I picked up the Steam Deck some time ago and I still think it's one of the best things to happen to PC gaming. Playing the Borderlands 4K remaster and everything else in my catalog on my couch is a magical thing and if Valve releases another Deck successor, I'll buy it. Well, apparently Valve has released a new Steam Deck and it looks incredible even if it's not a massive leap forward in performance.

The Steam Deck lineup has been revamped and the Deck at the top of the heap features a stunning OLED screen, 1TB of storage, Wifi 6 and a 50 watt hour battery! Digital Foundry and other tech review outlets have put it through the paces and found the screen absolutely top notch in HDR games and noted the increased battery life to be fantastic. This upgrade is incredible but I think I'll stick to my current deck until there is a bigger performance leap. For now though, it's awesome to see Valve giving the deck a significant upgrade and if you haven't picked one up, now seems a great time to get one.