I think there are numerous things for me to report. I'm not sure where to start exactly. Luckily, I just received my first Broken Hero's Sword, so I can make a True Excalibur. It seems I'm going to need two more so I can make the True Night's Edge and Terra Blade. Right now, my defense is 80 and my Corsair has a damage stat of 69, I believe. I noticed that when I put on the Turtle Armor, my defense was 65, I expected it to increase since I have other accessories boosting my defense and the Turtle Armor has a defense of 65. I'm not sure when both stats, my defense and my Corsair's damage stat, changed, but I was glad that my defense changed (for the better). I'm not so excited about the loss of damage my Corsair does, but it was only reduced by one.

I'm currently working on getting the final ingredient that I need to make an Ankh Charm and thus an Ankh Shield, which will be an upgrade to my Obsidian Shield. The shield will make my character immune to all debuffs, I believe. The final ingredient I need is a Nazar, which is dropped by a few things such as the Cursed Hammer and Cursed Skull, among others. I've spent some time in the Dungeon hunting Cursed Skulls, but still none have dropped the Nazar yet. That said I have a LOT of Bones! I have a chest nearly full of them! I may decide to use them and the Bone Wand to make a Sky Bridge, because eventually I want to get some wings! I already have some Broken Bat Wings, but need some Souls of Flight.

I'm looking forward to upgrading my sword, eventually to the Terra Blade. Currently, the Hardmode bosses are defeating me. I fought Plantera a few times after getting the Turtle Armor and it still defeated me. One of the best things I found, though, was being able to fight it in a Bee Hive, so that I can get the regeneration stat buff from dipping myself in Honey. LOL Still, I think a better weapon is needed.

Skeletron Prime has defeated me as well. I don't believe I've summoned it, but it shows up. It showed up plenty of times as I was above ground hunting Pixies for Ankh Charm ingredients they drop (Alarm Clock & Megaphone). Fighting for those ingredients made me think that I really do like the Hallowed. It's "pretty" as I've said before. Pixies are cool, it's kind of sad that they're enemies. The Unicorns were cool, too. Also, I think my favorite Slime is the Rainbow Slime. It's just so "pretty!" It changes colors and drops Rainbow Blocks that do the same.

The Twins have also come out at night to fight me. I've found (what I think is) a great strategy for fighting them. I noticed in my above ground Snow biome (corrupted by the Hallow) that they can't shoot through the ground. There's one part where I have a tiny little island above my head and the area nearby is slightly hilly. That was a great defense against the Weapons of The Twins, although I was still susceptible to their melee attacks, but that's how I was able to hurt them. The best that I've done against them is defeating one of them, instead of both. I think I'm going to have to upgrade my ranged weapon to a Megashark, which means I'm going to have to find some Sharks! I've read that Vampire Knives are good for these bosses, too, but I haven't looked into them yet.

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/15/2014 at 03:31am

For the hardmode bosses, I suggest making an arena of a few levels of platforms so you can get around well, and plenty of the best bullets you can buy/make and a megashark. At least until you get the really badass magic later on in hardmode.

But wow, you already have the top-tier melee armor. I'm impressed.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/15/2014 at 04:24am

Hahahahaha I'm glad you're impressed, Travis! That's a good idea about the platforms, I hate when the bosses move away from me when I move in to swipe at them with my swords. Oh! I made a True Excalibur sword, but it's apparently just slightly weaker (only going by the damage stat) than my Corsair. I did notice that when I equipped my Avenger Emblem, that my sword's damage increased and was 75, I think. Without that Emblem, it's just 68. It's interesting how that keeps changing, but I think that's because I change out my equipped accessories here and there. That said, I'm thinking of writing about what I have and asking for suggestions. It's kind of hard to decide which accessories to equip. I don't think I used my Avenger Emblem enough and I want to try to remember to equip it when fighting these bosses.

That said, I just got the Nazar I was looking for and I believe I can make my Ankh Shield. I'm not sure if my world has oceans big enough for sharks, but I'll go look for them. I also plan to build a sky bridge so I can get up there for some Souls of Flight (but I've pretty much already said all that).

As for the armor, it's kind of hard to decide which to use, but I think the Turtle Armor set is probably the best as it has the highest defense stats and makes attackers take damage, too. I haven't decided to stop mining Chlorophyte because I might try that armor set. As for magic, I've hardly messed with it at all.

I'm afraid of getting to the point where I don't know what else to do in the game, I don't want to stop playing! If I'm able to beat the remaining bosses, I might try out the console or mobile versions of the game.

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/15/2014 at 04:27am

Well according to your Steam profile, you're 136 hours in, which is pretty damn good for one character.

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/15/2014 at 04:28am

By which I mean, you've gotten your money's worth. Or rather, my money's worth :D

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/15/2014 at 05:22am

Hahahahaha! Indeed! I greatly appreciate the gift!

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/16/2014 at 01:03am

I'm afraid I've reached that point. I'm not sure what else to do now except wait for an Eclipse so I can (hopefully) get another 2 Broken Hero Swords so I can make a Terra Blade. I did make Fairy Wings and found to Floating Islands, I still needed to build a sky bridge to reach them, which I made of bone. The wings are nice and make my character move faster with jumping and flying. Still, it seems the Jet Pack is better, so I'm waiting on the right moon phase so I can buy it from my Steampunker.

I tried to defeat Plantera again and failed. It's that second form of it that's so difficult. The first form hardly does any damage to me. I'm thinking and hoping that having a Terra Blade will make the fight easier. I also fought the Twins again, but the one I didn't defeat flew away at dawn, so I didn't beat it in time. I did create a Megashark, but it seems that the Star Cannon might be better, although that means I need to collect more Fallen Stars.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 01/16/2014 at 03:26am

I'd recommend either magic OR gun damage for Plantera. That's how I killed him when I did. I can solo him now with pretty well. I could with my Chlorophyte Gear and weapons.

After you kill Plantera you can open the Temple, which is fun and HARD. After taking the temple boss you can try your hand with the Pumpkin Moon or Frost Moon events.

I read on Twitter recently that they are looking at doing another patch with some stuff in it, might be close to the final patch too if it features the final endgame boss, which would both epic and sad because the game won't get too many more updates after that.

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/16/2014 at 03:52am

Yeah Plantera can be hard, but with a little prep the golem is easy. You still have plenty to do! :)

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/16/2014 at 04:19am

Thanks, Jon! The only thing I've used Chlorophyte was for the Turtle Armor set. I read that Chlorophyte ammo is the best, so I'm trying to mine some for that, at least. I may have to try out the Chlorophyte Armor. Travis, I wish I knew what else to do. I wish I could beat Plantera and the other 2 hardmode bosses and get into that Temple, too. I'm a bit lost right now as to what to do. Oh, and Jon, I look forward to another Terraria update, but that would stuck if they stopped adding to it.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 01/16/2014 at 04:21am

Chlorophyte ammo is great but the crystal ammo is easier to farm and does some pretty impressive damage.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/16/2014 at 05:37am

Cool, I'll look into it. I've mined some Crystal Shards to make Greater Healing Potions, but I'm thinking the easiest way to get those is to defeat the Destroyer. Anyway, I got real lucky tonight! During an Eclipse, 2 Broken Hero Swords were dropped! Now I have my Terra Blade and I just reforged some of my accessories to boost my defense. I believe my Terra Blade has a damage stat of 102, my defense is 82, I think.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/16/2014 at 07:37am

I finally beat Plantera! It was very difficult! It kept beating me even with my new Terra Blade and using an Ironskin Potion, Regeneration Potion, Gingerbread Cookie, and my accessories with upgraded defense. I noticed that I had brought it down to less than 700 HP. I kept fighting it in a Bee Hive so that I could get the regeneration boost from a small area of honey. I had one little platform to get around him, and I was also using a Jet Pack. When my HP got extremely low, I noticed I had maybe less than 15 seconds to use a Greater Healing Potion, so I left the Bee Hive to escape Plantera for long enough to heal. Luckily, I did managed to escape, although it did chase after me, but I finally healed and beat it shortly after. Now, I'll be able to get into the Jungle Temple. I also read that after Plantera is beaten the Paladin will spawn in the Dungeon, so I might want to go fight that, too. I may have to fight Plantera again, though, because I have a Frozen Key Mold and a Hallowed Key Mold, so I'm going to need another Temple Key or two.

Timogorgon   Member wrote on 01/16/2014 at 06:08pm

Plantera kicked my butt plenty of times, so don't feel bad. I eventually carved out an underground arena to fight in, which made the fight a lot easier. It was basically a large empty room so I had plenty of space to fly (I used wings and rocket boots) around with a few platforms to hold camp fires. I also had a little space on one side with a small pool of honey so I could jump in and get the health regen buff if needed. Below the arena i carved out something like six narrow hallways of jungle grass so my chances of having one of Plantera's bulbs spawn there was higher. Plantera drops a lot of great stuff, so you'll want to farm him a couple times at least. :D

For the really tough boss fights I recommend magic or ranged weapons. Melee is great for regular mobs/exploring (especially if you get a paladin's hammer!) but up against mobs that hit really hard it's better to keep your distance. By now you should be able to craft a Golden Shower spell (lol) which is really nice. It does decent damage, pierces enemies, and gives them a debuff that makes them take extra damage. Pair that with spectral armor and a magic cuffs and every time you hurt something you'll heal Health and when you get hit you'll heal Mana.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/16/2014 at 10:55pm

Cool strategy. Thanks for the tips. Like I've said, I haven't messed with magic yet. I've done some ranged weapons, mostly a Boomerang (one of the first I got was Enchanted and now I have a fire one) and then the Star Cannon (I have over 90 Fallen Stars now).

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/17/2014 at 12:59am

The star cannon ends up being not worth the cost. Seriously, the mega shark is plenty with chlorophyte or crystal bullets. Once you get through the pumpkin moon a few times you should get a badass spell or two as well and you'll be unstoppable.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/17/2014 at 01:12am

Sweet. Well now I have over 100 Fallen Stars. I've been mining Chlorophyte, too, but haven't made any bullets yet. I made my way into the Jungle Temple and beat the Golem. It wasn't that hard, really. I beat Plantera again for another Temple Key and I need one more to make my Hallowed and Frozen Keys. Then I'll head into the Dungeon so I can unlock chests that I've been unable to open and fight the Paladin.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/17/2014 at 12:29pm

I defeated Plantera another couple of times to get the two more Temple Keys I needed. Then, after realizing I needed more Souls (of Fright and of Sight) to make my Hallowed and Frozen Keys, I beat the Twins and Skeletron Prime in the same game night (summoned separately). I also bought some Pumpkin Seeds from the Dryad and have almost harvested enough Pumpkin to make what I need to do the Pumpkin Moon event. I'll also collect what I need to do the Frost Moon one, too. I'm also planning to make my way into the Dungeon to open those locked chest I was never able to access and to find the Paladin (perhaps for the Paladin Shield).

Other than those things mentioned above, I'm not really sure what to do next. I noticed, though, when I find new ingredients and look them up, I find more things to do. For instance, I noticed that sometimes a temple will be spawned in the desert, that might be something interesting to try and find (perhaps by creating another world or more until it's there). I may even just start looking up different items (or ingredients) to find out what else there might be that I can do. While looking up the Moon Charm that I got during the last Blood Moon (I think I got 2 of them), I noticed a Neptune's Charm that requires Coral, which I don't think I've seen.

All that said, I'm still open to suggestions as to what else there is to do in the game. I feel like I'm drawing close to being done with it, which I'm not very fond of because I've really been enjoying this game. I think I hate that feeling when you're pretty much done with a game (or have finished one) and don't know what to do next.

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