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Bioshock Infinite Contest:

A creative writing on Bioshock, and the shock to my bioness thereof:

Atlas may have shrugged,
But in Rapture I did not.
contest haiku-win?

... or not?

In all seriousness - my BS1 experience was largely on my old roommate's X360. It reminded me why I play games and what an FPS can be. Admittedly I struggled to get past the first hour or so - but that isn't uncommon for me as a gamer (I just restarted it on PC again and I have the same issue). It thankfully sparked my reentry into the gaming world outside of MMOs - first to console then back to PC. I've largely discredited the FPS genre in my time, and as such it's been a long journey for me - and my love of Bioshock was met with many hurdles. Thankfully strong story-telling, interesting mechanics, and a vibrant world sucked back into gaming.

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