Do you ever find yourself wondering some random things? Like, why do loaves of bread come with an odd number of slices? Are there other things you want to learn more about, like ancient civilizations and creatures? The pursuit of knowledge is awesome. Google and YouTube are two really good ways to learn about things in general. I enjoy learning things and I thought I'd share with you some channels I've found on YouTube.

Embedded is a video that explains how the roar of Godzilla was created. This is from the Today I Found Out Youtube channel at

If you're looking for more here are some others I've found really interesting:

From what I've seen TopTenz features the same host of Today I Found Out. I found TopTenz first, which led me to Today I Found Out. You can see TopTenz at

Bright Side:

Origins Explained:

Big Think:

Ted (
contains mostly "Ted Talks" videos. These are usually speeches people give on a variety of topics. You may find many of them interesting.

Also, if you're interested in learning things pertaining to subjects students usually study in school or college, you should check out Khan Academy (

It's never too late to learn something new!

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