Do you trust your game developers? Do you feel that the game they are pitching to you is as good as they say? With a games goes from concept to alpha then beta and if we are lucky enough to release are you satisfied with the game that they made for you?

I am an MMO player. I started with World of Warcraft since the original level 60 cap. I followed Star Wars since the idea and the concept art shown at a convention. With anticipation I saw the rise and fall of 38 Studios. Then I found some games that are great in their form that do not get a lot of attention. I recently found DC Universe Online and that game is amazing. I literally bought into the hype of The Secret Word and since launch I haven’t even played one minute of the game. The Beta killed it for me. Then I found Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) by accident. It is made by Turbine and I think this games concept is amazing and fun to play but it is slightly outdated and because it is Turbine Lord of the Rings Online is because of this game. Give me a hobbit and DDO and we have two games that are ok.

This is just the surface of MMO’s I know that. But when you get all hyped up and the game you are sitting in front of dose not play to the buildup do you feel cheated in anyway. I think the future of MMO’s is free to play. That model is working very well. Starwars is moving there and that leads me to ask “Why was it not free to play since launch?” I felt very taken with Starwars. I did not play beta much. I wanted the game to be fresh but at level 28 I felt the nails of the grind. I know that is a concept of an MMO but why can developers nail it and other fall so short? Blizzard for the most part has changed the game style of their game and the current expansion Cataclysm (until the 25th) changed everything that was of the grind play style. The WOW player base is huge and with that I feel Blizzard can gauge their game and develop in a way that no one else can. This is all a guess but if the entire MMO player base is 15 million and Blizzard has 10 of those that leaves a 5 million player base to be divided up. I do not feel that games can have proper feedback unless you make every game a spin off WOW. My numbers might be off but it makes since. So when you have developers pitching and pitching ideas to the same player base how do you not get numb as a player? How do you believe and share that vision that this MMO will blow your mind and be everything you want an MMO to be.

These are my thoughts, what do you think? I think MMO’s might be going out of style fast unless they bring a new concept to the table. Can they?

jdodson   Admin wrote on 09/20/2012 at 12:25am

Free to Play is a good model for MMO's because you can get into the game without feeling cheated out of your money. If you dig the game you can pay for whatever you find of value. If you don't like the game you leave. No hard feelings.

Star Wars wasn't a F2P MMO because enough people pre-ordered it to make it profitable for Sony. If it didn't work, it would have been F2P like they are doing with it now after people left.

The model for a while now will prob be, launch with a sub+cost of game. When people leave, and they always do unless you are WoW then go F2P.

Guild Wars 2 is the only game that seems to do differently in that you pay for the game and the online is free. Some of the things in the game cost Ive heard but its not a requirement to play. I like that because its different in the MMO space.

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