It looks like Ark is coming to PS4 next month!

It also seems that the game won't be released this "holiday season." It was supposed to come out summer 2015, then pushed to "holiday" 2016, now we're looking at the beginning of next year.

In other big news, it looks like the Tek Tier is coming soon and it looks sweet! See the video embedded in this post. For more info, check out the article below which makes me want to buy the next issue of PC Gamer!

Oh! They also just finished up their Extra Life marathon where they raised over $25,000 for charity. You can see more about that in the link below.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 11/13/2016 at 05:44am

As someone who's been mostly playing this game since the summer of last year, I'm actually not as disappointed in the release delay as I was the last time. That's because I got a new GPU, which dramatically improved the game's performance and beauty for me. Yes, there are still some bugs, but nothing that I can think of that's extremely major or game breaking. I love this game so much I've already clocked 1,932 hours in it and I want to keep playing!!! I did start out in single player mode at a low difficulty level. Then, I played on an official server for a while. Then, I took a break to play some other games, but I came back to it to play around again in single player mode, but with some mods. Then Scorched Earth came out, so I jumped on that. Since I hadn't played The Center (officially supported map mod), I decided to give that a try, since I could obtain higher level creatures there (and transfer them over to my other saved maps like Scorched Earth), since it's max creature level is 150, instead of the normal 120. Just recently, official servers have made this change and it is coming to single player mode soon, too (as an override for all maps). Lately, I've been playing on the map I created about a year ago. Since Procedurally Generated Maps is a new feature that came out in the last month, I'm thinking about giving that a try, too.

Ark was my favorite game of 2015 and it continues to be my favorite game of this year as well! I'm glad it's on the XBox and coming to the PS4 so other gamers get to play it and see how awesome it is!

One final thing to mention, I did watch a bit of the Extra Life stream where they were playing on a PS4. They were answering questions from players and they said that there will be no more paid DLC coming to the game (at least until it's released). That does not mean that there won't be free DLC coming. The team that was working on Primal Survival (the mode where you play as creatures) took a break to complete the Procedurally Generated Maps feature. Now they're back on the Primal project and working on finishing it up. From what I read and heard, it was supposed to come out this month, so perhaps will see it before the end of the year.

More details are expected to come in the next few weeks or so!

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