X2: The Threat

Released on July 21, 2006 by Egosoft

Developed by Egosoft

X²: The Threat is of a new generation of space simulator games, you play the role of Julian Gardna who continues the story set by X: Beyond The Frontier. The updated graphics engine gives the universe a fresher feel with newly designed ships and stations adding to the complexity of the universe.

  • Explore: You can explore over 130 beautifully designed sectors occupied by nebulas that affect your ships and stations, asteroids you can mine for materials you can later sell on for profit.
  • New Ships: Explore in over 60 ships of varying sizes from scout class ships to the much larger carrier class battleships.
  • New Upgrades: Upgrade your ships systems with many more upgrades, and download new upgrades that make use of the new scripting engine designed specially for X².
  • New Weapons: Add new weapons to your ship including the Ion Disruptor and Mass Driver, but also build factories that will develop these weapons and sell them to make a profit,... [Read All]

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