I was actually really excited to get The Journey Down (SkyGobblin) because I really love both Indie games and point and click adventures.

Rarely will you hear me complain about a game, but this is one that I just couldn't get in to.

In The Journey Down, you're Jamaican mon (see what I did there?), that runs a fuel and charter company with your brother. Times have been hard so when a lady comes in looking for a certain book, you are sure to find some books to sell her and eventually sell her a flight out of dodge. It seems like they were trying to go with a mystery adventure here, but if they were, it was severely lacking in some places.

As with just about any point and click puzzle game, you encounter a variety of obstacles, from having to find rungs for a ladder to fixing a wench so you can pull up the anchor on your airplane. The puzzles are simple but amusing and sometimes you have to think outside the box to get past a particular part.

I'd have to say that the worst part was the dialog that takes up the majority of the game. It wasn't so much that the scripting was bad, as it felt like the accents of some of the characters were really forced, thus making it hard to listen to. The voice of the sophisticated sailor was the worst, as he honestly sounded as if he was reading instead of speaking. And with this being a story based game, I wish the developers would have thought this through a little more.

There were quite a few times were the game made me smirk a little and at some points, even chuckle. There were a few parts where the main character says something that is so off the wall ridiculous that you have to laugh.

I'd say the main redeeming quality is the graphics. They are done beautifully and are very colorful, so it's fairly easy on the eyes.

The developers are currently working on The Journey Down: Chapter 2, While I'm unsure as if I will get this one, they have really high hopes for this game. If you want to give it a whirl, it can be found fairly cheap on Steam and they offer up a free version at -- And I would definitely suggest trying out the free version before purchasing the full.