Star Trek Picard is a new Star Trek series that premiered on CBS All Access. It currently only has one season, but is apparently getting at least a second. From the trailers we can see that Picard has settled down to retirement on his family vineyard. He meets up with a girl named Dahj, who comes to him for help. We see her fighting in one scene. There are also other images that only give us questions about what’s going on.

Some of those questions include the following:

Who is Dahj and why does she need help from Picard?

Why is Picard talking to Commander Data, who sacrificed himself to save Picard in the last TNG movie?

Is that Data we see stored in pieces?

What are Will Ricker and Dianna Troi doing? It looks like they’ve settled down.

What is Seven of Nine doing? We see her with some big phasers shooting up a place, what’s up with this?

Why is there a Romulan with a sword?

Speaking of Romulans, what are they doing on a Borg cube?

I’m not going to answer these questions as you can find their answers by watching the show. Although, if you want to discuss it with spoilers, feel free to send me a message. The show still leaves some questions unanswered, none of which have been listed here. I enjoyed the episodes and most of the characters. I recommend watching it. It also ends with an interesting surprise, hinting at the bisexual nature of two of the characters.

When you’re done watching the show check out the videos by New Rockstars and Looper (links below). The former only covers the first episode while the latter goes into each individual episode and more. If you’re curious about something, as was I, you can also search for an answer on the web. One of the questions I had at the end was the topic of a Google search for me, out of curiosity.

The New Rockstars video:

Looper not only has a break down of every episode, but extra videos pertaining to Picard’s history, the Borg, and more. Check out those videos here:

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