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: Cheerful Ghost
: Cheerful Ghost
: January 25, 2012

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After the gamemaster was finished explaining the rules for March of the Ants I was ready to build my colony. As a young kid I couldn’t get enough of SimAnt so it seemed like March of the Ants was something i’d enjoy. Created by Portland locals Ryan Swisher and Tim Eisner, March of the Ants was successfully Kickstarted to it’s currently released state of strategic game goodness. The joy of playing a locally crafted board game run by the people that had a hand in developing it is one of the reasons why attending GameStorm is a unique experience. Plus it doesn’t hurt if you can take down a rogue centipede or uncouth spider. If you are looking to play new games in early stages or buy... [Read All]
News recently dropped that the upcoming Terraria 1.3 update will include some new music from composer Scott Lloyd Shelly. Re-Logic created a new trailer to show off part of a new song you need to check out. One of the coolest parts about the Terraria 1.2 update was the new music and I am very excited to hear we are getting more(amongst other things). I decided to reach out to Scott and ask him a few questions about how the music for 1.3 is progressing and he was nice enough to get back to me.

Scott recommended that we checkout the Terraria GDC blog as they will drop more Re-Logic and Terraria news over the week.

... [Read All]
Space! It’s dangerous out there.

December 12th marked the release of Starship Rubicon, a game that hundreds of Kickstarter backers have been waiting two and a half years for, as well as a slew of fans since who have had to make due with the teaser trailers. But Starship Rubicon is noteworthy for another reason: it's the first title published by Cheerful Ghost, marking a new endeavour not only to write about great games, but also to publish them.

After I dove in and experienced the game, from the difficult but not unfairly punishing combat, to the satisfying soundtrack by indie game musician Beatscribe, to the funny quips by the tutorial computer -- I was tickled pink. Well, I was tickled... [Read All]
Last week I saw Eitr being discussed in various gaming circles as the developers had just dropped a very impressive gameplay trailer. What impressed me the most was how great the tone of the game was and how well it looked. I reached out to Eneme Games because I wanted to know more about how the game is progressing. I want to thank them for responding and wish them to a speedy Kickstarter and launch!

jdodson: Will the choices you make in Eitr affect how your character plays? For instance, can you focus on choosing certain abilities to be more magical or abilities that are more attack focused?

Eneme Games: Absolutely. We've both played RPG's for the majority of our lives and understand how... [Read All]
If it wasn't for PC Gaming the video game industry wouldn't be nearly as cool. One part of PC Gaming I am in awe of is the rigs some people have. Like a souped up show car, some PC setups are amazing to behold. Since being a wee lad I have been involved with PC Gaming and a huge part of my current love of it comes from LAN parties. After the proliferation of ultra-fast Internet and online play some may have the impression LAN parties might be old hat. After attending PDXLAN 2014 I can tell you that LAN parties aren't going anywhere and for good reason, they are awesome. After contacting Matt Conwell I was able to attend this year and was impressed with the PC builds I was able to behold.... [Read All]
Miniverse is a new puzzle game by Ryan Rothweiler of Ryt Games. Ryan is a local Portland game developer and I first got my hands on the Miniverse beta at a few events we both we boothing at. Miniverse is a pretty unique game in that you take control of planets to move people around the universe. So far, my wife and I have been playing it together in that we both alternate the iPad to complete levels. The game is very challenging as Miniverse starts out straight forward and ramps up the difficulty. It never seems impossible, but the timed missions and quick turn arounds mean you have to be quick.

Miniverse is available for free with in game DLC on the iPad, right now.

jdodson: Miniverse was... [Read All]
Broforce is a pretty unique game to hit Steam Greenlight made by great people at Free Lives. I have followed it's progress and have paid close attention to each new release as it comes. Broforce is great with a controller and is especially fun playing it with friends on couch co-op. Recently Free Lives has hinted at the next Broforce update titled "Death From Above" that will come sometime this week and I can't wait to see what it ships with. I reached out to Free Lives so I could ask them some questions about Broforce and what makes it the most amazing direct video game translation to a "freedom face punch" in existence.

You... [Read All]
As someone that typically doesn't like mobile games, I was strangely excited to see Wayward Souls launch. Wayward Souls is a 2D hack-n-slash rogue-like that has some of the best mobile controls i've experienced. Lately, it's been the game i've been spending the most time playing because it's focus on short gameplay chunks is really compelling. I want to thank Kepa of RocketCat Games for getting back to me and I wish them well to a speedy PC launch!

jdodson: Wayward Souls has launched to some pretty universal critical acclaim with fans and reviewers. How are you taking the feedback and has anything altered your initial set of plans for the game?

Kepa Auwae: There's some mixed feedback on... [Read All]
Hyper Light Drifter is an upcoming 2D action RPG. Like many of you I was dazzled with the Kickstarter and am on the edge of my seat awaiting more information on it's development. After the last trailer dropped at PAX East I wanted more information on how things were progressing with the game and contacted Heart Machine Games.

I decided to take a different approach to this interview and reached out to one of my friends Alex Atkins, the lead writer of Monsters Ate my Birthday Cake. We are both excited about the game and he agreed to toss a few questions in the interview to give it a different perspective.

Alex Atkins: Many developers (and artists in general) are influenced by things that... [Read All]
"Test your skills in confined areas while fighting gravity (and walls) or brave the asteroid fields in zero gravity and experience firsthand the weirdness of the friction-less void."

Hard Lander is a really cool new co-op game by one of my Portland developer friends, Nic Blondi. I have played a few versions of Hard Lander as it has made its way through development and I am pretty excited to see it launch on Ouya. Hard Lander is a blast to play with other people and one time while playing it with Justin Baldwin(Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake) I got pretty good at ramming into him such that he would lose the match. And really, that's a ton of the appeal of Hard Lander, it's a really cool game... [Read All]
Crawl is a top down chunky pixel hack-n-slash co-op rogue-like. You take your turn playing as the bad guys and when you turn comes, you can play as the lone hero. After contacting Powerhoof games I was able to land a press copy and brought it to a PIGSquad meet up and played it with a few people. I had a great time and after emailing Dave and Barney at Powerhoof they were kind enough to agree to do an interview. I wish them well to a speedy launch and hope you you create a special place in your heart for playing as evil incarnate in Crawl when it launches.

jdodson: Couch co-op seems to be making a comeback in the Indie scene. Some of my best memories in gaming are of a bunch of my friends... [Read All]
Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is the game that got me hooked on Kickstarter. From seeing the first few minutes of the video to looking at the lush game art, I was impressed. After seeing the game first hand at Portland Retro Gaming Expo, I can say that I can't wait to get my hands on the final product. I've been curious about the progress of the game for quite some time so I decided to ship over a few questions to Sleep Ninja Games. Justin Baldwin got back and as a special treat gave us two exclusive screen shots of the game in development. The first shot above is of the Village with the in game character Altus. The other screen grab is of The Apricot Acres and you can click to view that... [Read All]
After the Starbound beta hit, like many of you, I played the heck out of it. Now that there have been a few game patches and people have tried out the beta, I wanted to ship a few questions over to our friend Curtis Schweitzer, who composed the game score. I was happy to hear that he was interested in talking with us about how things have gone since launch and what we can expect going forward.

jdodson: The Starbound beta has shipped and the reaction seems to be quite good. Right now, Starbound is the number 3 played game on Steam and all those people are listening to your music. How are you processing all of that right now?

Curtis Schweitzer: I'm just enjoying seeing how much people love... [Read All]
If I were to create a list of my top video games of all time, Legend of the Red Dragon would be on the list. Legend of the Red Dragon is a DOS based BBS Door Game that dominated the scene back in the 90's. If you had a BBS and didn't run LORD, it wasn't a BBS worth spending time on. Legend of the Red Dragon was edgy, dark, fantastical and irreverent. Plus it was a hell of a lot of fun. Seth Able Robinson is the creator of Legend of the Red Dragon as well as other BBS classics such as Planets: The Exploration of Space & LORD 2. Not to have his best work end in the 90's, Seth has gone on to create Dink Smallwood, Dungeon Scroll, Funeral Quest, Tanked & Growtopia.

Since I have been a huge... [Read All]
One of the best parts of the recent Terraria 1.2 patch was the addition of more awesome music. Having a larger canvas of sound to accompany you while you are mining, building and slaying bosses is important. From the first time I heard the music in Terraria I was in love. Composer Scott Lloyd Shelly captures the wonder that you experience playing Terraria very well and I have wanted to talk to him about the game for some time.

Very excited to bring you our interview with the amazing Scott Lloyd Shelly. Don't hold the applause.

jdodson: The music in Terraria is incredibly iconic. From the first time I heard “Overworld Day” to hearing the new tracks from the 1.2 update, the world of Terraria... [Read All]
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