Being active in the Portland Indie Game scene is pretty incredible as you get to meet a ton of great people and can see games from an early form to final release. One game you might see shown at any upcoming PDX event is being made by my friends over at SleepNinja Games called Super Splataclysm. Splataclysm is a multiplayer arena that focuses on violent fast paced combat reminiscent of Smash TV or Thunderdome. Even in a very early stage the game is great and watching people enjoy the carnage is quite a bit of fun. A few moons back I asked Justin Baldwin over at SleepNinja games if I could talk to him about the game and how the studio was doing in a post Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake world.

jdodson: I played an early alpha version of Super Splataclysm that was really great. What kind of game do you envision making and what things do you plan on adding to the game in the coming months?

Justin Baldwin: Thanks. We really want to make a multiplayer game that is just fun, chaotic and ridiculous. We really want to bring back the vibe from classic multiplayer and sports games like Mutant League Football, Super Bomber Man, and Smash TV. Our goal with Super Splataclysm is revisit overlooked game design choices of early era couch multiplayer games will still adding our own twists. Focusing on an experience that is fun regardless of the mix of player skill levels. Basically trying to capture the feel of Mario Kart, but in the form of a top-down sports brawler. We also chose to have the general presentation be a satire of the mid to late 90s "edgy" culture. We drew a lot from 80s-90s post-apocalyptic action films, games like Killer Instinct and Smash TV, as well as a lot from Nintendo and Sega's edgy advertising stint during this period.

As far as what we plan on adding... A lot. Special abilities for characters, a bunch of different weapons, more characters, more arenas, more enemies, huge boss like enemies, the list goes on.

jdodson: What platforms will you release Super Splataclysm on?

Justin Baldwin: We are still working the logistics of that out, so nothing is set in stone quite yet, but the goal is PC, Mac, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One.

jdodson: How are things going for Sleep Ninja Games as a new game studio?

Justin Baldwin: Things are going well right now, we are at least able to survive for a little while, haha. We have a few projects going and are staying busy. We are having do some contract work to pay the bills, but thankfully it’s still fun work.

jdodson: Portland is becoming a bigger tech hub and I see more and more people making games here. Is there anything Portland could do to help the growing games industry?

Justin Baldwin: Tax incentives, which I know things are happening now there, so it’s taking steps in the right direction. I also think we need rent control, the influx of people in the tech industry is letting rental companies sky rocket rent and it’s really screwing over people that rent here. I’d rather not push the talent that we do have here already out because they can’t afford to live here anymore.

jdodson: Now that Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake has shipped and people have played it what do you think about it and how everything went?

Justin Baldwin: Overall it went pretty well for our first game as a studio. There were a few major headaches and hurdles but overall it went well. It’s interesting to see how everyone that plays it reacts to it. Our goal was to make something more engaging than just action. One thing that we didn’t realize going in is how it’s engaging peoples kids. I always hear how they play the game and read the story with their kids and how the funny writing keeps them engaged. It’s also really cool to hear that these parents realize how bright their kids are with their problem solving skills with the puzzles.

jdodson: With that, is there anything you might have changed about the game or how you made it?

Justin Baldwin: There are some things I would have liked to have added. I’m sure every dev says it, but I also would have liked to have added some more polish in places. More butt jokes too maybe?

jdodson: I really enjoyed the Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Christmas update. Are there any other plans to add content to the game or DLC?

Justin Baldwin: Thanks! Currently there is no plans to do any content updates, to be honest we are too busy with new projects. We also just needed a break from the close to 3 year meat grinder of literal blood, sweet, and tears creating it. Don’t get me wrong, we still love Monsters and plan on doing more with the property in the future.

jdodson: Super Splataclysm seems to be inspired with classic post apocalyptic fiction like Mad Max. What do you think of the classic Trilogy? Have you had a chance to see the Fury Road yet?

Justin Baldwin: Yeah it’s pretty heavily inspired but lots of 80s and 90s post-apocalyptic and action films and games. Mad Max is definitely an inspiration, I’ve always had a place in my heart for the films, Road Warrior being my favorite. And yes, I caught Fury Road, and I thought it was incredible. So many approaches to film that you don’t see much of anymore, it was a breath of fresh air in the action movie genre. Was nice to see Miller show the newer directors how it’s done, hopefully they learn something.

jdodson: What did you all pick up in the last Steam Sale? Somehow I made it through this latest sale with my credit card intact.

Justin Baldwin: Hmm. I didn’t go too crazy, mostly because I just don’t have the time to play as much stuff as I would like. I picked up Banner Saga, Sunless Sea, Legend of Grimrock 2, Ori and the Blind Forest, System Shock 2, Ziggurat, The Wolf Among Us, Hand of Fate... Okay, maybe I did buy quite a few things.

I want to thank Justin for taking the time to get back to me about the game and we all wish SleepNinja Games the best on the launch of Super Splataclysm. If you want to see more gameplay screens and art from Splataclysm check the imgur album below.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 08/23/2015 at 07:03pm

You had me at Mutant League Football, Super Bomber Man, and Smash TV! Is Super Splataclysm being shown at any local game conventions?

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 08/23/2015 at 08:22pm

Not sure if it will be at PRGE or IndieGame Con but it is will be at the Drink n Draw and the like.

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