Far Cry 6 is free to play this weekend. According to the Ubisoft website: "Access is available from Thursday 24 March 2022 (18:00 UTC) to Sunday 28 March 2022 (18:00 UTC). You can preload the game from Tuesday 22 March 2022 (19:00 UTC)." It's available for multiple platforms. If you need help accessing it you can check the following website or ask me and I'll see if I can help: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/help/far-cry-6/gameplay/article/information-about-the-far-cry-6-free-weekend-march-2022/000101445?origin=search

If you're playing on PC I strongly suggest you do so via UPlay as it will let you download and install. At the moment Epic Games Store says it's "unavailable." (after 12AM EST and it's still "unavailable," but I'm playing it on UPlay.)

Quick note: HDR is a feature. I was impressed with my benchmark. The lowest FPS I got was about 66 (at 1440p), highest was just over 80 and avg was about 75. My PC is almost 3. I have an i7, 32GB RAM, NVME SSD, and a GTX 1660 (EVGA XC Gaming). GeForce Experience is recommending "optimal" settings which are lower than I have already set, so I suggest ignoring that. The game will detect your hardware and allow you to customize it.

Oh and there's a Ubisoft Spring Sale going on now until 3/31. This game is 50% off (it's never been cheaper), so it's a great time to try it out and get it while it's on sale.

Also, this is a co-op game, so if you want to play together on UPlay, feel free to let me know. As usual my username is "gregopeck." If you want to play on EGS I can reinstall it for that platform when it's available there.

Be sure to check the embedded video as it's a "Game Overview Trailer." It's nearly 7 minutes long, but worth watching if you're interested or unsure.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about this game in my opinion is that it stars Giancarlo Esposito. I've only seen him as Moff Gideon (The Mandalorian) and he did such an amazing job!

I've played Far Cry Primal and liked it. I've tried Far Cry 3 (which I got for free), but didn't get far (hahah "far") with it (I ran out of ammo). I also tried Blood Dragon, but didn't get far with it either, I didn't really like it.

Let me know what you think. Are you planning to play this weekend? Are you a fan of the series? Share your thoughts!