Super Smash Bros. was recently released for the Wii U and it looks absolutely awesome on a big screen TV in high-definition! One of the main differences you will notice from the 3DS version is that the graphics do not look the same. This is only one of the differences between the two games. While both games feature the same characters, each version of the game has different stages, although there seems to be some that are shared between the two. Both games also have similar and different game modes that are available.

Unfortunately, the game lacks the story mode similar to Brawl's "Subspace Emissary," and cut-scenes have apparently been removed according to some sources. I have not played the game enough to verify this and it seems to contradict what I briefly saw when my son was playing the game.

Both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game can interact. You can use the 3DS as a controller or copy your customized characters between the two. This feature is easily accessible by an icon on the main menu of each game. Speaking of controllers, you can also use GameCube controllers with a new adapter for the Wii U.

Along with the Wii U release, Nintendo has also released the first set of amiibo figures, with more sets coming later. These figures can be selected on the character selection screen by placing them on the Wii U GamePad on the bottom left-hand side. They fight on their own, acting as a CPU player. The amiibo character can be customized by selecting the in-game character's color set, equipment, and moves. The amiibo figure stores this information along with the character's level. By playing in the game, they gain experience and can reach level 50.

By registering both games on Club Nintendo, you will receive the soundtrack for the game (two CDs) for free when it is released in March 2015. You will also receive a code for the Mewtwo DLC when it is released next Spring.

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