Released on August 18, 2009 by Hemisphere Games

Developed by Hemisphere Games

Enter the ambient world of Osmos: elegant, physics-based gameplay, dreamlike visuals, and a minimalist, electronic soundtrack.

Your objective is to grow by absorbing other motes. Propel yourself by ejecting matter behind you. But be wise: ejecting matter also shrinks you. Relax - good things come to those who wait.

Key features:

  • Independent Games Festival finalist in three categories: Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Excellence in Design and Technical Excellence

  • Progress from serenely ambient levels into varied and more challenging worlds. (47 levels, plus bonus content)

  • Confront attractors, repulsors and intelligent motes with similar abilities and goals as you

  • Selected as one of the 2009 PAX 10

  • Procedural content: play random versions of any level

  • Sublime electronic soundtrack by Loscil, Gas/High Skies, Julien Neto, Biosphere, and more

  • Dynamic time-warping: slow down the flow of time to outmaneuver agile opponents; speed it up to... [Read All]

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