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In a MASSIVE update today, Aspyr has brought Knights of the Old Republic II to Mac and Linux, along with giving all versions a slew of features. It will support Steam Cloud, Achievements, and Steam Workshop mods, and the Restored Content mod will be available day 1; It comes with native widescreen support in resolutions up to 5k; and the big one... CONTROLLER SUPPORT. The keyboard/mouse controls really turned me off of these games, so it's good to see controller support, and from what I've heard the Restored Content mod makes the game infinitely better.

The game is 25% off in celebration of the new stuff.

Info here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/208580/

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has sadly passed away today at age 55 due to bile duct complications. He's had heath issues over the past few years, but his death was still a surprise, as it didn't seem this bad to anyone.

Iwata gave Nintendo some of its best years, with the Wii and DS lines, and also some rocky ones with the Game Cube and Wii U, but his dedication to the company and his contribution to the industry is obvious.

Iwata started at Nintendo in the 80s, developing games like Earthbound, before becoming the fourth president of Nintendo in 2002.

A sad day indeed.

Nintendo press release: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2015/150713e.pdf

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OneDrop Yoyos, a high-end yoyo company out of Eugene, Oregon, is making a yoyo called The Terrarian, and it will match the look of the in-game yoyo by the same name. The Terrarian is the most badass of all the yoyos in the game, dropping from the final boss, and you can have it on your desk soon, or learn to do tricks with it. :)


If that wasn't cool enough, check out the catalog: http://onedropyoyos.com/yoyos/

So many of the yoyos in game are OneDrop yoyos. Greg asked me in-game the other day what the little icon on most of the yoyos' tooltips was, and I had no idea, but I do now. It's the OneDrop logo!

For example, this yoyo is the one I'm currently using. It drops at a pretty high rate in the Underworld, and I think there are a few back at the home base for anyone to grab.

Real life: http://onedropyoyos.com/yoyos/cascade
In game: http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Cascade

How cool is that? Re-Logic has a nice habit of teaming up with other gaming companies for cross-promotion, but this is my favorite so far. Terraria has made me want to buy a real yoyo, so maybe I'll get one from OneDrop when the time is right. Maybe even the Terrarian if the price is right (the Cascade is well over $100, for an example of their prices, but you can get other models for $40).

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The update is rolling out on Steam!

Get hype!

1.3 brings a host of changes, which you can find here: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/1-3-changelog.20617/

We're (of course) doing a Cheerful Ghost server. Join up here and play with us! http://cheerfulghost.com/Travis/events/79/terraria-1-3-server

The server will be launching soon, hopefully when TShock updates. If that takes a while we'll roll without it at first.

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Bethesda talked for quite a while about Fallout 4 last night. The gameplay demo is embedded above. And how amazing it is!

The game starts you out before the nukes dropped. The tutorial takes place before you enter the vault. We don't know the circumstances immediately following that, but you wake up 200 years later. In Fallout lore, the nukes dropped in 2077, and Fallout 3 takes place in 2277, so this game takes place in the same year. As for whether it's a sequel or a prequel to Fallout 3, we don't know, but the speculation about Fallout 4 taking place in Boston started due to a quest line in Fallout 3 that mentions the Institute (MIT) so the two games should at least be tangentially connected, though nothing is certain.

There's going to be a companion app for iOS and Android that lets you use your Pip Boy on your mobile device while you play. The collectors edition will even come with a pip boy arm attachment for that extra level of immersion. Cosplayers rejoice!

One huge thing for me was building your settlements. It seems like a seamless process to add new structures and customize/fortify your settlement. There will be raider attacks you have to defend, and you can bring in merchants and other NPCs. Crafting weapon attachments is improved immensely over Fallout: New Vegas.

In addition, Fallout Shelter is a new game on iOS and Android and it's out now for iOS. An Android release will come later. It's kinda like the Sims meets FTL meets Progress Quest (apparently, I've never played PQ) meets XCom. You are the overseer and have to build your vault and keep your residents healthy and happy. I've played a couple hours of it and it's a fun time-waster.

There are a ton of details I didn't mention, just hitting the most interesting ones, but the video will give you all you need to know and this reddit post has you covered for all the details if you don't want to watch the game in action for some reason.

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Presumably built on the new Source 2 engine that has been seen in screenshots a few times over the years, Dota 2 Reborn will bring a total interface overhaul and some new ways to play.

Not a ton of details are available yet, but for some of the interface changes you can see the beta page here: https://www.dota2.com/reborn/part1/

I'll be glad to see Source 2 in use, and can't wait for Valve to count to 3 and give us something else built with it!

Announcement post: http://blog.dota2.com/2015/06/dota-2-reborn/

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If you want some Steam hardware as soon as it's ready, whether that's a Steam Machine, controller, Steam Link, or a combination, Valve's put up their preorder page. The Link and the controller come straight from Steam, or you can get Alienware machines from Gamestop, or Syber machines straight from them.

The controller and Link are $49.99 each, or you can get them bundled. There's no cost savings there, but it's a bit of a convenience.

The Alienware Steam Machines start at $449, and Cyber's start at $499. They all look great, but the Link might be all I need. I'm still waiting to see what kind of media capabilities they'll have. If it can stream my Steam games and act as a Roku-style device, I'm set.

Hit up http://store.steampowered.com/hardware for more.

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Massive discounts await you at http://www.gog.com/ my fellow thrift-seekers!

As usual, daily discounts and bundles abound.

This year, if you spend enough money to reach different tiers, you can get some free games as well!

SimCity 2000 - free for everyone who spends at least $1.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - free for everyone who spends at least $20.
Xenonauts - free for everyone who spends at least $50.

GOG's announcement post: http://www.gog.com/news/the_2015_drmfree_summer_sale_starts_today

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It actually, officially exists. No more rumor mill. Fallout 4 has a trailer! And oooooh does it look incredible. Not much gameplay is shown but the environments are beautiful. It looks like a tweaked Skyrim engine, which makes sense since Fallout 3 and New Vegas were built on a tweaked Oblivion engine.

You can eventually get more info at http://fallout4.com/ or http://fallout.bethsoft.com/ but the servers seem to be quite hammered at the moment.

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Re-Logic dropped a new teaser video today, along with some very important information: Terraria's 1.3 update will be released on June 30! Two new music tracks are also teased in the video, and some amazing background images for the underworld.

More discussion is going on at the official forums:


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UPDATE: Valve has pulled paid mods from Skyrim.

A few days ago, Valve and Bethesda teamed up for a controversial new program: paid content on the Steam Workshop. What this amounts to in its current form, is that modders can charge for their work through Steam. On paper this seems like a good idea. In practice, it's a nightmare.

To begin with, the split is massively unreasonable. Apparently Valve is letting publishers decide on the split, and for Skyrim mods, Bethesda has decided that they will receive 45% of the proceeds, Valve will receive 30%, leaving only 25% for the modders.

Second off, many mods that have been free for years now require payment. If you have some of these mods, and if you're *lucky*, when you load up your modded save file in Skyrim, you'll see nag screens asking you to pay. If you're unlucky like me, when you load up your save file that missing content will make your save unloadable. I'm not even sure which mod or mods are causing the problem. In order to continue my game I would literally need to buy a mod that I've been using for years, check to see if my game loads, and if not, repeat with the next mod until it works. I will not pay for these mods (I'd be looking at paying more than the initial $60 asking price for the game) so I will no longer play Skyrim. I've lost the game, basically.

The worst part for me is that this changes what we paid for. Some of the very few people who are OK with this program are using the new Unreal Tournament as an example of why this is ok, but UT was planned for paid mods all along. That's how they're making their money, since it's free-to-play, and you know this from the outset. With Skyrim, the rules are changing 4.5 years down the road.

This has created a massive division in a once friendly community. Free modders against paid modders, players vs. modders, players vs. Valve and Bethesda...

There's another fear that, with Bethesda getting such a huge cut, that there's no impetus on them to develop their own DLC for future games. They still get paid when modders make things, so why do they need to keep their own game alive? It's a disturbingly realistic fear.

There's also the quality issue. Bethesda and Valve aren't checking quality on these. If a mod breaks in an update nobody has any recourse for a refund, and even the flagship mod that they're pitching this program with is very broken/badly designed.

The rating for Skyrim on Steam has dropped from a 98% overwhelmingly positive to 89% very positive. There's a petition with 113,000 signatures to remove the paid mods.

Valve and Bethesda are in full damage-control, seemingly banning people on the Steam forums (some permanent bans) for criticizing the new program.

Mods have always been free. Mods are something players create for the love of the game. It's a community, not a business. On the Nexus, you have the option of donating. Valve could have done something amazing with a donate button, never requiring payment but allowing it, but with this program alone, both companies have lost a ton of good will from their customers. If they don't fix this (and it really doesn't seem like they think there's anything to be fixed) I will seriously consider ceasing to purchase any further games on Steam if an alternative is available. This is purely bad for the players, and good for everyone else, and this is just the latest in a series of bad decisions Valve has made for their customers.

More info:

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Time to see what kind of gaming April Fools jokes come around.

In the main video above, Guild Wars 2 is treating us to some really amusing airplane noises and sepia effects. At least it's amusing for the first 30 minutes or so.

In Diablo III's PTR, you can go big-head mode and slaughter demons with 500% more head!

What else have you guys seen?

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PSA: If you're tried one of the free weekends and liked what you saw, but you were waiting for it to be really, incredibly cheap, now is your opportunity.


$10 for regular, $15 for the Deluxe edition. Since there's no monthly subscription, this is as close to totally free as it's likely to get.

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Bethesda and MachineGames are back with more Wolfenstein! Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a prequel to last year's absolutely fantastic Wolfenstein: The New Order, and has our hero B.J. Blazkowicz breaking into Castle Wolfenstein to steal coordinates to Deathshead's compound, and trying to stop some recently uncovered artifacts from falling into Nazi hands. Most importantly, he'll be killing Nazis like he does so well.

You can jump back into the action on May 5th. It'll retail for $19.99 and does not require the base game.

There's also going to be a Twitch stream later this week to show off some gameplay.

Check out Bethesda's announcement post for more: http://www.bethblog.com/2015/03/04/before-the-new-order/

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The first major DLC is coming to Shovel Knight, for free! From the Kickstarter page:

"In this adventure, you play as Plague Knight, the villainous master of alchemy, in a quest all his own. Using his maniacal scientific mind, Plague Knight is seeking to concoct Serum Supernus, the Ultimate Potion. However, to retrieve these ingredients, he must extract them from his former allies… the villainous knights of the Order of No Quarter! World class platforming, music, storytelling, and art all return in Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows; an explosive quest with a new play style, new story, new bosses, and more!"

In addition, PS3, PS4, and Vita will be getting a taste of Shovel Justice on April 21st. With a Kratos boss. A Kratos. Boss. That might be enough to warrant a repurchase.

The full details are on Yacht Club's Kickstarter page.

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