Aaron of RetroLiberty posted an interesting video called "Earthbound Convinced." The premise is that Aaron reads off the text on the Earthbound box and shows off some of the game art and then asks if that was enough to convince you to buy it. It's not quite fair as Aaron's video is well cut and is more than simply reading off the box art but it does showcase what little information we had to go off to make choices as kids. That said, I had Nintendo Power and they did a great job hyping up whatever video games Nintendo wanted us to buy at the time, Earthbound included.

Earthbound, were you convinced?

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For years, Earthbound has been a huge blemish on my "gaming wall of shame." As I have been playing Far Cry 3 I have wanted to play something with a less serious tone so I started Earthbound. Earthbound is a retro RPG that has a pretty interesting history and fan community. This post isn't a primer on that history or community, but a few thoughts on the game itself and how well it holds up today.

Since I don't have the "warm fuzzies" of Earthbound nostalgia love, I think my perspective is interesting. Many times i've tried to head back into older titles and haven't loved the result. Some games from the NES or SNES era don't hold up as well as others and... Read All

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I loved the original pixel art style of the original Earthbound, but I would play the hell out of a 3D remake if it looked this good!

3D designer Christopher Behr did an amazing job recreating Earthbounds starting town, Onett. More (and bigger) pictures can be found at: http://www.christopherbehr.com/Onett

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Since we have a few Podcasters on Cheerful Ghost I decided to spend a bit working on support embedding Podcasts into posts. Basically for any browser that supports HTML5 you can put the URL to your podcast mp3 and it will embed right in the post now. Most browsers support it and for the ones that don't we have the "Download podcast" fallback link.

Should work on Safari, Chrome, iPhone, iPad, Android & IE9. Let me know if you run into any quirks.

The linked podcast is Watch out For Fireballs Episode 25: EarthBound (Part 1).


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In one of those totally odd and awesome moments I present to you a video I found from The Gourmet Gamer. In this Episode the Gourmet Gamer makes the peanut cheese bars from the game. He also shares the recipe for all of you that will be making some this weekend.

Your welcome.

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For my contribution to retro games Tuesday I'm busting out one of my favorite games. On the surface this game actually doesn't look that great. The graphics are kind of lack-luster compared to some of the other SNES games that came out around the same time and the game play is pretty basic. However the game is absolutely dripping with humor and charm. There's a lot to praise about this game and I'd like to point out a few of my favorites. I'll try to do so without giving any spoilers away for the few of you who might not have played this (*cough*Jon*cough*).

The humor in this game is great. The game is not afraid to poke fun at itself or RPG's in general. At... Read All

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This game is on my list of shame for games I have not beaten but really should have. The game is basically from Square's SNES "golden age." Its the story of a kid from the burbs that wakes up because a metorite crashed close to his house. I am not going to spoil any of the story but things get interesting fast.

The game is unique because the main character is a regular kid from a regular town. The enemies in the first areas are skate punks, birds and other normal things. The art style is very unique but the game doesn't hide that you are going from town to town in suburbia. Until you go into the city and other later areas.

The game has a great story and the way... Read All

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