Three years ago, I wrote a review for Jurassic World Evolution. It’s an awesome game that lets you build your own Jurassic Park. You can find a link for that review at the bottom of this post. JWE isn’t just a simple park builder, it actually feels like a strategy game. Unless you’re playing in sandbox mode, you can’t just plop everything down and release whatever dinos you want. At first you’ll have access to all you need to get started, but you won’t have access to every dino or advanced buildings and upgrades.

To get dinos, you have to send out a dig team to visit sites around the world to gather fossils. These sites are actually the real world sites where these fossils were found. You don’t actually visit those sites, you just send a team there and in time they’ll return with fossils. There are some fossils that you can only sell, but mostly you’re looking for fossils for DNA extraction. This increases the percentage of a genome you have so that you can start incubating dino eggs.

There are plenty of other things to do and three different people will give you different things to do, which will help build your park and make it better. There are five different islands where you can build a park. You’ll have to get a five star rating on each island to unlock the next and each has it’s own special limitations and unique challenges. This archipelago is called “Las Cinco Muertes” or “The Five Deaths.” You’ll recognize a couple islands, which are locations in the Jurassic Park movies. One of the unique challenges on one island is tornadoes that will rip through your park, damaging buildings, and destroy fences, which will set your dinos free to terrorize your guests. Without tornadoes, dinos can also break out of their fences if they’re too stressed out. That’s just a basic description of the game.

A sequel was announced earlier this year and it now has a release date of November 9th. Around when I first learned about JWE, I found a couple of good YouTube channels. There is one in particular I’ve been watching exclusively for JWE (and JWE2) content. That channel is “BestInSlot.” Click the link below to visit his channel. He provides a lot of great content, including news, game play, analysis, and speculation for these games. I’ve been keeping an eye on his channel in recent months when I noticed the announcement of JWE2. I strongly recommend watching his videos. The trailer I’ve embedded comes directly from his channel. It really is the only source of info I’ve been looking at for JWE2 news.

JWE2 includes new dinos, locations, and features. The dinos included in both games are from the movies. JWE2 includes all of that, but seems to include Jurassic World: Dominion related content. That movie comes out next summer. If you’re a fan of the movies, you’ll want to check out info for that. Three of the main (adult) characters from the original movies return.

If you watched Fallen Kingdom, you’ll understand the premise of Dominion. Dinos were brought to the U.S. and have been released into the wild. JWE2 no longer is based on the first game’s islands, but allows you to build parks in different biomes. Most of these may be places in the U.S., but the movie might take place around the world, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of those places appear in the game as well.

There are new dinos in JWE2 that we haven’t seen before, it’s possible they will be in Dominion. JWE has 37 species, while JWE2 is supposed to have over 75! While there was an aviary in JWE for Pteranodons, it has been expanded in JWE2 and there are more avian dinos. The aviary was a simple building, but JWE2 lets you customize and expand it. Aquatic dinos weren’t available in JWE, but they are included in JWE2. Two of the most familiar and popular ones are the Mosasaurus and Plesiosaurus, but there are others.

JWE2 also gives players the ability to customize buildings. Some of these buildings are for providing food, shopping, and entertainment for your guests. There are also additional modes for the game. I’ve already mentioned sandbox mode, but there’s also a challenge mode in both games, providing an extra challenge, but there is at least one more in JWE2. There are many new features, so if this interests you, you may want to dive deeper into details to see the new changes.

JWE2 will be released on consoles and PC, but some content will only be available for the new current generation of consoles and PC. You can pre-order the game for $60 or you can pre-order the Deluxe Edition for just $10 more. Pre-ordering the game will give you some extra vehicle skins (which I didn’t like), but the Deluxe Edition not only gives you different extra vehicle skins (which I liked much better), but also gives you extra dinos. Since every dino has unique attributes such as compatibility or incompatibility with certain dinos, I think the Deluxe Edition is worth it.

JWE has DLC, most of which cost some money and I think the inclusion of the Deluxe Edition in JWE2 means that it will probably have future DLC. I’m sure there will be a new DLC based on Dominion when that’s released, since JWE added DLC based on Fallen Kingdom when it was released. JWE has a Deluxe Edition, too. Some of it’s DLC adds new dinos or skins for dinos, but also new campaigns. One memorable campaign has you working with Dr. Wu creating new hybrids like the Spinoraptor. Another DLC is Return to Jurassic Park, which gives JP skins for dinos and JP buildings along with new scenarios. Another is Claire’s Sanctuary, which is based on the events of Fallen Kingdom where you have to rescue dinos from Isla Nublar. I enjoyed all the DLC and they weren’t too expensive, though I did wait to buy many of them when I could get them for a good discount.

If this sounds interesting to you, let me know. Be sure to also let me know if you’ve played it or read my review. Right now JWE2 is the one game I’m most looking forward to and I will most definitely pre-order the Deluxe Edition, it’s totally worth it to me.

My JWE review:

“BestInSlot” on YouTube:

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 11/11/2021 at 01:44am

I like the new stuff, but I’m disappointed with Campaign mode. JWE felt like a long game. Steam is telling me I’ve spent about 247 hours playing it. I know I went through it’s Campaign probably three times. In order to progress to the next map in JWE, you have to achieve a 3 or 5 star rating for your park. JWE2’s Campaign mode doesn’t even touch this subject. It doesn’t show you things you need to achieve any rating for your park such as amenities. It doesn’t even show you all the cool new additions like the aquatic stuff.

JWE’s 3 or 5 star progression necessity takes time and strategy. This actually makes it fun and prolongs the Campaign. At the same time it also makes the game a bit boring, because you’re often waiting for something to complete (like egg incubation). Fortunately, there’s a great mod that gives you time controls. JWE2 includes this as a feature. JWE2’s Campaign mode only lasts for a few hours. It’s fun, but once I reached that point I was left unsatisfied. An interesting way to look at this though is JWE’s Campaign centered on the archipelago named “Las Cinco Muerte,” which means “The Five Deaths.” Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna are recognizable as they are in the movies. Each island is a new map, although some islands actually have more than one playable area, especially if you have the story DLC.

JWE2 does have 5 maps. They are Arizona, Washington (state), Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Yosemite National Park in California. However, instead of working towards the goal of a park rating, you just have to finish story missions. Those missions are pretty much chasing dinos to put them in an enclosure and that’s about it. That’s pretty much the extent of each map, just in different biomes.

(Continued in next comment as I exceeded the character limit again.)

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 11/11/2021 at 01:44am

JWE2 introduces Chaos Theory mode and it seems to be much closer to JWE’s game play. The point of Chaos Theory mode is revisiting the setting of each movie and doing something different. On the Lost World map, you actually get to build and run the San Diego park, which never got a chance in the movie. It was introduced and the Rexes were supposed to go there, but it didn’t quite work out.

The first map, Jurassic Park, is quite similar to JWE’s DLC titled “Return to Jurassic Park.” That was a fun DLC. The voice acting was great, because you could tell one of the characters sounded much younger. It’s main mission is to fix the park and get it back up and running. It gave us Jurassic Park variations of the buildings in the game. JWE2’s Jurassic Park Chaos Theory mode is similar, but more like a nearly complete tutorial. The only reason I say it isn’t complete is because it doesn’t include things that were not in JP such as the aviary and aquatics. I haven’t finished this one, but I’m quite sure that’s the case. I’m quite sure the mission I’m working on now is the final part of it. I’m not sure how the other maps for the other movies work, but so far Chaos Theory seems to be a great new feature that isn’t disappointing.

I may write a full review of JWE2 after I play more. I just wanted to share my initial thoughts here. I can’t decide how to rate this on Steam. I want to give a positive rating, because I love the game, but my thoughts about it are negative simply because of the brevity of it’s Campaign mode.

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