So I'm still getting the hang of all things Steam, and last night I realized I could sell my steam cards! I listed about 50 of them, most for about $0.05, but some more and some less(there's a handy pricing graph, so you can see what has sold for what price). I woke up this morning to find 35 emails from Steam, one for each card sold lol. So far I've made $2.29. Not a ton, but it's free money!

AdamPFarnsworth   Post Author wrote on 03/14/2014 at 03:30pm

Disclaimer: By "free" I mean it's money I didn't have to do anything to earn. Other people are paying money for items in my inventory that I got by playing/buying games :)

Timogorgon   Member wrote on 03/14/2014 at 03:55pm

Nice! I did the same and made about $1.57. I'm considering it a nice extra discount on whatever my next game purchase is. :)

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