The new Castlevania Netflix show dropped recently and last night I sat down to watch the entire first season. It's not hard to binge watch the whole show as it's only 4 episodes that clock in at about 30 minutes each. That said I really appreciated that the show didn't waste much time and completed it's first story arc in four episodes. My only real complaint by the end was that there wasn't more story waiting for me but Netflix has said that it's picking up another season of 8 episodes so if you liked the first season, more is on the way.

The basic premise of Castlevania is that Dracula lost his wife and wants to take his revenge on mankind for taking her... Read All

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Netflix is spending a ton of money on original new content and one of the new shows that will be coming to the streaming service this July 7th is Castlevania. The new trailer doesn't pull any punches as it starts with someone putting a Castlevania game into an old Nintendo and then the Netflix logo and 8bit video morph into a few clips of the show. The animation style looks solid and I wasn't sure how i'd feel about a dark adult Castlevania but this looks like it could be pretty interesting.

What do you think of the new Castlevania trailer? Is this something you are going to watch when it drops on Netflix July 7th?

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It seems that Netflix is continuing it's journey to create as much interesting content as possible with the announcement of a new Castlevania cartoon show. According to a Collider interview with the series creator Adi Shankar the show will be based on Castlevania III and be a hard hitting dark anime. Adi Shankar is the crazy mastermind behind the Power/Rangers YouTube short that was all over the Internet back in 2015 so it's not surprising he is leading this project.

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I was curious if any of you fellow Mirthful Specters out there have seen this fan made Castlevania film that just happens to have a couple Star Trek: TNG alums in it. (Michael Dorn and, in later episodes, Marina Sirtis).

I started watching it primarily because I heard Michael Dorn was in it, but the episodes aren't that bad. I'd say they're better than some fantasy shows that have made it to actual television. *cough*Legend of the Seeker*cough*

What are your thoughts?

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