So, I was able to upgrade to a Terra Blade. It's an interesting sword, in that it's a bit of a ranged weapon as well as melee. I can't at the moment recall what bonuses are on it or what the damage stat is, but it's better than the Corsair I've been using all throughout Hardmode. In fact, that Corsair was better than a True NIght's Edge and a True Excalibur. I was surprised!

I was finally able to defeat Plantera, The Twins, Skeletron Prime, and the Golem. I know the Terra Blade was very helpful, especially helping me defeat those pesky bosses who wouldn't allow me within range to hit them with my sword before. They couldn't escape the power of the Terra Blade. Mwahahaha. I defeated Plantera a few times more to get more Temple Keys. I had a Hallowed and a Frozen Key Mold, then I got a Jungle Key Mold, and now I'm trying to get a Crimson Key Mold. I did go back into the Dungeon to open some chests and it was like, "who turned on the Hardmode in the Dungeon?" laughing

Seriously, the Dungeon (after defeating Plantera) is no joke! I beat the Paladin once, I think it killed me a few times, but it didn't drop anything I wanted from it, so I'm looking for it again. Some of the enemies in the Dungeon (the Skeleton Mages) are pretty annoying/frustrating.

I changed from Fairy Wings to a Jet Pack after I misread the wiki, I thought the Jet Pack was better, but I didn't read the chart correctly. I'm glad the Fairy Wings are better because the Jet Pack's sound is kind of annoying. I'd still like to upgrade my Wings, but I'm going to need some ingredients (drops) from enemies that spawn during the Pumpkin Moon. I'll work on that some time soon.

I haven't messed with magic yet, but I'm already impressed by the staves I have collected. I haven't even tried them out, but some of them look like they have awesome stats!

One last thought....sometimes I think there has to be some kind of formula for calculating drop rates for items wanted. The formula has to take into account how bad you want the drop, perhaps, because the listed drop rates seem to be way off when you're looking for something in particular. Haha. Yet, at the same time, sometimes I think the game knows what I want and lets me feel lucky (such as giving me the two Broken Hero Swords I needed to finish the rest of the ingredients needed for the Terra Blade). Still, it keeps me playing, which is good because in a way I don't want to "be done" with this game. I don't know what I'd move onto next, even though I'm still playing Pokemon X and planning to play The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds after that. Minecraft is still tempting, but I feel like I've reached a point where I'm not sure what I want to do with it next, probably go explore another area because I can't seem to have enough diamonds.