Finding out that Terraria was going to have Razer Chroma support in 1.3.6 helped inspire me to buy one of these keyboards. Although I began to realize how much I really wanted this technology a while ago. Razer is a brand I’ve become familiar with due to a friend’s suggestion of a Razer gaming headset I used for Ark. The headset was comfortable and cool, just what I was looking for, if not more.

As for keyboards, Razer has a few different models of them. The keys light up, pretty much removing that pesky accidental keystroke while gaming in the dark. The software, Razer Synapse, centralizes your Razer devices and allows you to customize them. For the keyboard, you can customize what keys light up and what color. Games that have Chroma support usually do something specifically to the keyboard. In Terraria, the keyboard will light up depending on what biome you’re in.

I admit I didn’t do much research before buying it, but I had one on my Amazon wish list for a few months. When it came time for purchase, I decided to save some money and get a different model. My first impression was how great the packaging felt, like a quality product. It surpasses my need.

My first disappointment came when I was trying to get Minecraft’s Chroma mod working. I spent hours with Google trying to see if I could get it to work. In the end, it seems that mod isn’t quite up to date with Minecraft and Forge (the Minecraft mod manager), so I may have to wait.

I really like it and am very happy with it. If you like to play in the dark, as I do, then you’re going to want something like this at least. I got so tired of playing games and hitting the wrong keys. Now I can light up my all my keys ore even just WASD or set them to a different setting. I’ve tried the 7 custom themese out already and like them. One of my favorites it’s “Starlight” where random keys light up. I also like to have it on “Spectrum Cycling,” which lights up all keys, but cycles through colors.