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Joined 04/24/2012

"I have accepted Provolone into my life!" ~ Zippy

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Green rupee
Closed chest

Two Posts

"MoonWyrd made two posts."

Closed chest

Turkey Day

"MoonWyrd Happy Thanksgiving!"

Closed chest

That Time of Year

"MoonWyrd Happy Holidays!"

Closed chest

Star Wars Day

"MoonWyrd May the 4th be with you!"

Closed chest

Pi Day

"MoonWyrd Happy Pi Day! Celebrate irrationally."

Closed chest

One of the 999

"MoonWyrd created one of the first 999 accounts on the site."

Gold coin
Closed chest

One Comment

"MoonWyrd commented once."

Spright 8bit
Closed chest

Member in 2013

"MoonWyrd was awesome enough to back the site as a member in 2013!"

Hipster cat
Closed chest

Hipster Cat

"MoonWyrd created an account within the first year of the site launch."

Closed chest

Four Leaf Clover

"MoonWyrd Happy Leprechaun Day!"

Gold coin
Closed chest

Five Comments

"MoonWyrd commented five times."

Ghost pack
Closed chest

Cheerful Ghost Pack

"MoonWyrd was awarded the first Cheerful Ghost pack!"

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