Starfield is out and seems to be doing well according to reviews.

Starfield Reviews on Platform:

Steam: Very Positive
Metacritic: Metascore 87 / User Score 5.6
Google Audience Rating Summary: 3.3
PC World: 5/5
IGN: 7/10
PC Gamer: 75%

It seems most folks seem to think Starfield is pretty great even though there are some critiques. Some mention the 30 FPS cap on XBox being a problem, some note that they expected Starfield to be a bit more like No Mans Sky and less like Fallout and some people just don't seem to like Bethesda RPG's. Originally I was going to buy Starfield on day one, but due to it not being a great experience on Steam Deck quite yet I am holding off a bit and playing a few other games until it gets a few updates.

If you are looking for a deep technical discussion about Starfield on PC check out the Digital Foundry discussion. I appreciate how Digital Foundry approaches reviewing games, focusing more on gaming performance and how gameplay works and less on meme based tomfoolery.

Travis   Admin wrote on 09/14/2023 at 06:10pm

Here’s hoping they patch some performance in to get the framerate better on the Deck. It’s phenomenal, when I’m not playing it I just want to be back in it.

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