Super Mario Bros.
Nintendo's star character Mario has been in over 70 games. 70 GAMES!!! Which leads to the question, does the Super Mario series have a discernible timeline? Or are Mario games, like many have been led to believe, a random assortment of games with no attention paid to continuity. While this may ultimately be true, there ARE details in the Super Mario games that allow them to be pieced into a timeline order...and the implications of that are SHOCKING!

The blood line of Mario Bros is fully mapped out finally! Mario, Cranky Kong, Pauline, Jumpman... they all play a part in the detective work here!

Game Theory is one of my favorite YouTube channels. I recommend just about all of their videos,... [Read All]
Re-Logic dropped a new teaser video today, along with some very important information: Terraria's 1.3 update will be released on June 30! Two new music tracks are also teased in the video, and some amazing background images for the underworld.

More discussion is going on at the official forums:
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
In this episode of the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we talk about what we've been playing, the latest Humble Nintendie Bundle & the latest craze with free to play games. In this episode you can find out how much our lifetime spend is on free to play games and if we regret any money we've put into them. You're welcome internet!
Rust assigns players a skin color on character creation, then ties it to their Steam account so they can never change it. This game design decision creates diversity in the player base and has forced many players to play as characters of an ethnicity different from their own. Since the game does not censor players' language, many of these players are hearing themselves called racial insults for the first time. While uncomfortable, this experience also pushes players who might normally be oblivious to those issues (or even participate in them) to consider things from a different perspective.

I find this super interesting. I don't know if I am actually interested in the game itself, but I... [Read All]
Path of Exile
Path of Exile has been around for quite awhile. If you were in the closed beta it has been around now since 2012. If there is one thing that has always held players back from enjoying this game as a hardcore ARPG experience. It is that of desync.

Desync is when the information you send to the server is not the same as the information your client is reading. So you may walk around a rock to the left on your screen. The server says you walked around it to the right. Now you teleport back to before the rock so that the server can re-sync you to the information the server had on your last known location.

Well I recently received a beta key to their newest and biggest expansion ever done. I... [Read All]
Overwatch is a upcoming game by Blizzard that is a FPS first for the studio. With each new gameplay footage drop the game looks like a really fun entry into the team shooter space. Taking nods from Team Fortress and Unreal Tournament, Overwatch is a game in a dystopian far future that doesn't bring the gritty dark tone with it. It's also an entirely new set of IP so nothing from the Diablo, Warcraft or Starcraft universes here.

The character shown in this gameplay reveal is Hanzo a parkour assassin that can climb walls and pick off other heroes with his bow. Whereas I don't typically enjoy playing heroes like Hanzo, the overall game mechanics seem interesting to try and I can't wait to try... [Read All]
In it's first ever console debut, The Humble Bundle folks are at it with the Humble Nindie Bundle. Partnering with Nintendo eShop all the games in this bundle are redeemable on the Wii U or 3DS. The titles available on the Wii U are Guacamelee, Stealth Inc 2 & The Fall. The games available on 3DS are Woah Dave!, Mighty Switch Force! & Moon Chronicles. Two games are available for the Wii U & 3DS such as SteamWorld Dig and OlliOlli.

If someone has a Wii U i'd love to hear about how seamless the games are to redeem and how they play.

Mario Kart Fury Road

Mario Kart 8
The latest Mad Max Fury Road is racing to box office gold and on it's way has received a few parody trailers. Would a post apocalyptic Mario Kart game be fun? Not sure, but this trailer is.
Starship Rubicon
So! Starship Rubicon just got Greenlit. A couple people asked for a postmortem. WELL I WAS GOING TO DO ONE ANYWAY AND HERE IT IS.


I think our traffic graph (at the top of the post) speaks for itself. We had a huge initial surge (I assume from being on the front page of Greenlight for being “recently submitted”) which QUICKLY dropped off over the week as we moved further and further away from the front page. The later minor spikes came from exposure through Let’s Players and Twitch streamers.*

Then came what is only known as the Dark Times, where we weren’t actively promoting it and were more-or-less sitting pretty at a steady ~40% of... [Read All]
Bethesda let loose 3 seconds of new footage teasing an upcoming event where we will all learn more about "new Doom." From the horses mouth to you:

"Get the first in-game footage from DOOM . See the game unveiled at Bethesda's E3 Showcase - Sunday, June 14th at 7 pm PT."

The game looks great and I can't wait to learn more. Plus, didn't we all sign up to get the Doom beta when we pre-ordered the new Wolfenstein game?
General Discussion
The Spring Sale is still going on at Humble Bundle. I found out about it via an email I received from the site. Some of the publishers include Rockstar, Sega, and more. I decided to get the Grand Theft Auto Complete Package that includes GTAIII, Vice City, San Andreas, IV, and Episodes from Liberty City for only $10!

I remember when those games were released. I absolutely loved GTAIII on the PS2 and each additional game after that. I later bought an XBox and bought the games again for it. I loved that I could use music I had stored on my XBox in-game, that was really cool. PC versions of the games allow you to do this as well. I'm looking forward to playing it again!

I still have San... [Read All]
Diablo III
To celebrate the third anniversary of Diablo III, an in-game event is going on now until the 21st! Cows can be found throughout Sanctuary. Upon their death, they will open a portal to a secret realm filled with cows, dead farmers, and plenty of treasure! Farmer corpses give lots of gold when activated.

Check out the news link below:
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
In a recent interview with PCGamer, Blizzard talked about a bunch of game related bits and one that stood out to me is that Hearthstone has amassed 30 million players. They mention this is due to launch on mobile. I dived back in after the phone launch and it seems I wasn't alone.

During the interview a question was also asked in how Blizzard gauges the effectiveness of new cards.

"For me, my main goal is not actually to get cards into decks permanently, but to have people experiment with new ideas a lot, which is slightly different. So, for example, Flamewaker caused people to try out decks with tons of spells in them. And some people had some success with that, but more importantly they... [Read All]
General Discussion
In a recent email from Nintendo they dropped some news that they are bringing back the Nintendo Wold Championships. The Nintendo World Championships was a competition in the 90's that kids took part in so the best Nintendo gamer in the world could be crowned. If this all sounds familiar it is because this was the basic plot for the 90's classic film "The Wizard." Nintendo is bringing back the World Championships at this years E3 and I am happy they are making a live stream available to watch.

"For the first time in 25 years, some of Nintendo's biggest fans will get to go head-to-head in a gaming showdown for the ages. Join a worldwide audience by watching the live stream on Sunday, June... [Read All]
Shovel Knight
Rich and Jack are back at it talking about Shovel Knight. Rich seems to be hung on if Shovel Knight is a great game or a game that falls back to nostalgia and retro feel in place of actually being good. Rich and Jack both loved the game, it just seems that Rich isn't sure if the game stands on it's own.

After playing Shovel Knight it is true that the game is a NES dream come true but I think it holds up well for modern gamers.
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