This weekend, I played a handful of blockchain games from Levana Protocol (

Salim's Adventure is an 8-bit side scroller that took a few hours for me to get the hang of (some of the hit detection isn't perfect, so I kept running into some spikes lol). It's a fun Mario-type game where you can jump on enemies, avoid spikes, and at the end defeat a dragon ghost. If you're into side scrollers, I recommend checking it out :)

Alchemy is an ingredient combining game. To master "future space science," you need to combine ingredients to find new ingredients and keep combining them until you've mastered it all.

Arach Attack is a puzzle game, where you're attempting to find ways to kill all the spiders, and get your hero to the next level.

All three games require you to have Keplr browser extension wallet (I can help you set that up if you'd like, and a little bit of Juno (the cryptocurrency the games run on). I don't belive there are any crypto prizes left for playing these games, but they're still fun to experience for an afternoon. I can send you a little Juno to cover your fees, just let me know if you're interested!

In addition to these three Levana Protocol games, the game I'm looking forward to the most is Strange Clan. It's still a couple years out, but hopefully there's going to be a vertical slice demo at the end of this year, or possibly the beginning of next year. I own some of these character NFTs (each of the starting 10,000 characters are unique, but in the future there will be many more characters to buy to play, and they'll be much less expensive. The team is shooting for a price comparable to a WoW subscription), and I love the way the development team is progressing! They're also incredibly transparent, as we have calls 3 times a week on discord, and they update us on progress. Here's the latest promo video: