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Cheerful Ghost Bioshock Infinite Contest Entry:

I played the original Bioshock last year while I was away at school. It was a lonely time. I'd lost my roommate, so I rarely had human company, due to my pitiful inability to make friends. I found Bioshock and Bioshock 2 on Amazon and got both on the Xbox 360 for $10 (this was before I had a decent PC which could play those games; fortunately, I do have one now). I popped in Bioshock. Instantly, I was thrown into the dangerous world of Rapture where I could trust no one but myself. I fought through Splicer after Splicer, defeating the ADAM-rattled fiends til I could have sworn that I'd killed the population of Rapture five times over. By the end, I'd saved the day and saved the Little Sisters; I felt like a hero when I saw in the epilogue how much I'd helped those girls. Thanks to Bioshock, I have happy (if somewhat scary) memories of my year away at school. Without Bioshock, I'd remember that year only as a black mark on the timeline of my life.

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