Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered is available for pre-order on Steam. Pre-order and get bonuses including, “the Iron Spider Suit, Velocity Suit, Spider-Punk Suit, Spider-Drone Gadget, and 5 additional skill points.”

I don’t know much about this game and one of my purposes for this post is that I hope to get some feedback by people who’ve played it. So, please chime in if you have! I believe it’s popular and am looking forward to it.

I seem to be aware of a Miles Morales DLC or something, which also has me excited. I really like Miles, although all I know about him is from the Spider-Verse animated movie. I’m looking forward to seeing him in the next Spider-Verse movie and wish he’d come to to the live-action MCU. I love that he got mentioned in a Spider-Man Homecoming deleted scene ( I also love how Electro said something like, “there’s gotta be a black Spider-Man out there some where.”

The embedded video mentions that it’s made by Insomniac, the same company that gave us those really great Batman games, so I think this is exciting! I recommend watching the video, of course.

Let me know what you think about this! Have you played it before? What would you like to say about it? Are you going to get this?

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Travis   Admin wrote on 07/29/2022 at 06:14pm

If you haven’t played this yet, this is the perfect opportunity. It’s one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in ages.

Insomniac is a Sony owned studio, they did the Ratchet and Clank games and the Resistance series, Rocksteady are the folks who did the Batman games. But don’t let that turn you off from it, the gameplay is better in Spidey than in the Arkham games.

The Miles Morales content is its own game, but it’s a shorter game. It perhaps should have been DLC but it’s also a blast. Miles has a different set of powers that make it a unique experience.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 07/29/2022 at 06:56pm

Thanks Travis!!!!!!!

Hm, maybe I was confused by the video. I'm pretty sure I've seen another Insomniac game. The video did at least mention that it's like those Batman games, combat at least.

Thanks for clearing up about Miles in the game. According to another article, he's coming in the Fall.

I'm gonna go pre-order now. Thanks!

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/30/2022 at 04:56pm

Yeah I honestly thought it was the same team for a while because the combat was similar, just more refined.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 08/12/2022 at 08:11pm (classic Spider-Man theme song) This is a cool game! I've put in 2 hours ATM. I noticed some FPS issues much closer to the beginning when the city was loading. It was very brief and pretty much only during one time.

Since EVGA is having a Back-to-School sale and I can get 1/3 off, I've ordered a RTX 2070 XC 12G. It dipped in to affordability for me. I've had a GTX 1660 Ti XC Gaming 6GB for 3 years now. I got it then for just over $300 on Amazon and watched it's price double over the years. It's not on sale now, but is still about as much as I paid for it 3 years ago. The RTX is slightly cheaper on sale. I've seen some numbers, but I'm not sure how much better my performance is going to be. At least I'll finally have access to those neat RTX features. I definitely expect a performance increase and I'm hoping for more stability in Ark, but I don't expect a big world of difference (it isn't a 3080 TI after all).

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