I played the 1-hour trial of The Solus Project on the X1, and immediately had to buy the Preview.

You are on a mission to find an alternate world for humanity to live on. Earth is gone.

You start off by crash landing on a planet after being hit by a ball of energy that comes from the planet. Gliese-(insert arbitrary numbers here), also known as Galea. You start off just trying to survive the harsh environment. Find water, find food, light a torch, keep warm, sleep, fight heat exhaustion and hypothermia, starvation, dehydration, etc. Then you explore.

Upon exploring the island you crash on, you realize that there used to be people that lived here. There are monuments, flowers, skulls, etc. At one point you enter a cave system. The strangest part in the first chapter, is not only a strange noise being emitted from inside the cave, but the fact that when you find an alien language, your all-in-one device called W.I.L.S.O.N. (WIIILSOOON!!!) can translate this never-before-seen language. Meaning it derives from an Earthen Language.

You start to realize that you aren't alone after all. This hits you pretty quick and pretty hard. You immediately start to feel unwelcome on this planet. At that point, your mission becomes less of an exploration (which you still do) to reporting back in to Control and letting them know that this place appears to be hostile, all while the dawning realization that you likely wont survive, slowly starts to sink in. All you can do is try to reach Control and tell them not to come to Galea.