CodeParade, the creator of the non-Euclidean geometry game Hyperbolica (I *highly* recommend checking out his videos on that game) is now experimenting with building a game in 4D.

This video is a fun breakdown on what a 4D game could look like and talks about some of the attempts at building 4D games already.

I love thinking about higher dimensions, so this was right up my alley. Hopefully you find it interesting too!

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 07/22/2022 at 07:08pm

Interesting and yet it feels over my head. It certainly puts "playing 4D chess" into perspective, I guess, LOL. I don't think the guy explained what the 4th dimension is. The quote I said previously is a joke, but IRL is the 4th dimension time? I'm just now Googling some stuff and it all still looks over my head. Math was always a weakness of mine and physics wasn't something I ever studied.

AdamPFarnsworth   Post Author wrote on 07/23/2022 at 02:02am

I'm definitely not an expert, but I think that even though time is referred to as the 4th dimension, it's not the same thing as a physical 4th dimension (like another up/down, left/right, forward/back space).

If you're interested, I highly recommend a book called Flatland that kinda helps with an analogy of what higher physical dimensions might be perceived by us :)

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 07/23/2022 at 02:38am

Sounds interesting! A Google search is showing up some helpful resources. I see videos of Carl Sagan.

AdamPFarnsworth   Post Author wrote on 07/23/2022 at 05:39pm

Rad :)

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