Monster Hunter: World Iceborne is Coming to PC Jan. 9th

Monster Hunter: World has become Capcom’s highest selling game. After it’s success on consoles, it came to PC a bit later (last year). It’s first paid expansion pack DLC, Iceborne was released for consoles some time ago, but it is coming to PC on Jan 9th. Not only is the game coming to PC, but it includes new upgrades such as DirectX12 and “better” keyboard and mouse controls.

I got MHW this Spring and started playing it this Summer. I can only imagine how people play the game with a keyboard and mouse. I decided early on to use an Xbox controller for the game as I read that it was recommended. I’ve always found Xbox (360 and One) controllers to be very good and easy to use for PC gaming.

You can now pre-order the expansion for $50 on Steam, but you can also get a special bundle that’s $40. It’s actually confusing, because it seems the $40 bundle comes with a few extra things along with the pre-order bonus, but is less expensive, while the $50 version only comes with the pre-order bonus. There will be another bundle that will include the base game and the expansion. I think that bundle is coming with the release of the expansion. Now is a good time to buy the base game as it’s on sale. It’s also a great time to play the game as there is a holiday event going on that contains quests and items that are available for a limited time. These quests usually come back to the game every now and then, but it seems all such quests come back on holiday events like this one. I imagine there will be another similar event in December, though I could be wrong.

The expansion obviously requires the base game, but in order to access it, you have to have at least finished the story mode of the base game. There is plenty of time between now and then to do so. There is also plenty of time to get a lot of things done, like collecting items and materials you will need. Check out the links provide below for details. I’m also including a playlist that includes weapon tutorials, so you can pick the right one for you.

I’ve already reviewed the base game here on Cheerful Ghost, feel free to check it out. In short, it’s a great game, I like it a lot. I’m not too keen on the multiplayer aspect, though. I don’t really want to play with strangers and I have no friends on Steam that own the game. There are certain quests that were designed for multiplayer in mind, trying to do these by yourself is extremely frustrating. However, I think the game is great, you should definitely check it out. If I had bought this game last year, it would have definitely been my pick for Game of the Year.

My MHW review:

Video links:
A short video pointing out PC upgrades coming to the game with Iceborne (*edit* some of these are already in the game):

12 things you should do in-game before Iceborne is released:

A good set of weapon tutorials to help you pick the right weapon for you:

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