S0urce C0de

In a universe where the planets the number of planets seem endless and the amounts of adventures follow. Focus upon exploration and discovery or become a member of an elite force focused on law & order. Create your character focused on a multitude of things that don't have to rely on combat, but expanding into botany, science, technology, or more. In the worlds of S0urce C0de, you create your own pathways for your stories.

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S0urce C0de is a new tabletop game developed by Gabriel Hicks and his team after a successful Kickstarter. It's like many tabletop RPG's in what it offers, but also allows you to expand in some areas. For instance, there is no penalty for taking multiple archetypes (classes) and you may do so whenever you choose. Each archetype is a base class, that focuses on multiple areas of expertise, such as Tech/Stealth or Melee/Ranged.

If you've played D&D or Pathfinder or something similar, S0urce C0de draws inspiration from them, but with a futuristic setting. However, it's designed to allow enough freedom to use it's rules and setup for many other d20 systems. You could... Read All