Oh, I totally forgot about Star Trek: Picard, luckily a new teaser has been released, which you'll find embedded. Most of the minute long trailer has Picard speaking about how "the true final frontier is time" and that "time offers so many opportunities, but never second chances." After that, we see deck of cards on a table and the only one that's face up and out of the deck is a Queen of Hearts. It then mostly dissipates as then all we see is a black screen and all that remains is the "Q" part of the card. In this instance we hear Q (John de Lancie) say, "the trial never ends" and laughs. I guess it wouldn't be a ST:TNG show without Q!

TNG is perhaps my most favorite of all of Star Trek, and I've seen almost all of it. However, I have not seen Star Trek: Lower Decks (an animated comedy) or Star Trek: Discovery (which I've heard is good). TNG ended when I was about 15 and it played on a local channel, so I got to watch it. There was a TNG video game that I had as one of the first games I got to play with my new Windows PC in '95-96. I also collected the cards for the TNG Customizable Card Game, which I played with some friends during high school. I still have some of those cards around. DS9 and Voyager also came out during this time and I really enjoyed those shows, too. I also read some books of TNG (such as Imzadi) and Voyager (especially the beginning). It wasn't until I was much older (in the last decade) that I finally watched or re-watched everything from the original and animated original series to ST: Enterprise. I've also seen all of the movies and I believe the NCC-1701-D is my favorite Enterprise. I've imaged myself in a blue TNG uniform long ago. I believed it belonged to those that worked in the field of science, which was where I saw myself if I were part of a ST crew.

I enjoyed Star Trek: Picard, I'm not sure how I forgot about it. I can't even remember if I was expecting a season two, but I'm delighted that it appears to be coming. I look forward to watching it. The fact that Q is going to be in it makes it even more exciting.

Did you see Star Trek: Picard? What did you think about it? Are you excited for season two? It looks like it'll come out sometime next year.

Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/star-trek-picard-season-2-gets-new-teaser/1100-6489774/

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