I was curious if any of you fellow Mirthful Specters out there have seen this fan made Castlevania film that just happens to have a couple Star Trek: TNG alums in it. (Michael Dorn and, in later episodes, Marina Sirtis).

I started watching it primarily because I heard Michael Dorn was in it, but the episodes aren't that bad. I'd say they're better than some fantasy shows that have made it to actual television. *cough*Legend of the Seeker*cough*

What are your thoughts?

jdodson   Admin wrote on 11/16/2012 at 08:39pm

Kinda thought this wouldn't be good, but after watching ep 1 and 2, its not bad.

Sometime I will sit down and crank through them all. Seeing Dorn and Sirtis together in something again is pretty awesome. The Next Generation is awesome and I recently watched them all on Netflix. Going through Deep Space 9 right now.

Thanks for sharing.

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