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Mining and Crafting.

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Joined 01/23/2013
Wisp 355
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Closed chest

Twenty Five Games

"Blue_Element put twenty five games in their list."

Gold coin
Closed chest

Twenty Five Comments

"Blue_Element commented twenty five times."

Closed chest

Turkey Day

"Blue_Element Happy Thanksgiving!"

Closed chest

That Time of Year

"Blue_Element Happy Holidays!"

Terraria old man
Closed chest

Terraria 1.2 Pool Winner

"Blue_Element won the Terraria 1.2 launch date betting pool!"

Closed chest

Ten Games

"Blue_Element put ten games in their list."

Closed chest

Star Wars Day

"Blue_Element May the 4th be with you!"

Closed chest

One of the 999

"Blue_Element created one of the first 999 accounts on the site."

Gold coin
Closed chest

One Comment

"Blue_Element commented once."

Closed chest

Joined First Event

"Blue_Element joined an event for the first time."

Hipster cat
Closed chest

Hipster Cat

"Blue_Element created an account within the first year of the site launch."

Gold coin
Closed chest

Five Comments

"Blue_Element commented five times."

Closed chest

All Hallows Eve

"Blue_Element Happy Halloween!"

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