In 2015 Double Fine released the Double Fine Adventure documentary series that cataloged the journey for their latest point and tap adventure game Broken Age. Created in partnership with Double Fine and 2 player productions this deep dive docu-series really impressed me. So much so that I watched it start to finish on YouTube and then later bought it on Blu-Ray.

Double Fine recently released it's latest 2 player production documentary for free streaming online on YouTube without ads in 4K! Double Fine PsychOdyssey is available now and features 37 separate videos with a total runtime of 23 hours! So if you are looking for a long series to binge, this is the one to watch!

So far I've watched the first two videos and it's a great series. It starts out talking about Psychonauts and it's storied development from a very young Double Fine studio. In the second episode they immediately deal with folks leaving, as most big companeis do and I imagine at some point they will cover the Microsoft acquisition and (spoiler alert) launch of Psychonauts 2!

PsychOdyssey YouTube Playlist: