I wanted to plug an Indie Developer's upcoming kickstarter, plus his whole series.

Evan Wolbach and Dead Drop Studios have been making the Outbreak series since 2017. These are indie games, pretty much developed just by Evan. If you like retro survival horror games, check out the series. Check out links to the whole series here:


Evan & Team just released a playable teaser for their upcoming kickstarter, Outbreak: Shades of Horror. This teaser actually has a lot going on and is more than just a demo. There are 8 different endings you can get, and Evan has said you can spend several hours replaying the teaser to find new items and endings. His hard work definitely shows in this teaser.

Since I have never tried stadia before, I tried the free 60 minute version of Shades of Horror in my browser. I was amazed at how well it played and the visuals. Consider me impressed by stadia, and the work Dead Drop Studios put into the teaser for Shades of Horror.

The kickstarter launches at the end of the month, and Evan promises there will be lots of different tiers and rewards for those who support the kickstarter.

Get more info on Outbreak: Shades of Horror and follow his kickstarter here:


Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 09/02/2022 at 03:36am
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