game they don't share. Sure Jack and Rich are snarky as is the Red Letter Media way, but I didn't find it grossly offensive or insulting.

Jack and Rich take point with... [Read All]
Starship Rubicon
Greetings human. Wick and I will be giving a co-talk at this years Eugene IndieGame Con about Starship Rubicon from it's early stages to eventual Steam launch. We talk about the games humble beginnings, Kickstarter and also discuss the age old question "why make another indie game?" Spoiler alert, we ain't rich but we can hopefully convince you we had fun and learned... something. Oh and come by and check out our all new Cheerful Ghost / Starship Rubicon booth. We will have some surprises for people so come check it out.

IndieGame Con is happening October 2nd-3rd and we will be boothing and give our talk October 3rd. For more information about IndieGame con, ticket pricing and location... [Read All]
Alien: Isolation
I've heard it said that in space no one can hear you scream with glee that so many sweet games are being ported to Mac and Linux. Or is that line shorter? 2014's chest-bursting hit Alien: Isolation is coming to Mac and Linux on Steam next week and I am very excited. It seems that some publishers are releasing a game initially then when the game has been out for sometime, drop it on Mac and Linux. I think this is a good strategy to pump some life in a games release cycle. This news also comes about a couple months away from Steam Machines launching so it might be related to that too.

Now watch the original 1979 trailer for a piece of cinematic history and the movie that spawned all of this... [Read All]
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