Released on August 13, 2007 by Nintendo

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The planet from the original Metroid is spelled "Zebes" yet some people pronounce it differently. Is it pronounced "Zeebz", "Zeebees", "Zehbiss" or "Zebeth?" Personally I grew up pronouncing it "Zeebs" but I've heard it said a couple different ways. Gaming Linguistics offers a nice discussion of the original Metroid games and then digs in to the official word on how Zebes is pronounced. The answer he comes to may surprise you! Just kidding, it's not that surprising but it's a fun journey and I want to try my hand at more clickbait-like phrases to see if it causes more discussion. Spoiler alert, it doesn't seem to at all!

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On teh intarwebs I found a breakdown of the password save system for the original Metroid. It reads like a technical whitepaper and seems pretty straightforward to construct your own passwords if you so desire.

I sort of inspected a few of my games that used a password save system and noticed patterns that let me modify them. For instance, in Mega Man 2 I collected E Tanks only(did nothing else) and noticed what happened to the password. Collecting the maximum amount and noticing the password allowed me to create a password where at any point I could refill my character back to maximum E Tanks. I was able to do the same to a few other games as well and it was... Read All

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