One of our favorite games, Terraria, now has a graphic novel series and orders are open now! You can begin ordering them at 50 Amp Productions website. You can order the first one here: You may notice that there are tiers. You can get the graphic novel itself for pretty much $5 or you can spend $50 and get a whole bunch of goodies!

Here's a good tidbit from the news report: "Overall, the plan is to roll out Issues 1-4 (Book One) over the next few months, followed by a full Book One release to book sellers/retailers as well as available online some time in Q1 2023. Book One will contain all of the first four issues along with a few other goodies (still TBD, but think concept art and other "making of" work, stuff like that). All orders can be placed on the 50 Amp Productions Website - click the cover above to check it out!" You can find more details here:

Speaking of Terraria news, I've been aware of the "Labor of Love Update" and I want to make sure our community is, too. It seems to be nearing completion. ChippyGaming has described some of the new features and changes as being "game changing." He's really good at being up to date with Terraria news. You can check out his channel here:

News of the update is often seen in the "State of the Game" posts. You can see the latest one for July here:

Are you interested in the graphic novel series? I am, but I think I'd like to wait to get "Book One." What do you think about all this? Are you planning to pick this up? Also, have you been keeping up w/ the Labor of Love news? Are you going to jump back in the game to check it out?