So, I recently got my first Android smartphone. There are very few apps I’m aware of, Pokemon Go is among them. Since my son and I love Pokemon and it’s free, I figured I’d check it out. I didn’t know very much about it before getting in because I mostly ignored it before I had a smartphone. I just read that it seemed popular and there were some, even controversial, events related to it.

I initially thought I would join Team Mystic, because it’s the blue team, and so I have. When I first started, I couldn’t find any Pokemon even though there were some around me. “Research” provided the solution of turning off the AR camera mode. It’s a nice feature, I think, but isn’t compatible with all phones, some people just don’t like it anyway. I managed to catch some Pokemon around me, I’m not sure which ones. I made a lot of wrong assumptions, but over time, my knowledge has grown.

I didn’t know how to tell how great a Pokemon was until I found out about “appraisal.” The appraiser will say different things based upon which team you joined, but you can find that online. Each individual Pokemon has stats that are hidden and the appraiser can help you figure out which is strongest and how the Pokemon would fair in battle. If you’re looking for a “perfect” Pokemon, you’ll want to read more about IV or use an IV calculator. I have often overlooked these values in all the Pokemon games I’ve played. However, having “perfect” Pokemon does have it’s advantages.

Pokestops are cool and important for collecting free daily supplies. There are many of them in my little area and I usually stop for at least two of them once a week on my way out for groceries. I don’t play while driving, of course, I hand the phone to my son and let him take over while we’re out. On my own, I’ve found some hotspots, including a place where a lot of Pokemon spawn, because a lot of people in the area play.

I don’t do a lot of walking with the app, so I’m not making incredible progress with raising Pokemon and hatching eggs. At least two eggs have hatched and one of them was a really good Eevee. I may evolve it into Vaporeon, Espeon, or Umbreon. A friend has a book with some early information and I found out how to evolve Eevee. It involves renaming it and that information is best found online.

Right now I’m just trying to see what’s out there and fill in my Pokedex. At level 12, I don’t have what’s needed to take on or help defend a Gym, so I’m not in a hurry. Many of my local friends are in Team Insight, who is control of my nearest Gym. Still, there are a lot of cool things you can do, it’s not all too basic and simplistic. I think it’s fun and interesting. I also like how it has evolved our local communities.

So, is anyone else still playing? What level are you, what’s your best and favorite Pokemon? Do you have anything you want to share here?


jaelte wrote on 04/07/2017 at 07:37am

I've been playing on-and-off since a few weeks after release. I'm up to level 28 now it's really starting to feel like a grind, but I still mostly enjoy the time I put into it. I find it very helpful to catch at least one Pokemon and tag at least one stop every day, as the seven-day streak bonuses are a nice plus.
My main concern lately is inventory space -- I don't attack/train at gyms regularly enough to spend my potions and there are some potions which are way overkill for any Pokemon I have so they end up stacking up, leaving not enough space for balls and candy. I also wish the game would provide extra incubators more frequently or lower their cost, as it takes me awhile to earn the 150 coins necessary to buy one -- and that's if I haven't spent the coins on lucky eggs or I'm not saving for another space increase. I admittedly have spent a little bit of money on deals during special events, but overall I say it's been worth it.
All that said, I'm enjoying the game despite knowing pretty much nothing about Pokemon before starting (never got into it as a teenager). It helps that I have a few friends that play and we're all, like you, on team Mystic, so we occasionally go take down gyms together.
Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy your playing experience!

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 04/07/2017 at 11:46am

Awesome, thanks for the comment. I haven't paid much attention to my inventory, but I should look at it. I don't plan on doing any Gym battles, especially any time soon, so I should probably make sure I sell whatever extra items I have.

I do have some issues with the app. Often, if my screen goes off and I unlock it again and get back into the app, I usually have to restart the app as it has trouble logging back in. I wish the pedometer would work while you normally carry your phone around, instead of having the app open and staring at it while walking. I often walk such short distances that I'm usually where I'm going by the time the app is open and ready for me to play.

I've been surprised by how many Pokestops I've seen in my little area and I've heard about more of them I haven't visited yet.

Anyway, thanks again and go Team Mystic!!!!

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 04/18/2017 at 01:05am

I've been learning about this game and I feel like I'm getting better at it. I was level 12 when I wrote this and now I'm level 17. I've found some really good Pokemon and I'm enjoying it.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 05/01/2017 at 05:35am

I am almost level 21! I really enjoy this game. It's another one that makes me wonder why it's free. One of my friends is surprised by my ability to find rare Pokemon. I've caught 4 Pickachu already and I found a Larvitar, which he says is the most rare and best Pokemon in Pokemon Go. After I spotted it, other friends were able to get one, too. I also found a Dragonite, but I got a Dratini from an egg.

jaelte wrote on 05/02/2017 at 07:27am

I'm up to level 29 now. I recently evolved an Alakazam and a Rhydon and I hatched my first Snorlax and Chansey (still need to hatch a few more for a Blissey, but it's a start). I went ages without ever getting a 10k egg -- I think I got my first one at level 26? -- but I find them regularly enough now, so I'm hoping I won't have to wait *too* much longer.
I'm jealous about the Larvitar and Dragonite. I have an excellent Dragonair and I cannot wait until I have enough candy (just 21 more!) to evolve it into a Dragonite, so I'm sure you feel the same about the long-term goal of turning that Larvitar into a Pupitar into a Tyranitar. :-) A long way to go, sure, but at least you're closer than I am.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 05/02/2017 at 06:09pm

Awesome! Have you participated in any Gym battles? I stay away from them, because I haven't had anything that could do much against a Gym.

jaelte wrote on 05/03/2017 at 05:22am

Yeah, I take down a gym from time to time. I have a plethora of decent attackers I keep leveled up as best I can. You'd be surprised at how with the right type bonuses, stats, and timing a seemingly too-small Pokemon can take down one twice or more its CP. It may be worth doing some research into which attackers/attack combinations are good counters which defenders. Of course you can also take down gyms with sheer attrition and time, but that'll use up a lot of potions and revives.
Good luck in your future gym battles, if you ever do decide to get into them. :)

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