I watched an interesting video on Kotaku the other day about questioned certain kinds of brand loyalty i've linked above. It's an interesting thing to consider and after watching it caused me to think a bit about how I approach brands and if the biggest ones really need my loyalty at all. I certainly love video games and that passion drove me to create this website and post regularly about them but that doesn't mean I need to have a blind devotion to brands. The modern reality of the Internet allows us to be connected to our favorite things all day long and I think some, perhaps, see this as a stave for actual human relationships. Not to say I haven't made... Read All

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If you are interested in checking out the new super fast iD Software online shooter Quake Champions I have 3 beta codes to hand out. If you drop a comment on this post i'll give them out first come first served.

I've played a bit of Quake Champions and wereas I can't say much about it due to NDA it seems to live up to all the trailers i've seen of it so far!

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2D sidescrolling MOBA Awesomenauts has had a very long life and looks like it's getting a shot in the arm as it's going entirely free to play this coming May 24th! If you have the base game and all expansions you will get the new "unlock all nauts" pack which gives you access to all current and future Awesomenauts. They are also adding a new currency Awesomepoints you get by gaining experience you can use to unlock new Nauts, customized droppods or portraits.

Nearly every MOBA is free to play and this update makes sense with the kind of game Awesomenauts is and I hope the community is open to the change.


In 2013... Read All

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The huge revamp to Heroes of the Storm is out and Blizzard is handing out 20 free heroes to everyone for logging in and selecting the pack you want. I went with the brawlers pack as I've enjoyed playing with Stitches and have wanted to try Muradin Bronzebeard for a bit now. Heroes of the Storm 2.0 added loot chests that unlock for you when you level your character so when you log in if you have any levels unlocked you will get some loot chests! Ultimately the Heroes 2.0 update makes unlocking skins, taunts and mounts a bit more accessible to free to play players and adopts an Overwatch and Hearthstone like loot system.

Heroes of the Storm is a free to play... Read All

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As part of the upcoming StarCraft remastered release Blizzard dropped an updated version of Classic StarCraft with revamped Battle.net classic support, LAN play and a modern build that works on newer systems. Recently I downloaded StarCraft on my PC and Mac and tried it out and put simply, Blizzard did an amazing job porting this classic game to modern systems.

If you are looking for a version of StarCraft with updated visuals you might want to wait for StarCraft Remastered that is coming this summer. If you are looking for a modern build of the classic game with a streamlined interface that works incredibly well on modern systems for free you should check... Read All

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Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows is an add-on campaign to Shovel Knight. You play the role of Plague Knight as he goes through the Shovel Knight world collecting ingredients for a potion that will make him powerful. It takes place at the same time as the original Shovel Knight.

Plague of Shadows is an add on that uses all the same levels from the original Shovel Knight, while adding some new areas within those levels. Since it is pretty much the same game, it is Plague Knight's gameplay mechanics and his story that makes it stand apart from the original.

I think you will get the most enjoyment out of the story if you have already finished the original Shovel... Read All

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Rapper extraordinaire Mega Ran released this new video which mixes chip-tunes, hip-hop, and old school Gameboy graphics. If you haven't checked out Mega Ran before I highly recommend you look into his back catalog.

You can find more of his music on Spotify or on his website: http://megaran.com/

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The mouthful that is the New Nintendo 2DS XL, will be released on July 28 for $149.99.

If you've been waiting to get into the 3DS/2DS scene, now might be the time!

This is the first new product in the 3DS family since 2014/2015's release of the New Nintento 3DS and the XL version. The NN2DSXL (which is totally not an official initialization, but I'm going to make it a thing) comes on the heels of the Switch launch, the news of the NES Classic being canceled, and rumors of the SNES Classic coming later in the year.

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Disney and Lucasfilm have announced the release date for the conclusion to the sequel trilogy: May 24, 2019.

This means a bit less waiting than if they'd kept the holiday release schedule, but I have to admit, after the past two movies December just feels like Star Wars season to me, and I'll miss that a little.

Not enough to make me wish it was coming out 7 months later, though :D

In addition, the fifth Indiana Jones movie will be coming out July 10, 2020. Here's hoping the new Indy movies get the same treatment as Star Wars.

Source: http://money.cnn.com/2017/04/25/media/star-wars-episode-ix-release-date/

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Metal Jesus has a new video out about games that made him rage quit. A couple games they mention are Trigger Happy Havoc, Destroy All Humans, Grand Theft Auto Flying Levels & Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival. As I was watching the video one game came to mind for me which is the original Binding of Issac. When I saw the game I thought it was just a really unique retelling of Zelda but when I played it was one of the first rogue-likes I played and as such was very hard and unforgiving. I wasn't sure why you couldn't save your progress and that when you died everything you collected went away. Later on I realized that rogue-likes do that and have come to... Read All

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Gwent is one of the latest digital card games by CD Project Red the creators of the Witcher series and GOG.com. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is pulled straight from The Witcher III and is now a stand alone free to play card game available on GOG Galaxy. Recently I got to try Gwent and it's a really interesting take on the digital card game genre. At a high level you need to beat three rounds against your opponent by having more attack power on the board. You can do this in many ways and some rounds you might want to push on so you can win in the later ones making it a very strategic and interesting game.

If you want to try out the Gwent beta hit me up in the... Read All

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Rumors are circulating today about Nintendo launching a SNES Classic this Christmas in the same spirit as the NES Classic reboot that was so popular it was later cancelled before I could buy one. It's a great idea and something Nintendo should do but... you know... if we can get one. Hopefully Nintendo will be able to meet demand but if they don't and I don't really hold out hope for that, it should be another strange disappointment ride with a very abrupt end.

Because you know, that's how Nintendo rolls sometimes. The SNES Classic is rumored to launch sometime around Christmas and I am interested in hearing what you think about the prospect?

... Read All

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If you're a fan of Star Wars you've seen Rogue One and if you still buy films you might be interested in picking it up. Recently I bought up the special 5 disc Collectors Edition at Target and if you are looking for a nice collectors item with some extra special features, it is something you should look into. Disney has worked with a few retailers to bring out a few unique versions of Rogue One and I chose the Target Collectors Edition because it's the only one that came with two extra behind the scenes extras. Personally I love watching behind the scenes special features and generally pick whichever copy has them. When Disney released The Force Awakens... Read All

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If you read Cheerful Ghost regularly then you know of our love for FTL and one big part of what makes that game so special is the music by Ben Prunty. Ben just recently released a new collection of music he wrote as part of his live music production Twitch stream called "Music Workbench" on Bandcamp.

"During Music Workbench, I make music live on twitch, talk about my creative and technical processes, and answer questions from viewers. The purpose of the show is to help demystify the music production process, which too often is seen as pure wizardry.

Music Workbench happens every Saturday at 2pm Pacific Time at twitch.tv/benprunty

The album is a perfect chill... Read All

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Season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 has dropped on Netflix and all 14 episodes are ready to watch for your riffing pleasure. The first episode of season 11 riffs on the 1961 Danish monster movie Reptilicus and it's a great first start to the season! Reptilicus is a perfect "good bad" movie that is interesting enough but bad enough to feel just right for MST3K.

While I can't comment yet on watching the rest of the season I can say that the first episode is a great start that seems to carry on the legacy of the show into a new era. One huge upgrade for the new season of MST3K is that it is now shot in 16x9 aspect ratio. With the original 90's show it was... Read All

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